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Humoral Immunity 8. The function of memory B cell is

a) Antibody production
1. Humoral immunity is mediated by b) Immunologic memory
a) B cells b) macrophages c) Regulated antibody production
c) both a and b d) phagocytes d) None of these

2. Humoral immunity is also called as 9. B cells are

a) Antibody mediated immunity a) Lymphocytes which are short lived
b) Nonspecific immune response b) Lymphocytes which are long lived
c) Antigen mediated immunity c) Lymphocytes involved in nonspecific defence
d) all of these d) None of these

3. B cell has receptor on its surface which is 10. Generally antibodies produced against a
pathogen is
a) Monoclonal b) homogenous
c) Polyclonal
d) all of same specificity

11. Antibodies produced by plasma cells are

a) Specific
b) Produced against the epitope that triggered B
cell activation
c) Both a and b
d) Diverse
12. Antibodies clear out antigens by
a) Neutralization b) precipitation
a) Monomeric IgM b) dimeric IgM c) Agglutination d) all of these
c) Monomeric IgG d) B cell receptor
13. Antibodies are
4. B cells upon activation by antigens a) opsonins b) lipoproteins
a) Undergo clonal expansion followed by clonal c) serum phagocytes d) none of these
b) Divides continuously 14. Any substance that promotes phagocytosis of
c) Undergo clonal selection followed by clonal antigens by binding to them are called as
expansion a) Opsonins b) phagocytes
d) Secrete antibodies c) Macrophages d) interleukins

5. B cells differentiates to form 15. The phenomenon of selective proliferation of B

a) Plasma cells cells in response to their interaction with the
b) Effector cells antigen is called
c) Plasma cells and memory B cells a) Clonal expansion
d) None of these b) Monoclonal selection
c) Clonal proliferation
6. Which of the following statement is incorrect d) Clonal selection
regarding plasma cells
a) Plasma cells are the effector cells Antigen and Antibody
b) Plasma cells secretes antibodies
c) The precursor of plasma cell is B cell 16. Any substance or molecules that interact with
d) Plasma cell has surface receptors antibodies are called
a) Antigens b) antibodies
c) Epitope d) immunogens

17. Antigens can be

a) Proteins b) carbohydrates
c) Nucleic acids d) all of these

18. Any molecule that induces or elicits an immune

7. Origin and maturation of B cells takes place at response are
a) Spleen b) thymus a) Antigens b) antibodies
c) Bone marrow d) lymph nodes c) Epitope d) immunogens

By Dr. Atin Kumar srivastava