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Lesson Plan Guide for how you might plan for a whole group or small group.

Learning Development Area: Implementation Date

Communicating 3/11/17
Active learning Duration
Wellbeing 15 minutes
Context for learning:
Routines & transitions
Real-life engagements

Does this build on prior experiences/interests of the children?

This group activity extends on the childrens learning from previous lessons about nature. The children have been m asking
use of the nature collage table.
What is the focus? About what am I being intentional? Will I observe/record information?
This learning experience will give children the opportunity to take their learning and creativity further, with the use
of new and exciting materials contact paper.
Guiding Behaviour Consider what you need to put in place to support children:
Ensure clear step by step instructions
Provide children with guidance throughout the activity
Set up activity before inviting the children to the table
Make sure that I have all the required resources
Contact paper
Example of contact collage
Nature items
Sticky tape
Brown paper
Differentiation strategies:This might be consideration of an individual child and the strategies required to support that child.
Provide extra support if necessary
Show children examples of other childrens work if they need assistance with ideas
You will use a lesson plan for group times (music, language, story, beginning a session etc). You need to think though how you will engage
with the children, the language you will use, the questions you might ask etc.

Transition Goals Derived Acting with increasing independence and perseverance

How will you transition to from QKLG Building a confident self-identity
this section of your
day/next activity/lesson Showing increasing respect for environments
Building positive dispositions and approaches toward learning
Increasing confidence and involvement in learning
Engaging in ways to be imaginative and creative
Exploring and expanding ways to use language
Exploring and engaging with literacy in personally meaningful

At the end of my mentor teachers lesson I will introduce my learning activity to the
children before they transition to inside/veranda play.
Introduction: Show children an example
Introducing the topic and Explain learning activity making a different kind of collage that will
settling children be used at the light table so we can see what the nature looks like
when behind a bright light.
Choose 4 children to come and begin the activity first.
Body: Set each child up for the activity
Put sticky tape in the middle of the contact paper and explain to
them that they will only be putting nature on one side, as the other
side will be folded over and stick the nature together like a
Observe children and take photos of the children participating in
the activity.
Guide children as they progress through.
Conclusion: Help the children to fold their contact paper over, sealing the
Continue process with a new group of children.

Transition to next The children will come and go from this activity as they participate in free
activity play.

Evaluation / Reflection:
The children enjoyed participating in the learning activity. The first couple of times were a little fidgety as the contact paper
was very sticky and we needed to get the hang of using it first. The end results look great and the children will gain further
learning from this when they engage in the light table learning space. I will continue this lesson tomorrow to ensure that
the children have the opportunity to get the most out of the experience.
New and exciting extended learning activity to build on their knowledge of our nature collage table space
Builds on childrens fine pot or skills