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13 November


St John Chrysostom

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Also the Feast of St Antoninos, St Nicephoros, St Germanos & St Manetha of

Caesarea, Palestine St Damascene & St Damianos, Monk-Martyr of Lavra,
Mount Athos

Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators for the
Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier
to understand, to participate and to appreciate.
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Ke tis Fonis Mou akousousi. And they will hear My Voice.
Ke genisete mia Pimni - is Pimin. And there will be one Flock - one

St John Chrysostom of Constantinople

St John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, was born at Antioch
circa 347 into the family of a Military Commander.
His father, Secundos, died soon after his birth, leaving his mother, St The Lord our God has a Plan for our life.
Anthusa, widowed at the age of twenty. Although she was still so
young, she had no wish to remarry, and instead, she devoted all her
The enemy has a plan for our life.
efforts in raising St John in Christian Piety, ensuring that he had the Be ready for both!
best education possible. Just be Wise enough to know which one to
Although St John was taught by the most erudite Philosophers and
Rhetoricians, he scorned the vain disciplines of pagan knowledge,
battle against and which One to Embrace.
and concentrated on the profound study of Holy Scripture and
Prayerful Contemplation.
St Meletios, Bishop of Antioch Loved St John like a son, and joyfully
guided him in our Christian Faith.
In 367, St Meletios Baptised St John, and three years later, in 370, St John
was Tonsured as a Reader.
St Meletios was exiled by Emperor Valens in 372, so St John and St
Theodore, who would later become Bishop of Mopsuestia, continued
their Spiritual Education and in particular, concerning Ascetic Life -
under the experienced Presbyters, Flavian and Diodoros of Tarsos.
After the peaceful Repose in Christ of his beloved mother, St Anthusa, St
John was able to fully embrace the Monastic Life, which he regarded
as being the True Philosophy.
St John and another close friend of his, St Basil, were soon being
considered as candidates for the Episcopal Office, so they decided to
withdraw into the wilderness to avoid the distractions and
responsibility that were inevitable aspects of such a position.
While St John avoided the Episcopal Rank due to his personal, natural
Humility, he secretly assisted in St Basils Consecration. During this
period, St John wrote his Six Discourses on the Priesthood, a great
work of Orthodox Pastoral Theology.
For four years St John Struggled in the wilderness as an Ascetic - under
the Guidance of an experienced Spiritual Father.
He wrote more books entitled: Against the Opponents of Those Attracted
to the Monastic Life, and a collection entitled: A Comparison of the
Monk with the Emperor (also known as Comparison of Imperial
Power, Wealth and Eminence, with the True and Christian Wisdom-
Loving Monastic Life), which are marked by a profound reflection of
the worthiness of the Monastic Vocation.
For two years, St John withdrew to a cave where he lived in complete
silence, until he was forced to return to Antioch due to severe ill
In 381 St Meletios, Bishop of Antioch, ordained St John as Deacon, and he
devoted the following years to new Theological Writings: Concerning
Providence (To the Ascetic Stagirios), Concerning Virginity, 2
O Nomos gar anthropous kathistisin The Law appoints as High Priests men
Arhieris ehontas asthenian, O Logos who have weaknesses, but the Word
Discourses entitled: To a Young Widow, and the Book of St Babylos,
de tis Orkomosias tis meta ton of the Oath, which came after the and Against Julian and the Pagans.
Nomon Iion is ton Eona Law, appoints the Son Who has been In 386 St John was Ordained Presbyter by Bishop Flavian of Antioch.
Teteliomenon. Perfected forever. St John was a splendid Preacher, and his Inspired words earned him the
Kephaleon de epi tis legomenis: This is the main point of the things we renowned title Chrysostom (Golden-Mouthed.)
are saying: For twelve years St John Chrysostom preached in Church - usually twice
a week, but sometimes daily - deeply stirring the heart of those who
Tiouton ehomen Arhierea, os ekathisen We have such a High Priest, Who is
paid attention.
en Dexia tou Thronou tis Megalosinis seated at the right Hand of the
en tis Ouranis - ton Agion Litourgos Throne of the Majesty in the In his Pastoral Zeal to provide Christians with a better understanding of
ke tis Skinis tis Alithinis, in epixen O Heavens a Minister of the Holy Scripture, St John employed Hermeneutics or Exegesis (the
Kyrios, ke ouk anthropos. Sanctuary and of the True science and methodology of interpreting and analysing the Divine
Tabernacle, which the Lord erected, Truth the Divine Word of God.
and not mankind. Among St Johns Exegetical Works are his Commentaries on entire books
THE HOLY GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST JOHN 10: 9 16 of Holy Scripture such as Genesis, the Psalter, the Gospels of St
Matthew and St John, the Epistles of St Paul, etc - and also many
To kero ekino, ipen O Kyrios: At that time, our Lord said: Homilies on individual texts of Holy Scripture, Instructions on the
Ego Imi i Thira. I Am the Door. Feastdays, Laudations of the Saints, and Apologetic (i.e. defensive)
Homilies - against Anomoeans, Judaizers and pagans.
Di emou ean tis iselthi, Sothisete, ke If anyone enters by Me, he will be
As a Priest, St John Chrysostom zealously fulfilled our Lords
iselefsete, ke exelefsete, ke nomin Saved, and will go in and will go
evrisi. out, and will find Pasture.
Commandment to care for the needy, and under his supervision the
Antiochian Church provided sustenance each day to as many as
O Kleptis ouk erhete, imi ina klepsi, The Thief does not come, except to 3,000 Virgins and Widows. They also fed, cared for, and fulfilled the
ke thisi, ke apolesi. steal, and to kill, and to destroy.
many needs of those who were bed-ridden or who were unable to
Ego ilthon, in Zoin ehosi - ke perisson I have come that they may have Life - leave their homes for a variety of reasons, those who wandered about
ehosin. and more abundantly. from place to place, those who were homeless and those who were
Ego Imi O Pimin O Kalos. I Am the Good Shepherd. sick, injured or malnourished.
O Pimin O Kalos tin Psihin Aftou The Good Shepherd gives His Life for
St John Chrysostom began his Commentary on Genesis at the beginning
tithisin iper ton Provaton. the Sheep. of Great Lent in 388, preaching thirty-two Homilies during the Forty
Day period.
O Misthotos de - ke ouk on Pimin, ou The Hireling - who is not the
During Holy Week he spoke of how our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed,
ouk isi ta Provata idia - theory ton Shepherd, who does not own the
Likon erhomenon, ke afiisi ta Sheep - sees the Wolf coming, and
and about His Holy, Life-giving Cross.
Provata ke fevgi. leaves the Sheep, and flees. During Bright Week, his Pastoral Discourse was devoted to our Saviours
Glorious Resurrection and what it means to us.
Ke O Likos arpazi afta, ke skorpizi ta And the Wolf catches, and scatters
His Exegesis of the Book of Genesis was finally concluded at the end of
Provata. the Sheep.
October 388.
O de misthotos fevgi, oti misthotos The Hireling flees, for he is a At Pascha in the following year, St John Chrysostom began his Homilies
esti, ke ou meli afto peri ton hireling, and does not care about on the Gospel of St John, and toward the end of 389 he began with the
Provaton. the Sheep.
Gospel of St Matthew.
Ego Imi O Pimin O Kalos, ke ginosko I Am the Good Shepherd, and I know In 391 the Antioch Christian Community listened to his Commentary on
ta Ema, ke ginoskome ipo ton Mine, and Am known by Mine. the Epistles of the Holy Apostle, St Paul, to the Romans and to the
Emon. Corinthians.
Kathos ginoski Me O Patir, kago As the Father knows Me, even so I In 393 he explained St Pauls Epistles to the Galatians, the Ephesians, St
ginosko ton Pater. know the Father. Timothy and St Titos, as well as the Psalms.
Ke tin Psihin Mou tithimi iper ton And My Life I lay down for the Sheep. In his Homily on the Epistle to the Ephesians, St John denounced a schism
Provaton. in Antioch: I tell you, and I witness before you, that to tear asunder
Ke alla Provata Eho, a ouk estin ek tis And other Sheep I have, which are the Church means nothing less than to fall into heresy. The Church
Avlis taftis - kakina me di agagin. not of this Fold - them also I must is the House of the Heavenly Father - one Body and one Spirit!
bring. The fame of this Inspired Holy Preacher grew, and in 397, after the
Repose of Archbishop Nectariuos of Constantinople - successor to St
Gregory the Theologian - St John Chrysostom was summoned from
Antioch, and elected to the See of Constantinople.
However, in Constantinople, St John Chrysostom was unable to preach as

