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Missing Keys to the Art of



Its now been several years since the big hit The Secret swept the world off of its feet,
with promises of this awesome power we have to intentionally create the life of our dreams.
Very quickly, the news spread, and what is now most commonly called The Law of
Attraction became more popular and common than ever before. Many people from many
different walks of life jumped on the bandwagon. Even scientists got involved, and began
to corroborate much of this idea in terms of quantum physics and non-linear potentiality. It
was a revolution; a major step in the evolution of human consciousness and understanding.

But really, this was not a new concept. Long before the secret, the idea that thought, or
mind, manifests into physical, tangible experience was being taught in religion and
mysticism dating back 1,000s of years. Even in America, there have been books and
pieces of work from obscure and unlikely decades like the 1950s about this subject.
Einstein was known for talking about it. American poet Walt Whitman eluded to it many
times. Even some of the oldest and most ancient texts from Buddhism and Hindi literature
speak of it in practical and clear terms. Certain people have always known and understood
this secret about our existence.

It only makes sense. What is true will always be known by someone. Many of the teachers
and mystics from the past probably figured this out all on their own, from simply being
aware of themselves and the universe around/inside of them. This is not just airy fairy,
happy feel good stuff. Its a law of reality. And its also a crucial step to the journey of
waking up to our true nature.

But tell me, after all youve heard, and learned so far, is this law of reality working for you
the way you want it to? My guess is its not quite where you want it to be, or you wouldnt
be reading this book. The irony is that for decades now, there has been a huge industry in
teaching the law of attraction and manifestation. But now the industry is slowly taking a
new turn. Now the big seller is all about why these previous teachings about the law of
attraction arent working, and why. Isnt it ironic? Why is it that there are hundreds,
thousands of different programs, books, videos, etc. out there about this subject, and yet
there are so many of us still looking?

When I first realized it wasnt working out the way I wanted it to, I thought it was because
I wasnt trying hard enough. So I doubled and redoubled my efforts. This only seemed to
push the goals even farther away from me. Sometimes in exasperation I would say
Alright! I give up! Strangely, at these times, the goals and things I wanted would often
times seem to get a little bit closer to me after Id given up chasing them. This would
usually lead me to renew my enthusiasm in the law of attraction and Id start up my efforts
again, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. I was in a cycle. My desire was
creating more desire. My feelings of not having what I wanted were manifesting more of
not having what I wanted. But breaking this cycle was easier said than done.

I knew there was something missing. I knew, or I could say I now know, that there is a
great deal of important information missing in the status quo teaching of the skill of
manifestation. It wasnt just all as simple as writing goals and changing thoughts. Not
even the emphasis on reprogramming the unconscious mind was getting the results I was
looking for. Sometimes things that worked would stop working. Sometimes very
counterintuitive things would happen, like I would end up manifesting something after a
night of frustrated venting of negative emotion on my laptop keyboard, as opposed to
focusing on positive things. I could tell things were operating on a level I was unconscious
of, and I wanted to delve further into this level, and try to measure and study it.

Much of this information here I had to find out through my own experimentation. Much of
it came from the tedious acts of almost giving up, trying again, giving up again, accepting I
was wrong, trying something new, failing again, etc., etc. But in the end, it really wasnt
anything that obscure, or difficult, or unlikely that was missing. It was really quite obvious
once I was able to drop my preconceived notions and desires to make the law of attraction
what I wanted it to be (instead of letting it be what it was and learning about it.)

Eventually what I learned in my own life made it easier to manifest results; not just
tangible results like money, or jobs, or cars, but more importantly intangible results like
happiness, peace of mind, relief, security, and a feeling of being a part of something bigger,
having a purpose. These results were more satisfying than from my previous attempts at
manifestation, and there was completely different feel to the process. In fact, the difference
was almost black and white. It became a flowing extension of myself; a key component to
my spiritual journey and self-awareness.

In a nutshell, I would describe the change as me no longer feeling like I was manifesting all
by myself anymore. I had learned to let a greater power, one that really knew more about
what it was doing than I did, manifest for me. I had effectively delegated the task to the
expert-the universe itself.

Much of the information Im about to share with you is almost completely left out in most
law of attraction literature and teachings. If its not completely left out, its breezed over
without being given nearly the important emphasis that it needs to truly help one
understand the full mechanics of the process.

Half of the battle in understanding how to effectively and practically use the law of
attraction is letting go of the compulsion to use what I call magical thinking. One of the
biggest problems we struggle with in this journey is our only human urge to want to get
something for nothing, to want this to be the magical solution to all our problems, for it to
eliminate our need to ever face personal growth or discomfort again. This is just not the
case. Yes, this is an almost magical skill. Yes, it can become very effortless. Yes, it can
create a life beyond our wildest dreams if used correctly. But this is a LAW of our reality
that functions under certain rules. It does take practice. It does require action. It does
require that we are sometimes pushed outside of our comfort zone, and it does require that
we learn to let ourselves, our pride, our arrogance, and our opinions of how we think things
should be go so the universe can go to work. Its much more about surrender than fighting.
Its much more about humility than pride. And its much more about figuring out what the
bigger picture needs from US than trying to get the bigger picture to mold to what WE want
it to be.

