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Application, operation and design

Application classifying lining which ensures suitable compartment through the grates, part of the
Most of the raw materials used for distribution of the various sizes of grinding material is transported with the ventilating
producing cement have a moisture content media used in the grinding compartment. air but most of it leaves the outlet casing
of 3-8%, in some cases even higher. In via the bottom outlet and air sluice from
order to ensure effective grinding in a Among the special features of the Tirax where an elevator conveys it to an Sepax
ball mill it is necessary to remove some of Unidan mill are: separator. The ground material enters the
the moisture before the material enters the top and bottom of the separator, the
grinding compartment. The design of the • Drying and grinding combined in one necessary air circulation being created
Tirax Unidan mill therefore incorporates a machine through cyclones by a separate fan.
drying chamber for drying the raw materials • Simple design
On leaving the separator, the finished
before they enter the grinding compartment. • The ability to grind any known kind of
material then passes to cyclones while the
The exhaust gases from a 4-stage raw material for cement, even the
reject material is returned to the mill. Raw
cyclone preheater kiln contain sufficient abrasive types.
material are normally ground to a fineness
heat to dry raw materials with up to • Drying of raw materials with a moisture
between 10 and 15% residue on a 90
approx. 10% moisture provided the mill is content depending on capacity as indi-
micron sieve.
operated synchronously with the kiln. With cated in the curves below.
a mill run-factor of 80% in relation to the • Suitable for central drive or side drive. The specific power consumption of
raw material grinding normally ranges from
kiln, the mill must have a higher output, the
Operating principle 10 to 20 kWh/t.
kiln gas being Sufficient only for drying raw
The Tirax Unidan mill for dry-grinding of
materials with a moisture content of 7-8%.
raw materials is of the semi-air-swept type
If the moisture content exceeds this level,
equipped with a drying chamber and one
hot air from an auxiliary furnace or from
grinding compartment.
another heat source e.g. a grate cooler must
The material to be ground passes
be added.
through the drying chamber before entering
In order to maintain a reasonably low
the grinding compartment. The lifters fitted
Pressure drop over the mill, even when
in the drying chamber ensure that the raw
operated at a relatively high rate of air flow
material is cascaded through the flow of hot
i.e. at maximum drying capacity, the Tirax
air during mill rotation.
Unidan mill is designed with only
After the material has left the grinding
one grinding compartment, thereby
avoiding an intermediate diaphragm. instead,
the grinding compartment is fitted with a

Tirax Unidan mill

Design in a bearing fitted with two self- aligning front plate together with funnel support are
The Tirax Unidan mill is fitted with one slide shoes supported on rollers to allow for also provided.
trunnion bearing and one slide-shoe bearing thermal expansion of the mill body. The The mill is designed for central discharge
and is designed for central drive or side slide ring and bearing are en- closed in a with scoops for lifting the ground material
drive. dust-tight into the oulet trunnion which is steel plate
The mill body consists of an all- casing. lined. Via apertures in the connection piece,
welded shell with a cast steel conical mill Both bearings are water-cooled and are the material passes to a stationary outlet
head welded to the shell at the outlet end. provided with a metal- enclosed oil pump casing with seals, inspection doors, bottom
The cast steel trunnion is bolted to the mill unit for general lubrication and for high- outlet, and flange for the dedusting pipeline.
head and the slide ring to the mill flange by pressure lubrication during mill start and Internal fittings. The drying chamber
tight-fitting bolts. The drying chamber, barring operations. is lined with bolted-on, carbon steel plates
cantilevered from the slide ring, consists of Drive. A welded-up, flanged, cylindri- and with high-grade cast steel lifters. A
an all-welded shell flanged to the web of the cal connection piece for the Symetro gear scooping divice of carbon steel lifts the
slide ring by tight-fitting bolts. A steel front drive is fastened to the trunnion by tight- material into the grinding compartment.
plate is bolted to the shell flange at the inlet fitting bolts. Bolted to a heavy double supporting plate,
end. In case of side drive, the girth gear is it forms the inlet end of the grinding
Trunnion bearing. The mill trunnion bolted to a heavy flange welded-on to a compartment. This inlet end unit and the
rests in a self-aligning, ball- and-socket type reinforced section of the mill shell. mill head are fitted with wear-resist- ant
bearing lined with white metal. This oil- Inlet and outlet. A large diameter steel lining plates of highchromium cast steel.
lubricated bearing is bolted to a sturdy plate funnel is provided at the inlet to lead The classifying mill shell lining is of
baseplate. the feed and drying air into the drying high-quality cast alloyed iron and is bolted
Slide-shoe bearing. The slide ring runs chamber. An air seal between funnel and to the mill shell.

Sepax separator Installation for grinding raw material

Approximate drying capacities of Tirax Unidan mills. Ball distribution in grinding compartment.

Normal Grinding *) Weight

Production Motor
Mill size RPM media of mill
t/h kW (net)
t t
75-105 46X5.75+2.8 1570 15.4 93 214
85-120 46X6.25+2.8 1750 15.4 107 222
105-145 46X7.75+2.8 2130 15.1 136 242
115-160 46X8.75+2.8 2380 15.1 157 259
135-185 46X9.75+2.8 2740 15.3 175 282
130-175 50X7.25+2.8 2660 14.9 157 267
145-195 50X8.25+2.8 2900 14.6 176 285
160-215 50X9.25+2.8 3200 14.5 199 304
180-240 50X10.25+2.8 3620 14.6 223 331
170-230 56X7.25+2.8 3420 13.8 194 331
190-250 56X8.25+2.8 3780 13.7 216 353
210-280 56X9.25+2.8 4200 13.6 242 376
240-320 56X10.25+2.8 4750 13.7 276 423
*) Without charge and gear unit

Dimensions (m)
Mill size
46X5.75+2.8 13.6 4.7 4.6 1.5 2.9 6.9
46X6.25+2.8 14.1 4.7 4.6 1.5 2.9 7.4
46X7.75+2.8 15.6 4.7 4.6 1.5 2.9 8.9
46X8.75+2.8 16.6 4.7 4.6 1.5 2.9 9.9
46X9.75+2.8 17.6 4.7 4.6 1.5 2.9 10.9
50X7.25+2.8 15.5 5.1 5.3 1.7 2.9 8.4
50X8.25+2.8 16.5 5.1 5.3 1.7 2.9 9.4
50X9.25+2.8 17.5 5.1 5.3 1.7 2.9 10.4
50X10.25+2.8 18.5 5.1 5.3 1.7 2.9 11.4
56X7.25+2.8 16.0 5.7 5.3 1.7 3.0 8.5
56X8.25+2.8 17.0 5.7 5.3 1.7 3.0 9.6
56X9.25+2.8 18.0 5.7 5.3 1.7 3.0 10.6
56X10.25+2.8 19.0 5.7 5.3 1.7 3.0 11.6

Data in this brochure is intented forpreliminary project planning only. Manufacturer reserves the right to modify equipment details and/or specifications without notice.

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