Festal Divine Liturgy Hymns - St John Chrysostom

often as he had in Antioch, for far too many matters demanded his
He began with the most important -- the Spiritual Perfection of the FESTAL APOLYTIKION ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM TONE (8) PLAGAL 4
Priesthood, of which he, himself, was the best example.
The finances that were apportioned for him were used by St John I tou stomatos Sou, kathaper Pirsos The Grace of Thy mouth, which has
eklampsasa Haris tin ikoumenin shone like a Beacon, has Illumined
Chrysostom for the maintainance of several hospices for sick and
Efotisen; afilargirias to kosmo the Universe; it stored up in the
terminal patients, and two hostels for Pilgrims. thisavrous enapetheto; to Ipsos imin, world Treasures of the absence of
St John Chrysostom had always Fasted strictly and ate very little, so he tis tapinofrosinis ipedixen. Alla Sis avarice; it showed to us the Height
usually refused all invitations to dine. logis pedevon, Pater Ioanni of Humility. Therefore, instructing
The Saints Zeal in spreading the Christian Faith extended not only to the Hrisostome, Presveve to Logo Hristo by Thy words, O Father John
inhabitants of Constantinople, but also to Thrace - to include Slavs to Theo, Sothine tas psihas imon. Chrysostom, Intercede with the
and Goths as well as to Asia Minor and the Pontine region. He Word, Christ our God, that our souls
established a Bishop for the Bosphoros Church in the Crimea, and he may be Saved.
sent off zealous Missionaries to Phoenicia, Persia, and to the Scythians,
to convert pagans to Christ. Ek ton Ouranon edexo tin Thian Harin, Thou received Divine Grace from
He also wrote letters to the Marcionites in Syria, encouraging them to ke dia ton Son hileon, Pantasdidaskis, Heaven, and by Thine own lips
return to the Holy Church of Christ, which he eventually Proskinin en Triadi ton Ena Theon, taught all to worship the One God in
accomplished. Ioanni Hrisostome, Pammakariste Trinity. All-Blessed, Venerable John
Osie, epazios evfimoumen Se. Iperhis Chrysostom, deservedly, we praise
In order to preserve the Holy Unity and Divine Truth of Christs Holy
gar kathigitis, os ta Thia Safon. Thee for Thou art a Teacher clearly
Church, St John Chrysostom refused to permit an Arian (heretical) revealing Things Divine
church to be established in Constantinople as a Imperial Reward for SEASONAL KONTAKION - THE EVER BLESSED THEOTOKOS
the bravery and victory of a powerful Gothic Military Commander. ENTRANCE INTO TEMPLE
St John Chrysostom, the great Archbishop of Constantinople, exerted
much effort in enhancing the splendour of our Holy Church Services.
O katharotatos Naos tou Sotiros, i The very purest Abode of the Saviour,
politimitos pastas ke Parthenos, to and the Most Priceless Bridal
He compiled a Divine Liturgy, which we celebrate on most Sundays Ieron Thisavrisma tis Doxis tou Chamber and Virgin, the Most Sacred
and Feastdays throughout the year, he introduced antiphonal Theou, simeron isagete, en to Iko Treasure of the Glory of God, today
chanting for the All-Night Vigil, and he wrote several Prayers for the Kyriou, tin Harin sinisagousa, tin en is led inside the House of the Lord,
Rite of Anointing the Sick with Oil. Pnevmati dio: In animnousin Angeli bringing in the Grace with Her, of the
The Saintly Hierarch vehemently and without any compromise at all, Theou. Afti iparhi, Skini Epouranios. Holy Spirit. It is for Her Gods
denounced the dissolute morals of the citizens of Constantinople - Angels sing in praise: She is truly a
particularly those at the Imperial Court - irrespective of rank or social Heavenly Tabernacle!
When Empress Eudoxia plotted to confiscate the property of a widow and To stoma ou lalisi Sofian ke i meleti ti My mouth shall speak of Wisdom: and
children of a disgraced dignitary, St John Chrysostom defended kardias mou sinesin. the meditation of heart shall be of
them. The arrogant, impious and disrespectful Empress was enraged Understanding.
by his opposition and she refused to relent, and nursed a bitter Akousate tafta, panta ta Ethni. Hear this, all you people!
grudge against him. THE EPISTLE OF ST PAUL TO THE HEBREWS 7 : 26 8 : 2
Empress Eudoxias hatred of St John Chrysostom became a most wicked
obsession when sinister, trouble-making courtiers informed her that
Adelphi: ...tioutos imin eprepen Arhierfs, Brethren: ... such a High Priest was
Osios, Akakos, Amiantos, fitting for us, Who is Holy, Harmless,
he had apparently had her in mind when he wrote his Sermon kehorismenos apo ton amartonlon ke Undefiled, separate from sinners,
concerning vain women. Ipsiloteros ton Ouranon genomenos, and has become Higher than the
In 403, a court was convened composed of Hierarchs who had been os ouk ehi kath imeran anagkin, Heavens Who does not need daily
justly condemned by St John Chrysostom, such as Theophilos of osper i Arhieris - proteron iper ton as those High Priests to offer up
Alexandria and Bishop Severian of Gabala, who had been banished idion amartion Thisias anaferin, sacrifices, first for His own sins and
from Constantinople due to his improprieties, and several other epita ton tou Laou. then for those of the people.
Imperial sycophants (fawning flatterers). Touto gar epiisen efapax Eafton This He did once for all when He
anenegkas. offered up Himself.