It is my greatest hope that this information helps lead you to true and lasting peace and
happiness, rather than just to a new car, a new girlfriend/boyfriend, or more money. But I
think you will find that often times the former creates the latter (though not the other way

We will first start out by clearing some of the most common and detrimental
misconceptions about the law of intentional manifestation. Even making ONE of these
mistakes can completely sabotage your ability to get what you want from the process.
Alternately, understanding these will shed a whole new light to the process, and will bring
you that much closer to mastering this ability to mold matter and create your life as you
want it to be.

Misconception #1: Dream as Big as Possible

Many LOA books and gurus will encourage you to dream as big as you possibly can, and
make these incredibly dramatic outcomes into your goals. Then to start visualizing them,
using affirmations about them, set up vision boards with pictures of them, and taking action
towards these big dreams.

There are several reasons why this is not the best way to go about using the law of
attraction. The first one has to do with your emotional state. There is a great deal of
dissonance and discomfort that begins to form when one sets a goal that seems so far away,
so different from their current, present, day-to-day experience of life. The contrast is
HUGE! If you are currently making $40,000 dollars a year or less, working 40 hours a
week, and daily visualizing making $1,000,000 dollars a year, traveling the world, and
only working when you feel like it, you are going to have to progressively expend more
and more discipline in keeping yourself from being unhappy with your current
predicament. It helps to have a goal of something awesome, something that motivates you
to continually move forward, but if that goal is so drastically different, so dramatically
better than your current life situation, its going to start to make you feel like your life now
sucks. Can you relate to this?

Take this example:

You wake up early in the morning, getting ready for your 8 hour 9-5 shift and fall into a
visualization of standing on the balcony of some posh apartment in Buenos Aires. Youre
watching the sun come up while tourists and locals quietly move through the streets below.
Behind you comes the woman (man) of your dreams. The most gorgeous woman (man)
youve ever seen. They kiss you lovingly and passionately and tell you they love you. You
start discussing what youre going to do today. You may go to restaurants and bars all day.
You may go to the beach and relax in a lounge chair, sipping margaritas. It doesnt really
matter because youve got $600,000 in the bank and no need to work unless you want to for
the rest of the year. Ahhhh, your own personal paradise.

Then you snap out of it, in a rush to brush your teeth, shower, and get to the call center
where you will proceed to handle escalated customer complaints about a company that
deserves to have unhappy customers because of its less-than-integrous business practices.
Once youre done with work youll drive home in your used 2001 Buick and spend the
evening hanging out by yourself, or possibly going out to meet someone, in hopes that you
will find your significant other.

This is just an example, but how can that sharp contrast not be a sharp smack in the face?
And to think that youd do that to yourself every single day and expect results? There is an
important variable in this equation that must be considered: cognitive dissonance. The
cognitive dissonance in this particular situation is that you have vividly visualized and
imagined one of the most ideal outcomes you could possibly consider, and yet theres a
HUGE experiential gap between this ideal outcome, and present day real-life.

Im going to share an incredibly important, and incredibly simple truth about life with you
here. There is only one single cause of suffering, negative emotion, and pain in a human
beings life: the fact that the mind places expectations upon things, and then expects life to
mold to these expectations. Its that simple. You want things to be THIS way, and then
when they turn out THAT way, it causes dissonance, resistance, and suffering.

When you consider that human suffering is largely based upon the dissonance between a
human beings preferred outcomes and the differences between those and their actual
experience, you see that setting a goal too high can be a recipe for negative emotion. The
cognitive dissonance between the two extremes is just too much. Its not effective, nor will
it allow you to hold the positive emotions and gratitude in the NOW that are necessary to
enjoy life and manifest your future goals.

The other reason that this is not a good idea is because the mind does not believe in such
far-out dreams. Yes, you may want it, and yes, it may make you excited to think about it,
but the reality is that the second you imagine something that is so different from what
youre used to experiencing, the conscious and unconscious mind both go yeah thats not
gonna happen and dismiss it as a fantasy.

You must start out gradually and push the threshold of your beliefs. Start with something
that seems maybe a bit unlikely, but possible. Maybe youll find a new job that pays you
more money, or gives you more flexibility in your schedule. Maybe you can start up a side
business online that earns you a little more money, and you can develop it into a big
company from there. Perhaps you will meet someone and form a relationship. But let that
relationship have room for imperfections. It might be a beautiful woman/man with a great
personality, but they likely wont be super-model status. They might have a few character
flaws (just like you might), and you guys might have a few issues to work through. It
wouldnt be fair for either of you for you to expect it to be absolutely perfect.

