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JOB TITLE: Deputy Head of News and Media

DEPARTMENT: News and Media Unit, Communications

JOB PURPOSE: Under the direction of the Head of News and Media, to lead and manage
Amnesty Internationals planned and reactive written news and media output produced by a global
team of media managers - delivering an integrated news offer that reflects Amnesty Internationals
priority campaigns, policies and content.
This position helps deliver the greatest possible coherence, quality, timeliness, relevance and
impact of Amnesty Internationals human rights news and media output in order to position
Amnesty International at the forefront of the international media as the worlds pre-eminent human
rights advocate. The postholder will work to ensure that Amnestys news output reaches ever
increasing audiences on earned, owned, and paid platforms. He/she is expected to advance
Amnesty Internationals human rights agenda by raising awareness of the organizations work to
promote and protect human rights through global research, campaigns and advocacy work.
The Deputy Head of News and Media assists in the coordination and supervision of daily
operations including across the organizations digital channels to ensure high quality and
effective workflow across Amnesty Internationals global news and media operations, as agreed
with the Head of News and Media and the Director of Communications.

DEPARTMENT PURPOSE: The News and Media Unit, within the Communications Programme, is
responsible for managing and co-ordinating Amnesty Internationals media work across the IS and
the global movement. The programme drives and maintains consistent presentation of AIs name
and message in the media and oversees media strategy, content, delivery and targeting of AIs
message across print, broadcast and digital media. Our news and media work supports Amnesty
Internationals global campaigns and growth and impact projects, with the aim of strengthening
AIs human rights impact.

AIIS PURPOSE: The IS, which operates from a number of sites around the world, gathers and
communicates accurate and action-oriented human rights information globally. We campaign
for meaningful human rights change; enable effective human rights activism and work to
persuade governments and other actors to uphold universal human rights standards. We provide
strategic leadership, support and advice to the AI movement globally, fostering AIs
contribution, presence and public accountability throughout the world.

Reporting to: The Head of News and Media
People that this job manage: Interns, volunteers and freelancers
Other key relationships: Internal: Director of Communications, IS media managers and Section
press officers in London and around the world; colleagues across other Communications studios
(AV, Design, Digital Engagement); Strategic Planning Unit; Head of Brand; Campaigners;
Researchers; and colleagues in International Advocacy and International Law and Policy.

USEFUL INFORMATION: This post plays a key role in the development and implementation of
innovative news, media and public relations strategies aimed at strengthening the global
positioning of Amnesty International, advancing awareness through targeted media coverage of

Amnesty Internationals human rights agenda and supporting the organizations growth and
impact strategies.

This position plays a central role in the co-ordination of the work of the News and Media Unit,
ensuring the coherence and seamless integration of AIs reactive and planned media work.

This post also carries key responsibilities for supporting the Head of News and Media in
ensuring the quality of output, planning, evaluation and reporting.

Media impact is vital to the success of Amnesty Internationals global communications work,
which relies on credible and visible profiling of the organization to a range of target audiences
across a range of diverse cultures and communities.
This is a full-time position which requires the ability and willingness to regularly work out of
office hours, including being on call for media enquiries. The position also requires the ability
to undertake international travel as required.

Location: London.

Vision and Strategy:
Provide high-level news and media advice, helping develop and implement a strategy for
ensuring news and media output supports Amnesty Internationals global priorities with original
news and media content and ideas that support effective media, public relations and advocacy
Under the direction of the Head of News and Media act as a main point of contact on issues
relating to news, editorial policy and media guidelines.
Work with the Head of News and Media to develop strategies and tools for strengthening news
and media capacity across the global movement.
Monitor and analyse trends in the media and news-reporting on issues relevant to or affecting
Amnesty Internationals priority work and external profile. Monitor forthcoming external events
that could impact on Amnesty Internationals news and media work, horizon scanning and
trend-analysis, including monitoring coverage and output of key AI stakeholders and

Editorial Output
Assist the Head of News and Media in managing Amnesty Internationals planned and reactive
news and media output in order to drive the organizations editorial agenda in a timely (taking
into account different time zones and weekends), audience-oriented, compelling and
distinctive way, presented in a range of formats (news releases, quotes, analysis, comment) in
text, audio and video and digital media as appropriate.
Play a central role in the daily editorial news meetings, chaired by the Head of News and
Media, and assist in ensuring decisions are followed, with agreed output delivered to agreed
deadlines whilst maintaining coherence and balance across Amnesty Internationals news and
media output, with the flexibility to respond to external developments in a competitive global
media space.
Protect Amnesty Internationals reputation by ensuring news comment is strategically balanced
on a day-to-day basis.
Ensure news output is co-ordinated with media relations and advocacy strategies in order to
ensure full integration of reactive and planned work across News and Media, Digital and AV.
Exploit opportunistic emerging and breaking international news stories and trends to deliver

impact for Amnesty International.
Act as a point of contact between the News and Media teams and the AI Language Resource
Centre (AILRC) to ensure an effective workflow for the delivery of news and media content in
languages other than English, according to agreed priorities.