estefanose, Ioanni Hrisostome, Thou fought the crafty one and Having been more than encouraged by the wicked Empress Eudoxia,
presventa ton psihon imon. conquered him; and Christ our that court of miscreants had the audacity to declare St John
Saviour crowned Thee with the Chrysostom unworthy of his position as Archbishop of Constantinople.
Laurel Crown of Victory, O devout They wanted him to be deposed, and even executed for insulting
Saint John Chrysostom, Intercessor
their Empress!
on our behalf.
Nevertheless, Emperor Areadios decided on exile instead of execution.
Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati Glory to the Father, and to the Son, An angry crowd gathered at the church, resolved to defend their
and to the Holy Spirit beloved Holy Father, but in order to avoid being the cause of a
popular riot, St John Chrysostom submitted to the authorities and,
Hriseis epesi, ke Thefthongis didagmasi, Thou adorned Gods Church with under a tight military escort, he departed into exile.
katakosmisas tin tou Theou Ekklisian, Golden Words and Teachings That same night there was a terrifying, destructive earthquake that
plouton pnevmatikon ethisavrisas en Inspired by God, and Thou amassed affected Constantinople and the surrounding area.
afti, ta Sa Theoparadota Logia. Dio in Her a Spiritual Treasure Thy The terrified Empress Eudoxia, fearing Divine Wrath, urgently requested
Stefanon ex akiraton antheon, Divine Oracles. Therefore at the
Emperor Areadios to rescind St Johns banishment and return him to
plexameni tis asmasi, ti Iera Sou Commemoration of Thy Sacred
prosferi mnimi, pahrise ti psihi Sin tin Memory, She presents Thee with a the city, whereupon he promptly sent a letter to the Holy Archbishop,
glotti, Ioanni Theosofe. All os ehon wreath woven with songs like beseeching him to forgive them and to return immediately.
parrisian Osie, presveve iper ton everlasting flowers, O Divinely Wise When he had been reinstated, St John Chrysostom praised the Lord our
psihon imon. Saint John, solid gold in both soul God in a short Homily: For All His Ways.
and tongue. Since Thou pray with His slanderers fled to Alexandria, yet, after only two months, another
confidence, O Righteous Father, denunciation provoked the wrath of Empress Eudoxia, who had never
Intercede on behalf of our souls. repented her self-indulgent lifestyle and behaviour.
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of In March 404, a second unjust council was convened, which decreed the
eonon. ages. exile of St John Chrysostom, and upon his departure from
Amin. Amen Constantinople, a tremendous fire reduced the church of Hagia
FESTAL THEOTOKION Sophia and also the Senate building to ashes. Devastating barbarian
Despina prosdexe, tas deisis ton doulon O Lady, receive the Supplications of incursions soon followed, and Empress Eudoxia died in an
Sou, ke litrose imas, apo pasis anagkis Thy servants, and Deliver us from unrepentant state in October 404.
ke thlipseos. all necessity and affliction. Even the pagan citizens regarded these events as being Gods Divine
Retribution for the unjust judgement against the Saintly Archbishop,
who had been so compassionate and kind to all the citys occupants.
In Armenia, St John Chrysostom strove all the more to Encourage and to
I tou stomatos Sou Kathaper pirsos The Grace that from Thy mouth shone Enlighten his beloved Spiritual Children. In numerous letters to his
eklampsasa Haris, tin ikoumenin forth like a torch, Illumined the fellow Bishops in Asia, Africa, Europe and, particularly, to his friends
efotisen. Afilargirias to kosmo Universe. Treasures from the in Constantinople of which 245 are preserved - he consoled those
thisavrous enapetheto. To ipsos imin absence of avarice were deposited in who were suffering or sorrowful, and Guided, Enlightened and
tis tapinofrosinis ipedixen. Alla Sis the world, showing us the Height
Encouraged his followers.
Logis pedevon, Pater Ioanni that is attained by Humility. Now
Hrisostome, presveve to Logo Hristo Thou instruct us by Thy words, O In the winter of 406, St John Chrysostom was confined to bed due to
to Theo, sothine tas psihas imon. Father John Chrysostom: Intercede severe illness, yet his enemies remained unappeased. Orders from
with Christ God -the Word Himself Constantinople were issued to transfer St John to the desolate Pityos
Entreating that our souls be Saved. in Abkhazia on the Black Sea.
Despite being exhausted, extremely frail and seriously ill, St John
Chrysostom began his final journey on foot, escorted by a merciless
military contigent.
For three excruciating, extremely difficult months St John Chrysostom
managed to slowly trudge along in freezing rain, sleet and frost, but
never reaching the designated place of exile, for his physical
endurance reached a sudden end at Comana.
At the crypt of St Basiliscos, St John Chrysostom was comforted by a Vision
of the Holy Martyr, who encouraged him by saying: Despair not,
Brother John! Tomorrow we shall be together.
And so it was, for immediately after receiving the Holy Mystery of PSALM 150 ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM
Eucharist, our beloved Hierarch, St John Chrysostom, fell asleep in our
Lord It was 14 September 407, (the Feast of the Exaltation/Elevation of the Enite Afton epi tes dynasties Aftou! Praise Him for His Mighty Acts!
Holy Life-giving Cross of our Lord and Saviour) and His last words were, Enite Afton kata to plithos tis Praise Him according to the
Glory to God for all things! Megalosinis Aftou! abundance of His Magnificence!
Many years later, in 438, the Holy Relics of St John Chrysostom were Hrisou tilavgesteron, ta Iera Sou Thou pour out Thy Sacred Teachings
solemnly transferred to Constantinople, and a Faithful Disciple of St didagmata, proheomenos pansofe, which, more splendid that gold itself,
John Chrysostom, the Venerable St Isidore of Pelusium, wrote: The ploutizis Hrisostome, penomenas enriches our impoverished mind and
House of David is grown strong, and the House of Saul enfeebled. frenas, ke apodiokis, ton pathimaton heart, O Blessed Chrysostom, Wise
He is Victor over the Storms of Life, and has Entered into Heavenly tin ahlin, filargirias pikron himona and Holy Father; and by them Thou
te. Dio Se Makarizomen, hresostikos drive out the bitter winter and the
ke tin konin Sou, ton lipsianon gloom brougth on by passions,
Although St John Chrysostom Reposed in Christ on 14 September, his sevometha, os Pigin Agiasmatos. indeed by avarice. And therefore we
annual Commemoration has been transferred to 13 November are obligated to extol Thee and call
because of the Great HolyFeast of the Exaltation or Elevation of the Thee Blessed, and we honour Thy
Holy Cross. Relics dust as a Source of Sanctity.
St John Chrysostom is also Commemorated on 27 January - the Enite Afton en iho salpingos! Enite Praise Him with the sound of the
Translation of His Holy Relics from Comana to Constantinople - and Afton en psaltirio ke kithara! trumpet! Praise Him with the harp
on 30 January the Synaxis of the Three Holy Hierarchs - together with and lyre.
St Basil the Great and St Gregory of Nazianzos, the Theologian. O stilos O pirinos, O potamos O tis Today let us all extol that fiery column,
May his memory be Eternal, and may St John Chrysostom ceaselessly namasi, ton dogmaton katarritos, O that solid gold Sacred Mouth of
continue to Intercede with our Lord for the sake of our immortal soul and nous O Ouranios, tis Theologias, to Theology, that River with Mighty
our Eternal Salvation. paghrison stoma, amartolon engiitis, Streams of Orthodox Dogmas,
ADAPTED AND EDITED BY MP tis metanias kirix O entheos,fostir O Guarantor of sinners, that Godly
HTTPS://OCA.ORG/SAINTS/LIVES/2009 diavgestatos, O Epouranios Preacher who exhorts all to
Anthropos, O Makarios simeron, Repentance, Heavenly Intellect, who