Once youve accomplished more believable and realistic goals, set them a little higher.
You gain a boost in confidence in achieving these goals that are a little closer to your
current belief system, and you stretch your beliefs in what is possible that much more.
Once youve set your goals higher a few times, and achieved them a few times, you start to
really believe in your ability to manifest, and THEN you can start going for those big fish
without experiencing discomfort, cognitive dissonance, and lack of belief.

Like I said at the beginning of this book, this amazing power of our mind to create matter
and experience can seem quite magical, but in order to truly master this skill to its fullest
potential, it is important to dispel with magical or wishful thinking. There is a lot of
room for practicality in this journey.

Which leads us to our next subject

Mistake #2: The Fast Food Approach

How many product, book, and program advertisements have you read in the past few years
with headlines like Manifest ANYTHING You Want in Two Weeks!? How many sales
letters have you read that tell magical stories about someone going from being completely
broke, maybe even homeless, to having everything they could ever want, that dream girl,
the Audi, the mansion in L.A., the millions of dollars flowing in in.less than 3 months?

What about the idea that you can learn to create ANYTHING you want at all without
putting forth ANY effort at all?

You must realize that this industry, though its comprised of people that are a lot more
likely to be good, genuine, and honest is not above using the same sales tactics that are used
in any other industry or advertisement agenda. And these types of headlines ARE playing
on wishful thinking, magical thinking.
Understand that I am not saying that things cant flow easily and effortlessly. I do believe
that learning and mastering manifestation is our birthright. Its something that each and
every one of us was designed to understand and do intentionally. Because of this, yes, the
odds are completely in our favor.

But please, for your own sake, and for the sake of someone who is trying to help you get
this right from the foundation up, do not let yourself be fooled or set yourself up for
disappointment by allowing yourself to believe that this is not going to take a certain
amount of time and effort. Im sure that my advertising team is going to criticize me for
telling this to you straight, because this is not necessarily what leads someone to pull out
their wallet or credit card number to make a purchase. But I would much rather sell
somebody something that will actually WORK, that will actually give them the results they
deserve and in order to do this this fast-food-have-it-now-get-it-all-for-nothing money
mentality has to be put to an end.

Let me share a perspective of this that might help you get a better idea of how to set your
attitude up for success.

Conscious and deliberate manifestation is not a technique. Its not a trick, like a spell or an
incantation. It is a skill. More than that, it is an art. And its not something you do once for
this, or another time for this. It is a lifestyle. It is about how you live your life from day to
day, moment to moment. So when you are thinking about improving your ability to do this,
understand that this is about building a lifestyle, honing a skill, developing the subtle
perception that leads to a beautiful piece of art (the art piece is your life).

Did Leonardo Davinci paint the Mona Lisa after a one month crash course on painting?
Did Bruce Lee develop his style of martial arts from a Martial Arts certification
program? Can you become a black belt in any style of Karate in 2 weeks, 3 months, 1 year

Understand, it is going to take some time. This does not mean that the journey will not be
one hell of an adventure. It doesnt mean you wont experience results in two weeks, one
month, three months, one year. In fact, I can guarantee that with the right teacher, the right
program, you will experience breakthrough after breakthrough, that the path will be one of
exponential and measurable growth. That you will be better at manifestation, and closer to
your ultimate goals within a few weeks, months, etc. But youre just not going to make a
quantum leap without doing the necessary training. Youre just not, and Im not going to
lie to you and tell you I can make you a manifestation black belt without any work on your

So what about these many success stories that weve all heard? Are they nothing but lies
and marketing schemes? I believe some of them are. But I also believe that there are a lot
of hidden variables in the process that many of these people may have not even been fully
aware of. For example, a largely overlooked variable in most LOA teachings is mental
focus, and the ability to increase what I prefer to call power through energy management
and mental stillness. This is something that, depending on the person and their life
experience, could be more or less prevalent in that particular mind. People may not have
even considered how much non-linear energy they were tapping into without doing so
intentionally, and yet this is an important variable to the equation.

Like Ive said, there are MANY variables to this equation, and many that have yet to be
discovered and taught. The mind is very complex and mysterious. Not only is it complex,
but largely affected by subtleties that a lot of us have yet to become fully aware of. Yet
these subtleties are important pieces of the puzzle in this pathway.

I certainly wouldnt call these success stories complete dishonesty, but I believe that there
is probably a lot more going on than meets the eye with them. One must consider the
totality of the life experience that amounts to these seemingly miraculous results, and the
many occurrences, subtle thought patterns and beliefs at the conscious, subconscious,
unconscious, and superconscious levels of mind. I can promise you at any rate that these
miraculous manifestations are not as simple as repeating affirmations daily, visualizing,
and having a vision board.

