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Pyry renewable energy

Energy through
small hydropower
We are
The history of Pyry Energy GmbH is
founded in Austria upon more than 50 years
of experience in engineering and power plant
construction. Our special know-how has been
applied to many of the countrys hydropower
plants. You too can take advantage of this
expertise in the implementation of your
small hydropower projects!

Austria is qualified to energy generation of Our experiences encompass all specialised

hydropower like no other country in Europe. fields for the construction of small hydropower
Besides the large rivers of the Danube, Inn, plants:
Mur and Drau, hundreds of municipalities are Dams
home to streams and bodies of water that are Weirs
ideal for electricity production. Riverbed sealing
Underground works
Experience since 1959 Tunnel engineering & Geo-technics
Pyry Austria has been dealing with this Penstocks
issue since its founding. Our engineers have Power houses
been bringing the expertise acquired since Hydro steel structure
1959 into the construction of many Austrian Mechanical engineering
projects for hydropower plants. Today, our Electrical engineering
experts support hydropower projects out of Automation
Salzburg and Vienna maybe theyll soon be Innovative ideas and putting our experience
overseeing yours. into practise makes it possible to realise the
construction of your small hydropower plant in
a way that is both ecologically and economi-
cally sustainable.

The power of water Does not only unfold

in large domestic rivers, also numerous
small waters are Excellently suited for
power generation.

02 We are hydropower // Company presentation

04 Always at the cutting edge // Expertise
06 All from a single source // Portfolio
08 Investments with a future // Funding
10 Sustainable solutions // References

Always at the
cutting edge
Ever since the Austrian Viktor Kaplan put his first turbine into operation
in 1919, a great many revolutionary developments have taken place in
power plant and turbine construction. We havent missed a single one
and co-designed many. However, amid this spirit of innovation, we never
lose sight of the essential: the user-friendliness, cost-efficiency and
durability of your plants.

Technically speaking, we at Pyry are always solutions can only be fully exploited if they are taken into account in environmental impact
at the cutting edge. Our engineers continu- intelligently integrated within proven technolo assessments, are well-versed in hydrological
ously deal with the latest developments in gy. What we wish to achieve for our customers surveys or make the economic calculations
building technology, in turbine construction, is the utmost availability, reliability and operat- concerning the profitability of your project.
in electrical engineering and automation. ing safety, as well as efficiency. Alongside Regardless of what you are planning, we
offering a consulting service for technical have the expertise to jointly implement your
Innovation & proven technology implementation, there are many other areas project with you.
However, due to our 50 years of experience, in which our employees can support you with
we know that the potential of innovative new their expertise: They know what needs to be

Ecology Civil engineering Mechanical engineering

Hydrology engineering

Economy hydropower Automation

Our expertise in all Essential fields of small hydropower enables the integration of
proven technology and the Utilization of current innovations.
Construction phase 1

flow rate

4 m/s

3 m/s

2 m/s

1 m/s

0 m/s

Our planning is based upon

sound hydraulic calculations.
This guarantees an optimal
design of weir plant, water
intake, Works waterway and
other System components.

In order to achieve the best results,

our recommended technical solutions
also differ according to the project
concerned. Your advantage: our proposals
are independent of the supplier.
All from a
single source
Our portfolio offers the entire range of services
that you need for the successful realisation of
your small hydropower plant projects: from
the support in the initial planning and feasi-
bility studies right through to construction,
site supervision and the turnkey handover of
the plant. You decide to what extent you wish
to engage as we handle the rest reliable,
custom-fit and on schedule.