St John Chrysostom animnistho Hrisostomos. now lives in Heaven, and shines

upon earth as a Radiant Luminary
that Blessed John whom we honour
Discouragement does not allow as Chrysostom.
Enite Afton en timpano ke horo. Enite Praise Him with timbrel and dance!
those who fall to get back up, Afton en hordes ke organo. Praise Him with strings and flute!
and laziness throws down those who are upright, Ilios polifotos, tin ikoumenin tis logis Thou became a Gloriously Glowing Sun
Sou, katavgazon gegenise, astir that Illuminates by Thy words the
for it deprives us constantly of the Good that we gain; fainotatos, lampas fanotati, pirsos entire wold, a Luminous Star and
tous thalassi,ti kosmiki diapantos, shining Beacon, a prominent
and does not allow us to escape himazomenos O proskaloumenos, Lighthouse, inviting everyone who
from the evils that are to come. pros ormon galinotaton, tis sotirias
en haritis, Hrisologe Hrisostome,
sails the stormy seas of the world in
every age, to anchor at the tranquil
Laziness throws us down even from Heaven, presveventa ton psihon imon Harbour of Salvation obtained by
Grace, O Golden-speech, Saint
while discouragement hurls us down Chrysotom, Intercessor on our
even to the very Abyss of wickedness. Enite Afton en kimvalis evihis! Enite Praise Him with resounding cymbals!
Indeed, we can quickly return from there Afton en kimbalis Allalagmou. Praise Him with triumphant
Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion! cymbals! Let everything that has
if we do not become discouraged. breath praise the Lord!
Adikos tis pimnis Sou, apelathis Pater Father, Thou were unjustly driven from
Osie, prosomilisas thlipsesi, pikres Thy Flock and met with great
exories te, en es ixiothis, Makariou tribulations, O Holy One, and
telous, ia genneos Athlitis, bitterest exiles, whereby Thou were
katapalesas ton polimihanon, ke counted Worthy of a Blessed end;
Nikis diadimati, Se O Hristos and as an Athlete brave and strong
Festal Matins Hymns & Readings St John Chrysostom

