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Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Long-distance linear assets, such as borders,
perimeters, railways, and pipelines are inherently
difficult to protect. OptaSense offers a new method
for detecting any activity in the vicinity of the asset
over long distances. OptaSense converts fiber optic
cable into a high-performance sensor, enabling an
operator to detect, classify, and locate any threatening
events through the acoustic and vibration signals they

System Outline
An OptaSense deployment consists of four major elements:
Sensor - Single Mode fiber optic cable; buried approximately 18 deep
Interrogator - OptaSense rack mountable unit; 3Us
Processor - High reliability performance computing software; 1U
Output - Twin displays, user interface, audio; (2) 19 monitors, keyboard, speakers and headphones

Border and Perimeter

OptaSense perimeter protection draws on the systems powerful detection,
classification, and location capabilities, but with a focus on positional
resolution and its cueing capability for other layered security systems.
OptaSense reduces equipment and manpower costs through the use of
state-of-the-art fiber optic cable technology.
OptaSense can pinpoint intrusion locations within 10 meters, and locations
can be fed to other layers of security to provide crucial real-time intelligence
to inform response decisions. Decades of experience in acoustic analysis give
OptaSense the ability to classify intrusions through powerful algorithms and
processing software eliminating false nuisance alarms for activities that
are not a threat. Furthermore, since the cable is buried, covert, and passive, there is no chance of it being
disabled by counter attack.

Problems with railroad tracks can be costly in monetary terms or loss of human life if they are not
discovered quickly. OptaSense is a real-time damage or obstruction tool that can reduce the cost of
maintenance of both track and rolling stock. OptaSense can provide insight into the status of tracks,
including the detection of rock falls in remote, hard-to-reach areas. Initiating cautions or repair work as
soon as an incident occurs saves time and money over human inspection and observation.

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Oil and Gas Pipelines
Whether illicit or unintentional,
third party interference is the most
common cause of serious pipeline
damage. Preventing these incidents
before they occur is a capability that
is unique to OptaSense. It saves lives
as well as millions of dollars for the
pipeline operator. The long distance,
cost-effective monitoring can identify
threats up to 100 meters from the
pipeline, locating threats to within
10 meters along the entire length of
the pipeline, while the classification
capability reduces nuisance alarm

The cumulative costs of clean-up,

product loss, repair and fines for environmental damage make leak detection a high priority for pipeline
operators. OptaSense detects and precisely locates high-pressure leaks in real-time so a swift response
can be initiated. It provides instantaneous observation of leak presence and is a cost-effective guard
against costly leaks over long distances.

Minimum Performance Expectations

OptaSense can sense activity at varying distances from the fiber optic cable, depending on the acoustic
nature of the activity:

Personnel 5 meters
Manual digging 10 meters
Moving vehicle 10 meters
Tracked excavator 20 meters

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