Approve reactive and planned media outputs including press releases, newsflashes, quotes,
forward planning notes, briefings and backgrounders, lines for response to events in the news,
media Q&As, features, op eds etc
Approve for publication on the website ( and other digital platforms the content of
news and news-related content.
Undertake specific writing projects to support the teams output, including editing and/or
drafting news and analytical pieces intended for periodicals, journals and international affairs


Act as the key point of contact between News & Media and Digital Engagement.
Oversee the presentation and promotion of news content across Amnesty Internationals
digital platforms including on the homepage and news pages, and social
Stay abreast of new digital media tools, sites and apps to come up with innovative ways of
promoting AIs news commentary online.

Team Management:
Assist in developing and coaching staff on editorial and news writing skills, building capability
within the team.
Ensure team delivers to key performance indicators which ensure impact for AIs news offer
and the delivery of AIs overall goals.
Assist in coaching staff across the International Secretariat on news writing skills, building
capability and therefore increasing the standard of news output.
Assist in developing new approaches to working with the media through understanding the
broader news environment along with emerging trends and opportunities in a global media


Amnesty International is positioned as the leading human rights organization through its
strategic news response and media placement, promoting the organization as a credible
source of human rights information.
Amnesty International offers a vibrant, timely and distinctive news offer on its websites
and through other digital platforms increasing the visibility of the organizations message
and content in the news landscape, social media timelines, and the public debate
Amnesty Internationals profile grows through increased impact with core global media
targets and online traffic on
News and media plans and delivery are effectively communicated across the IS and the
Well-crafted news and media work is delivered to agreed deadlines.
Assist in ensuring media managers perform to high standards and are regularly provided
with feedback regarding individual performance.

The IS acts a centre of excellence for news and media work across the movement, offering a
timely and distinctive news offer (news, analysis, comment, etc.) which sections/structures
can use in their own target media to great impact.


Substantial, proven experience of international media and communications (journalism or
public relations), with experience of working in a daily news environment and knowledge of
the world news agenda.
Proven editorial judgment at senior level for identifying stories supported by sound
analytical and creative news ability that will enable Amnesty International to add a
distinctive contribution to public debate.
Knowledge of major political and human rights issues globally, ideally with detailed
knowledge of these trends in at least one region.
Substantial experience of editing and writing clear and concise newsworthy media materials
targeted for international, regional or national media to tight deadlines and high standards.
Highly-developed skills at contributing to editorial meetings, negotiating story ideas and
communicating editorial decisions clearly and effectively to all key stake-holders.
Experience of a leadership role, including ability to assist with the overall running of a busy
team, ensuring staff resources are utilized effectively and experience of mentoring, training
and developing staff.
Effective communications and negotiations skills, supported by sound political judgement.
Willingness to be called on for media work in emergencies, including out of office hours.
Demonstrable understanding of the challenges posed by the fast-changing global media
environment including the importance of digital and traditional media platforms, with
knowledge of developments across print, broadcast and social media.
Knowledge of international and regional media, key media developments, and political and
editorial orientation of key media.
Demonstrated interest in, and personal commitment to, human rights.
Knowledge of industry standards and best practice on issues of taste & decency; privacy;
use of user-generated content, and the like; knowledge of media law, incl. defamation,
contempt of court.


Competency: Level: (A, B or C)
Delivering Results: C.
Working with Others: C.
Developing Oneself and Others: B.
Contributing to a dynamic and effective IS: B.
Making decisions: Level C.
Taking the Initiative: C.
Communicating and influencing: C.
Equality and diversity is at the core of our values and staff are expected to work collectively and
individually to promote a constructive and sensitive approach to others from a variety of
backgrounds, where the work of others is valued and respected.

Public or other activity, affiliation to or support for any group or organization, personal

association or other factor which may generate a real or perceived conflict of interest with AIs
principles (specifically independence and impartiality), or raise a security concern, or otherwise
prevent the candidate from carrying out key functions of the specific post and would therefore
disqualify the candidate from being appointed.