Apas gigenis skiratato to pnevmati Let every mortal born on earth, carrying
lampadouhoumenos. Panigirizeto de his torch, in spirit leap for Joy; and
ailon noon fisis, gererousa TA IERA let the Order of the Angelic Powers Kindly use the Service Book until this point,
ISODIA tis Theomitoros ke voato:
Heris, pammakariste Theotoke Agni,
celebrate and honour THE HOLY
ENTRANCE of the Theotokos, and let
then carefully follow instructions with regard to these Hymns
Aiparthene! them cry: Hail, All Blessed
Theotokos, Pure and Ever Virgin! PSALM 117 /118
FESTAL EXAPOSTEILARION ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM - TONE 3 Theos Kyrios ke Epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has Appeared to
Tis Hrisavgesi Logis Sou, i Hristou Today the Holy Church of Christ beams Evlogimenos O erhomenos en us. Blessed is He Who comes in the
Ekklisia, fedrinete lamprinete, O with Joy and is brightened because Onomati Kyriou! Name of the Lord!
Hrisostome Pater. Psihe de of Thy words that shine like gold, O 1. Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti Agathos, 1. Confess the Lord, for He is Good;
katevfrenonte, ton Piston gererouse, Chrysostom our Father; and as the oti is ton eona to Eleos Aftou! for His Mercy endures forever!
tin panagian Sou mnimin. Si gar Faithful celebrate Thine All Holy
pasin efanis, sotirias odigos, ke kirix Memory, their souls are gaily 2. Panta ta Ethni ekiklosan me, ke to 2. All the Nations surrounded me, but
tis metanias. rejoicing; Thou hast come to be the Onomati Kyriou inamin aftous. in the Name of the Lord I drove
Guide to Salvation for us all, and a them back.
Preacher of Repentance. 3. Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke esti 3. This is the Lords doing, and it is
FESTAL EXAPOSTEILARION ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM - TONE 2 Thavmasti en ofthalmis imon. Marvellous in our eyes.
Ton megalofonotaton, tis metanias Since we were Fortified by him, let us FESTAL APOLYTIKION ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM - TONE (8) PLAGAL 4
kirika, ton thisavron tn penton, to extol Saint John the Wise that great I tou stomatos Sou Kathaper pirsos The Grace that from Thy mouth shone
stoma tis Ekklisias, to hriseon ke stentorian Preacher of Charity and eklampsasa haris, tinikoumenin forth like a torch Illumined the
evlalon, ton Grafon tin safinian, Repentance, the sweetly-speaking efotisen. Afilargirias to kosmo Universe. Treasures from the
Ioannin ton pansofon, anevfimisomen Golden Mouth, who taught the thisavrous enapetheto. To ipsos imin absence of avarice it deposited in the
pantes, os ip aftou stirihthentes. Dogmas of the Church, and therefore tis tapinofrosinis ipedixen. Alla Sis world. It showed us the Height that
was called Chrysostom that Logis pedevon, Pater Ioanni is attained by Humility. Now Thou
Treasure Chest of the paupers, the Hrisostome, Presveve to Logo Hristo instruct us by Thy Words, Father
Clarity of Scripture. to Theo, Sothine tas psihas imon. John Chrysostom. Intercede with
THEOTOKION Christ God, the Word Himself,
Entreating that our souls be Saved.
Parthene Panamomite, Kyria mou ke O Virgin All Immaculate, my Lady, I
Despina, ton Son Iion ekdisopi, Sin to beseech Thee now, with Chrysostom Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
klino Hrisostomo, peratirion risasthe, the Distinguished uniting in and to the Holy Spirit
pantion tous imnountas Se, ke eonion Supplication, implore Thy Son to I tou stomatos Sou Kathaper pirsos The Grace that from Thy mouth shone
apantas, Agathon axiose. Dinase gar Save us from all manner of adversity,
eklampsasa haris, tinikoumenin forth like a torch Illumined the
osa thelis. and to grant us Eternal Goods; for
efotisen. Afilargirias to kosmo Universe. Treasures from the
all this is in Thy Power to do for
thisavrous enapetheto. To ipsos imin absence of avarice it deposited in the
those who extol Thee.
tis tapinofrosinis ipedixen. Alla Sis world. It showed us the Height that
LAUDS: THE PRAISES TO GOD - PSALM 148 Logis pedevon, Pater Ioanni is attained by Humility. Now Thou
Hrisostome, Presveve to Logo Hristo instruct us by Thy Words, Father
Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Enite Let everything that has breath praise to Theo, Sothine tas psihas imon. John Chrysostom. Intercede with
ton Kyrion ek ton Ouranon. Enite the Lord. Praise the Lord from the Christ God, the Word Himself,
Afton en tis ipsistis. Si prepi imnos Heavens; praise Him in the Highest. Entreating that our souls be Saved.
to Theo. To Thee praise is due, O God.
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages.
Enite Afton, pantes i Angelli Aftou. Praise Him, all His Angels; praise Him, eonon. Amen
Enite Afton, pase e Dinamis Aftou. all His Powers. To Thee praise is
Si prepi imnos to Theo. due, O God.