Preliminary studies

Feasibility studies

Approval design

Tender Design
Project construction

Preliminary studies Tender Design

A great deal has to be taken into considera- It is also not a problem should you decide not
tion before the decision to construct a small to collaborate with us on the construction. We
hydropower plant is made: Where is the file the tender documents for you for accept-
regions greatest potential? Which sites are ance of tender, and supply you with all of the
suitable? And what impact does the construc- general, commercial and technical specifica-
tion have on flood protection, groundwater tions for the proceeding. Once the developers
and water ecology? All of these questions proposals are available, you can utilize our
can be answered by means of appropriate wealth of experience in this area and have
preliminary studies. For example, we compile them assessed by us. In addition were happy
so-called master plans (capability studies on a to accompany you by your contract negotia-
large scale) and carry out both site and variant tions.
Project execution
Feasibility studies There are several variants in our proposal for
If the preliminary studies show that the the construction of your plant. One variant is
construction of a small hydropower plant is that we only carry out the engineering. We then
sensible, we are able to build upon this to take care of the detailed design for the civil
clarify all issues relating to feasibility. We con- works and and the electrical and mechanical
duct hydrological and geological tests, make engineering, the project management, the site
energy economical calculations and design management and site supervision, as well as
the framework for construction methods and the contractual management.
civil engineering.
However, you can commission us with just the
Approval Design design, procurement and installation of electri-
Prior to the start of construction, a serious cal equipment. We then ensure that the power
hurdle needs to be overcome: the approval by connection to the grid and the automation
authorities. In this case, it is good to have a function perfectly.
company at ones side who is familiar with all
elements of law and water, construction and As a logical consequence, we also offer the
electricity industry, as well as the preservation complete construction of small hydropower
of nature. Of course, our experts also know plants. You thus receive a plant that is at the
how the project description must be designed, cutting edge of technology, in which the budget
what has to be considered in specifications on fits, that is commissioned on schedule, in
execution of construction work and construc- which the maintenance costs are low and the
tion traffic, and which infrastructure facili- operational availability is high.
ties must in no way be disremebered by the
operating company.

From the initial preliminary studies

right through to the commissioning
of the plant, our team of experts
offers the entire range of services
in individual project areas or as a
Comprehensive package.
with a future
The construction or revitalisation of a small
hydropower plant is not just about opting for
an environmentally friendly method to generate
power. It is also tied in with considerable
investments. Our special funding offer from
the federal and state governments enable costs
to be reduced.

To ensure that your project stands on a solid here for investment grants of up to 1 MW, and Styria funds already the plan-
economic foundation, we support you in the 1,500 Euro per KW or up to 30 % of the ning phase for consulting services of external
energy efficiency calculations and compile an eligible investment costs (see illustration). service providers.
initial rough cost estimate. In addition, there is Anyone planning a small hydropower plant is
also the possibility to apply for special funding. Federal state funding therefore advised to find out about funding
Both the federal and some state governments Alongside the State funding via OeMAG, the possibilities in advance.
support operators of small hydropower plants federal state (Bundeslnder) of Lower Austria,
in the construction and revitalisation of their Upper Austria and Styria have issued their The key web addresses:
plants. own funding programmes. Lower Austria, for OeMAG:
Federal government funding is regulated via the example, increases the State funding by a Verband Kleinwasserkraft:
Eco Electricity Act ( 12a). This falls under the further 25 % upon approval. Upper Austria
jurisdiction of the managing body of kostrom grants an increase of 25 % of investment KLIEN:
AG (OeMAG). Operators of small hydropower costs (maximum 50,000 Euro per plant/
plants of up to a maximum of 10 MW may apply operator) to plants with a potential capacity of


Small hydropower plant operators can approach the managing body of kostrom AG for investment funding.

50 kW 50500 kW 5002.000 kW 2.00010.000 kW

Compliance with the Compliance with the Compliance with the Compliance with the
EU subsidy limitations EU subsidy limitations EU subsidy limitations EU subsidy limitations
1,500 EUR/kW 1,500 EUR/kW 1,0001,500 EUR/kW 4001,000 EUR/kW
30 % of the eligible 2030 % of the eligible 1020 % of the eligible
investment costs investment costs investment costs
Funding requirement to be Funding requirement to be
supported by a dynamic supported by a dynamic
investment calculation (6 %) investment calculation (6 %)

In addition to the Federal funding, grants are

also available from several State governments
for the construction or revitalisation of small
hydropower plants. Its worth finding out more!
For more than 50 years, Pyry Energy Austria has implemented
numerous small hydropower projects and achieved the most
important goal in the process: satisfied customers.

Originally operating solely as an engineering not only expands our technical competence,
company on the domestic market, Pyry has but we have also learnt to find intelligent,
now developed into an international provider of economic and sustainable solutions for the
engineering services. most diverse of problems against a variety of
We have been active in a series of overseas geographic and country-specific conditions.
countries on behalf of our customers in the These represent the pillars in the planning and
small hydropower segment. Internationalisation implementation of your projects.


