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Republic of the Philippines

Bohol Island State University

Calape, Bohol

College of Teacher Education

Test Blueprint/Table of Specifications: Semifinal Examination

Course Number 02753 Units/Hour 3 Lecture 3 Component Gen Ed Prof Ed Major

Course Title CAMPUS JOURNALISM Laboratory 0 Program BEED
Instructor RAMIL R. GOFREDO Semester Ist Academic Year 2017-2018 Course and Year BEED 3A/B

Learning Taxonomy (Learning Outcomes) in the Cognitive Domain Teaching Percent Total
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating/Creating Time Emphasis Number
Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis/Evaluation (Hours/ Weight of Items
Content/Topic pts Type Test Items pts Type Test Items pts Type Test Items pts Type Test Items pts Type Test Items Minutes 0%

Editorial Writing 25 EE 1 - 25 100% 25

Total 25 100% 25

EI Easy Item EE Essay MT Matching Type

MEI Moderately Easy Item ID Identification PS Problem Solving
DI Difficult Item MC Multiple Choice TF TRUE/False
SA Short Answer

Prepared by: Approved:

(Name/Signature of Instructor) Dean, College of Teacher Education