THEOTOKION TONE (8) PLGAL 4 martyrisantos. in the year 1681.
O di imas gennithis ek Parthenou ke Born of a Virgin, and suffered Tes tou Hrisorrimonos ke panton Sou By the Intercessions of the Golden
stavrosin ipominas Agathe, O crucifixion for our sake, O Good ton Agion presvies, Hriste O Theos, Mouthed One, O Christ our God,
Thanato to Thanaton skilefsas ke One, Thou despoiled Death through eleison ke Soson imas. have Mercy and Save us.
egersin dixas os Theos, mi paridis ous Death, and as God, revealed
eplasas ti Hiri Sou. Dixon tin Resurrection: despise not Thy Love Amin Amen
Filanthropian Sou Eleimon. Dexe tin for mankind, O Merciful One; accept KATAVASIE OF THEENTRY OF THE EVER BLESSED VIRGIN
tekousan se Theotokon, Presvevousan the Birth-giver of God Who bore (7 - 20 NOVEMBER) - TONE 4
iper imon ke Soson Sotir imon, laon Thee, and Who entreats Thee for us:
apegnosmenon. and Save Thy despairing people, O
ODI 1 Anixo to stoma mou ke ODE 1 I shall open my mouth and the
our Saviour! plirothisete Pnevmatos ke logon Spirit will inspire it, and I shall utter
SMALL LITANY  erevxome ti Vasilidi Mitri. Ke the words of my song to the Queen
FIRST FESTAL KATHISMA ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM - TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 ofthisome fedros Panigirizon ke aso and Mother: I shall be seen radiantly
gnothomenos TAFTIS TIN ISODON. keeping Feast and I SHALL REJOICE
Tin Sofian ex ipsous katamathon, ke tin In the Wisdom of God Thou were fully IN HER ENTRANCE.
harin ton logon para Theou, tis pasin versed, and the Grace of Eloquence ODI 3 Tous Sous Imnologous, Theotoke, ODE 3 O Theotokos, Thou living and
exelampsas, os hrisos en komino, ke Thou received from Him. Then izosa ke Afthonos Pigi, Thiason Plentiful Fount: grant Strength to
tin Agian Triada, Monada ekirixas, brightly Thou shone on all, much sigkrotisantas Pnevmatikon, those united in Spiritual Fellowship,
tin filargiron planin, toxefsas tis logis like purified gold. And Thou Stereoson. KAN TI SEPTI ISODO SOU who sing Hymns of praise to Thee:
Sou. Othen ke pros zilon, Vasilida preached the Dogma of the One God Stefanon Doxis Axioson. AND IN THY SOLEMN ENTRANCE
elegxas, adikos tis piminis Sou, in Trinity, and with Thy words Thou vouchsafe them Crowns of Glory.
apelathis makarie, Ioanni Hrisostome. shot down the error of avarice.
ODI 4 Tin anexihniaston Thian voulin ODE 4 Perceiving the Unsearchable
Presveve Hristo to Theo, ton Therefore Thou were zealous to
ptesmaton aesin dorisasthe, tis censure the Empress; and Thou tis ek tis Parthenou sarkoseos Sou to Purpose of God concerning Thine
eortazousi potho, tin Agian Mnimin were unjustly sent into exile from Ipsistou O Profitis Abbakoum Incarnation from a Virgin, O Most
Sou. Thy Flock, Blessed Saint John katanoon ekravgaxe. Doxa ti Dinami High, the Prophet Habakkuk cried:
Chrysostom. Intercede with Christ Sou, Kyrie Glory to Thy Power, O Lord!
our God, that He grant forgiveness E
O D E 5 xesti ta simpanta en TI SEPTI ODE 5 T
he whole world was amazed at
of offences to thsoe who with ISODO SOU Si gar, apirogame THY HOLY ENTRANCE for Thou, O
longing observe Thy Holy Memory. Parthene, EVDON ISILTHES EN TO Virgin, WENT INTO THE INTERIOR OF
Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati Glory to the Father, and to the Son, NAO TOU THEOU OSPER THE TEMPLE AS AN ALL PURE TEMPLE,
and to the Holy Spirit KATHAROTATOS NAOS, PASI TIS bestowing Salvation upon all who
Tin Sofian ex ipsous katamathon, ke tin In the Wisdom of God Thou were fully
6 Tin Thian Taftin ke Pantimon
harin ton logon para Theou, tis pasin versed, and the Grace of Eloquence
ODI ODE 6 As we celebrate this Sacred and
Telountes Eortin i Theofrones tis Solemn Feast of the Theotokos, let
exelampsas, os hrisos en komino, ke Thou received from Him. Then
Theomitoros, defte tas hiras us come, clapping our hands, O
tin Agian Triada, Monada ekirixas, brightly Thou shone on all, much
krotisomen, ton ex aftis tehthenta people of the Lord, and Glorify God
tin filargiron planin, toxefsas tis logis like purified gold. And Thou
Theon Doxazontes. Who was Born of Her.
Sou. Othen ke pros zilon, Vasilida preached the Dogma of the One God
elegxas, adikos tis piminis Sou, in Trinity, and with Thy words Thou ODI 7 Ouk elatrefsan ti ktisi i ODE 7 The Holy Children bravely
apelathis makarie, Ioanni Hrisostome. shot down the error of avarice. Theoforones para ton ktisanta. Alla trampled upon the threatening fire,
Presveve Hristo to Theo, ton Therefore Thou were zealous to piros apilin andrios patisantes, preferring not to worship created
ptesmaton aesin dorisasthe, tis censure the Empress; and Thou herontes epsallon. Iperimnite, O things rather than the Creator, and
eortazousi potho, tin Agian Mnimin were unjustly sent into exile from ton Pateron Kyrios ke Theos, they sang in Joy: Blessed art Thou
Sou. Thy Flock, Blessed Saint John Evlogitos I. and praised above all: O Lord God of
Chrysostom. Intercede with Christ our Fathers!
our God, that He grant forgiveness 8 Enoumen, Evlogoumen
ODI ke ODE 8 We Praise, we Bless and we
of offences to thsoe who with
Proskinoumen ton Kyrios. Worship the Lord!
longing observe Thy Holy Memory.
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Pedas evagis en ti kamino O Tokos tis The Offspring of the Theotokos saved
Theotokou diesosato, tote men the Holy Children in the furnace. He
tipoumenos, nin de energoumenos Who was then prefigured has since
Amin Amen tin ikoumenin apasan agiri been born on earth, and He gathers
psallousan. Ton Kyrion Imnite ta together all Creation to sing: O ye
Erga ke iperipsoute is pantas tous Works of the Lord: Bless the Lord and
eonas. exalt Him above all forever!