Preliminary studies power plant on the Traun by Energie AG Upper Salzburg AG on the Salzach, comprising two
Environmental sustainability assessment Austria. Within the scope of the study, nine hydroelectric generating sets and a four-field
(Georgia) power house variants were designed, a report weir plant. Pyry Energy GmbH also took care
Study into the environmental compatibility and on their pros and cons compiled, an energy of the geological investigation, a rough cost
feasibility of small hydropower projects (113 calculation made, the costs determined and a estimate, the static pre-dimensioning, the ap-
MW) in the Aragvi river basin for the European rough timetable put together. proval design and participation in proceedings
Bank for Reconstruction and Development with local authorities.
(EBRD). The assignment comprised the study Approval Design
itself, the analysis of the potential for small Revitalisation of Platzl power plant (Austria) New construction of power plant Agonitz
hydropower on-site and the support in the Approval design for the revitalisation of the de- (Austria)
development of projects. commissioned small hydropower plant of Platzl Preliminary studies, comparison of variants and
for Anton Putz. Preliminary draft and design the planning coordination for the new construc-
Energy efficient utilisation (Tittmoninger basin) for the 370kW small hydropower plant with tion of an existing power plant on the river Steyr,
Energy efficient utilisation concept of Tittmon- Kaplan S bulb turbine, two weir flaps, vertical with the prototype of a 550kW Straflo-Matrix
inger basin, lower Salzach, for sterreichisch- bar screens, fish ladders and power house. turbine for Energie AG Austria. In addition,
Bayrische Kraftwerk AG. Within the scope of Pyry Energy GmbH carried out the inventory
the project, the energy-efficient utilisation was New construction of Magerlmhle II and approval planning, detailed planning and
integrated in river bed restoration measures, power plant (Austria) tender design and the planning for the
a transverse structure developed and a rough Preliminary draft, design and approval design application process.
cost estimate put together. Furthermore, Pyry of the Magerlmhle II small hydropower plant
Energy GmbH was responsible for the coordina- for Wagner KG and Elektrizittswerke Berg Project construction
tion of the different measures. in Upper Austria. The goal was an improved
Nudorf power plant (Austria)
utilisation of the hydropower potential with
Consortium leader for the planning and con-
Hydropower potential study (Austria) simultaneous improvement of the hydrobiologi-
struction of the submersible small hydropower
Study for STERREICHS ENERGIE on the cal conditions in the diverted reach.
plant in the historic Schemerl weir at Nudorf for
optimisation of the utilisation of hydropower in
Verbund Hydro Power AG, Wienstrom and EVN.
Austria. The study looked at both the technical tender Design
Our services comprised the approval and de-
and economically effective hydropower poten- Klokun power plant (Bosnia-Herzegovina) tailed planning, the participation in proceedings
tial for the entire Austrian federal territory. Supervision of the tender process for the run- with local authorities, the coordination of con-
of-river power plant of Klokun commissioned struction, mechanical and electrical engineering,
Feasibility studies by Elektroprivreda HZ HB. In the process, as well as inventory planning.
Run-of-River hydropower plant Kravica/ special attention was given to environmental
Stubica (Bosnia-Herzegovina) aspects. The Pyry services comprised a Novakovici power plant (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Feasibility study on different alternatives for two study of various alternatives, corresponding Complete planning, procurement and instal-
run-of-river hydropower plants with 2 x 2.6 MW feasibility studies and the compilation of the lation of the electrical and process control
und 2 x 1.3 MW capacities at the Waterfalls tender documents. The small hydropower technique machinery of a Bosnian small hydro-
near Kravica and Stubica for Elektroprivreda plant has two horizontal Kaplan S turbines power plant for the Carinthian energy service
HZ HB. Development of the tender documents. with a capacity of 3.26 MW. provider KELAG. Included among the services
offered were basic engineering, detailed en-
Stadl-Paura power plant (Austria) Hydropower plant Lehen (Austria) gineering, CAD documentation and program-
A feasibility study serves as a basis for Comparison of variants by means of 2D simu- ming, as well as the procurement, installation
decision-making in the construction of a small lations for the existing hydropower plant of and commissioning of the plants.

The prototype of a Strafo-Matrix turbine has been running as a pilot test in Agonitz power plant since 2004.
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Pyry is a global consulting and engineering company dedicated to balanced sustainability
and responsible business. With quality and integrity at our core, we deliver best-in-class
management consulting, total solutions, and design and supervision. Our in-depth expertise
extends to the fields of energy, industry, transportation, water, environment and real estate.
Pyry has about 7,000 experts and a local office network in about 50 countries.