Eleimon eleison me, O Theos, kata to Have mercy upon me, O God, Tin psihin mou Parthene tin tapinin, tin Holy Virgin: behold how my humble
Mega Eleos Sou ke kata to plithos according to Thy Great Mercy and en zali tou viou ton pirasmon, nin os soul in the storm of temptations of
ton iktirmon Sou Exalipson to according to the abundance of Thy akiverniton, pontoumenin to klidoni, life is tosed, with no one to pilot it,
anomima mou. Compassion blot out my amartion te forto, fanisan iperantlon, overtaken by turbulence; Thou see
transgressions. ke is pithmena Aidou, pesin it overtburdened with baggage of all
Exehithi i haris en hilesi Sou, Osie Pater, Grace was poured upon Thy lips, O kindinevousan, fthason Theotoke, ti my sins, and even now, in danger of
thermi Sou presvia, ke Soson sinking to the depths of Hell.
ke gegonas Piimin tis tou Hristou Devout Father, and Thou became a
parehousa, Son limena ton evdion, Hasten, O Theotokos, with Thy
Ekklisias, didaskon ta logika provata, Shepherd of the Church of Christ,
ina Pisti kravgazo Si. Presveve to So powerful Intercessions, and Save me
Pistevin is Triada Omoousion, en Mia teaching the Reason-endowed Sheep
Iio ke Theo, ton ptesmaton doune mi by steering me to Thy Port of
Theotiti. to believe in the Co-essential Trinity
tin afesin. Se gar eho elpida, O Tranqulity, that with Faith I may cry
in One Divinity.
anaxios doulos Sou. to Thee: Pray to Christ Thy Son and
our God, that He may grant me
forgiveness of offences. For I, Thy
Ek ton Ouranon edexo tin Thian Harin, Thou received Divine Grace coming servants, hast Thou as my Only
ke dia ton Son hileon, pantas down from Heaven; no by means of Hope.
didaskis, proskinin en Triadi ton ena Thine own lips Thou instructs all SECOND FESTAL KATHISMA ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM TONE 3
Theon, Ioanni Hrisostome, people how to worship in Trinity the Skevos entheon tis Ekklisias, ploutos Thou were shown to be a Holy Vessel of
pammakariste Osie. Epaxios One and Only God, O Devout Saint
asilos tis evsevias, anedihthis Ierarha the Church of Christ, O Righteous
evfimoumen Se. Iparhis gar John Chrysostom the All Blessed
Hrisostome, en apathia ferinas ton Father, and the Save and secure
kathigitis, os ta Thia safon. and Golden-mouthed: it is right that
vion Sou, tis deomenis epantlisas ton wealth of True Belief; and with
we should honour Thee, for
eleon, Pater Osie, Hriston ton Theon Dispassion Thou embellished Thy
elucidating Things Divine, Thou art
iketeve, dorisasthe imin to Mega way of Life, and Thou dispensed care
our Teacher and Guide.
Eleos. and mercy to those in need. Holy
FESTAL IKOS ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Chrysostom, to Christ our God pray
To ton olon Piiti Klino to goni, to To the Maker of all I bend the knee, to fervently, beseeching Him to grant us
proeonio Logo hieras ektino, Logou the Word Pre-Eternal I extend my His Great Mercy.
ziton Harisma, ina imniso ton Osion, hands, seeking the Gift of Speech, so
on aftos emegaline. Fisi gar to that I may extol that devout man Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Profiti, O Zon is tous eonas. Doxazo whom He magnified. He Who lives and to the Holy Spirit
tous en Pisti Doxazontas me. O oun forever once said to the Prophet: I SECOND FESTAL KATHISMA ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM- TONE (5) PLAGAL 1
en tis pale ton Samouil anipsosas, Glorify those who in Faith Glorify
edoxase nin ton Ierarhin. To Me. And so, He Who of old exalted Ton limona ton logon ton theopnevston To that Meadow of God-Inspired Words
talanton gar O epistevthi, kalos Samuel has now Glorified the Grafon, ton imas odigounta pros tin of Holy Writ, to the one who has
emporevsamenos, to Vasili prosigage. Hierarch. For he invested well the metanian, ton tous pikilous guided us to Repentance, to the man
Dio ke iperipsosen afton O talent with which he was entrusted, perasmous ipominanta, ton who has endured trials of every kind,
iperrousios. Toutou Harin eto O and he now offers it to the King; Hrisostom Pisti, os didahthentes ip Saint John Chrysostom, who taught
anazios ego Logon dothine m, ina and for this Transcendent One aftou, timisomen kata hreos. Presvevi us, Believers, let us give honour and
ishiso evsevos animnise afton. Ton exalted him transcendently. That is gar to Kyrio, eleithine tas psihas praise as is worthy. He Intercedes
peraton gar iparhi kathigitis, os ta why I, the unworthy, request that imon. with the Saviour, to have mercy on
Thia Safon. speech be granted to me, so that I our souls.
may be able to extol him piously. Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of
For, elucidating Things Divine, He is
eonon. ages.
the worlds Teacher and Guide.
Ti I tou aftou minos, Mnimi tou en On the 13th day of this month we
Agiis Patros imon Ioannou, Commemorate our Father among the To exesion Thavma to tis sillipseos, ke O The astonishing Miracle of how Thou
Arhiepiskopou Konstantinoupoleos, Saints: St John Chrysostom, afrastos tropos O tis kiiseos, en Si Conceived and the ineffable manner
tou Hrisostomou. Archbishop of Constantinople. egnoriste, Agni Aiparthene, kataplitti of how Thou gave Birth that was
mou ton noun, ke exista ton logimon, manifest in Thee, O Ever Virgin and
Mnimi tou Agiou Neou Osiomartyros On this day we Commemorate the Holy i doxa Sou Theotoke, tis pasin Pure, is astounding to my mind, and
Damaskinou Konstantinoupolitou ke New Righteous Martyr, St Damascene efaploumeni, pros sotirian ton psihon Thy Glory as well has stunned my
en Konstantinoupoli kata to 1681 of Constantinople, who was Martyred imon. thoughts, O Theotokos, and it

spreads out to all people, for the THE HOLY GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST JOHN 10 : 1 - 9
Salvation of our souls. To kero ekino ipen O Kyrios: Amin, At that time our Lord Jesus said: Most
THIRD FESTAL KATHISMA ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM TONE 4 amin, lego imin, O mi iserhomenos assuredly, I say to you: he who does
Tis Hriseis Logis Sou, i Ekklisia, Watered by Thy Golden Words, the dia tis Thiras is tin ailin ton not enter the Sheepfold by the
ardomeni apantas, potizi namata Church now offers the refreshing Provaton, alla anavenon Door, but climbs up some other
hrisa, ke iatrevi nosimata, ton Se beverage of golden waters to all, and allahothen, ekinos kelptis esti ke way, the same is a thief and a
imnounton, pammakar Hrisostome. She is able to cure the ills of all who listis. robber.
praise Thee, O All Blessed O de iserhomenos dia tis Thiras Piimin But He Who enters by the Door is the
Chrysostom. esti ton Provaton. Touto O Thirors Shepherd of the Sheep. To Him the
Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati Glory to the Father, and to the Son, anizi, ke ta Provata tis Fonis Aftou Doorkeeper opens, and the Sheep
and to the Holy Spirit akoui, ke aidia Provata kali kat hear His Voice; and He calls His
onoma ke exagi afti. own Sheep by name and leads them
TONE (5) PLAGAL 1 out.

Oute ehthra Synodou ousa paranomos, The unauthorised Synods overt Ke otan ta idia Provata ekvali, And when He brings out His own
oute misos Avgoustis ousis hostility and the furious Empress amprosthen Afton Porevete, ke ta Sheep, He goes before them; and
parafronos, tas aretas tas en Si Pater animosity were unable to extinguish Provata Afto akolouthi, oti idasi tin the Sheep follow Him, for they
katesvesan, all os hrisos en to piri, the Virtue in Thee; but in the fire of Fonin Aftou. know His Voice.
dokimasthis ton pirasmon, the trials being tested like gold, Thou Allotrio de ou mi akolouthisosin, alla Yet they will by no means follow a
kathiketevis apastos, tin Panagian now Entreat without ceasing the All fevxonte ap aftou, oti ouk idasi ton stranger, but will flee from him, for
Triada, iper is igoniso zeon to Holy Trinity, for the sake of which allotrion tin fonin. they do not know the voice of
pnevmati. Thou ardently Struggled. strangers.
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of ages. Taftin tin parimian ipen aftis O Isous: Jesus used this illustration, but they did
eonon. Ekini de ou egnosan tina in a elali not understand the things that He
Amin Amen aftis. spoke to them.
FESTAL THEOTOKION - TONE (5) PLAGAL 1 Ipen oun palin aftis O Iisous: Amin, Then Jesus said to them again: Most
amin, lego imin oti Ego Imi i Thira assuredly, I say to you: I Am the
Tin tahian Sou Skepi ke tin antilipsin, ke I implore Thee to show forth Thy
ton Provaton. Pantes Osi ilthon pro Door of the Sheep. All who ever
to Eleos dixon epi ton doulon Sou, ke promptness to provide Thy Emou, klepte isi ke liste. All ou came before Me are thieves and
ta kimata Agni kataravnon, ton Protection and Help and Mercy to ikousan afton ta Provata. robbers, but the Sheep did not hear
mateon logismon, ke tin mesousan me, O Pure Maiden, and calm the them.
mou psihin, anastison Theotoke. Ida waves of unruly thoughts, and
gar ida Parthene, os panta osa vouli resurrect the fallen soul of me Thy Ego Imi i Thira: di Emou ean tis iselthi, I Am the Door. If anyone enters by
ke dinase. servant, I Entreat, O All Holy Sothisete, ke iselevsete ke Me, he will be Saved, and will go in
Theotokos. I know, I know, O Virgin, exelefsete, ke nomin evrisi. and out and find Pasture.
that Thou can do whatever Thou
To stoma mou lalisi Sofian, ke i meleti My mouth shall speak Wisdom, and Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
tis kardias mou sinesin. (2) the meditation of my heart, and to the Holy Spirit
understanding. (2)
Simeron skirtosin en pnevmati, Today, Hierarchs everywhere exult in
STIHO S: I Ieris Sou, Kyrie, endisonte VER SE: Thy Priests shall clothe Arhiereon dimi, Sin imin timontes spirit, and all together we honour
dikeosinin ke i Osii Sou Agalliasonte. themselves in Righteousness; Thy Sou tin mnimin Ierarha, Hrisostome Thy Memory, O Righteous Hierarch
Saints shall greatly rejoice! Osie, fostir tis Ekklisias. Chrysostom, the Churchs Luminary.
To stoma mou lalisi sofian, ke i meleti My mouth shall speak Wisdom, and Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of
tis kardias mou sinesin. the meditation of my heart, eonon. Ages.
GOD Tes tis Theotokou Presvies, Eleimon, Through the Intercessions of the
exalipson ta plithi ton emon Theotokos, O Merciful One, blot out
egklimaton. the multitude of my transgressions.