Accept a more realistic viewpoint of the process. Look at it as a skill, one comparable to
learning to play a musical instrument, or mastering a sport. It is something that we are all
imbued with the power to truly master, but it WILL take time, consistency, a learning curve.
Youre only going to set yourself up for disappointment if you expect this to be a magical
fix where you get a whole lot of something for absolutely nothing. How fun would that be
anyways? How much satisfaction would you derive from your creations that way?

Also, become more aware of the many different subtleties and variables that affect the
outcome. Read on to learn more

Mistake #3: Over-Reliance on Affirmations, Positive Thinking,

and Changing Beliefs

I recently received a book in the mail. Im not exactly sure where it came from, or why I
received it. I certainly prick my intuitive ears a bit when something like this happens. I felt
there must be a reason this happened. I opened it up to random pages several times in the
past 3 days, and, finally, I threw it in the trash. It seems I received this book from the
universe to help me bring this misconception to light here.

I could have guessed what the approach of this book was going to be, along with 95% of
the books out there that carry the theme of changing your life, creating your dreams, being
successful, etc.

written goals, visualization, affirmations, change your beliefs, written goals,

visualization, affirmations, change your beliefs, written goals, visualization, affirmations,
change your beliefs
Its beginning to feel like every single program, product, or book on manifestation is
simply a new twist on this same familiar approach. For some, this is no problem. They
take these tools and they run with them, creating more and more fantastic situations,
experiences, and material luxuries into their lives.

And yet some dont. Some are already completely drowned in affirmations, visualizations,
positive thinking worksheets and exercises, emotional mastery techniques, and magazine
cut outs of everything they could ever want, and yet theyre not getting the results they
want. Or even worse, theyre manifesting all these things, but theyre no closer to just
being happy than they were before they learned how to create these things.

Why is this? I have to guess that you yourself are likely a member of this category.
Otherwise you would have read 1-3 books on the subject, applied what it taught to succeed,
and moved on from reading books to creating what you wanted. Why is there still such an
industry for teaching the law of attraction? Shouldnt we have all figured it out, not to
mention proven it with such clarity and certainty that the people in our lives were not able
to doubt it at all, thus creating a spiritual renaissance in which the entire world manifested
peace and abundance?

Heres the thing. Affirmations, visualizations, vision boards, positive thinking, positive
self-talk, even emotional mastery, are very effective and powerful tools when used in the
right context, but they are not everything. Not even close. Theyre not the only thing
someone needs to learn and practice to create success in their life.

And heres the real thing that needs to be understood. If these tools are not used with the
proper framework, without the necessary steps being developed before they are used, they
are more than 1,000 times less effective than they could be, if not entirely ineffective.

What I am saying is that there is a missing step. In fact, there are a few crucial missing
steps that are being largely IGNORED. Theres a missing link that needs to be put back
into the equation in order for people to get results from these afore mentioned techniques.

As an example, when I learned to play the guitar as a kid, my guitar teacher did not start
right off having me learn to play rip roaring guitar solos. Why? Because I wouldnt even
know what to do with my fingers! I wouldnt be able to stretch my hand from note to note,
I wouldnt know which finger should go in which place, I wouldnt know how to hold (or
not hold) the notes to get them to resonate in the correct way. Id have no form. So when I
learned to play the guitar, I was first taught form. First I was taught simply how to hold the
guitar. I learned how to hold my fingers, and which fingers would go to which places in
chords and note progressions. Then I learned how to play basic chords. Eventually this
built up to me being able to play more complex things with ease, but it would have been a
disaster for my guitar teacher to hand me the instructions for Eruption by Van Halen, or the
solo to Crazy Train in my first lesson. I probably could have learned them with incredible
amounts of determination and practice, but it might have taken me just as long to do it that
way as it would have for me to learn the basics and work my way up. Not to mention with
plenty of frustration and headache.

Take the movie The Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi spent months with Daniel having him do
mundane things like wash his car, paint his house, paint his fence. He didnt even teach
him how to hold a stance or block. First he knew that Daniel must build the muscles
necessary to perform these basic blocks. Otherwise they would have been completely

There is a foundation that needs to be laid first and foremost, before using affirmations,
visualization, etc. If this foundation is not there, these tools will not work. If the
foundation is there, than these tools will be effortlessly used and work with 100x the
firepower. In fact, if the foundation is laid thoroughly, and the necessary set of skills is
developed first to full potential, these standard techniques will not always even be
necessary. Manifestation will happen more spontaneously, more automatically. More
synchronicity will occur, and often times things will manifest that are better than you
couldve even imagined on your own, because the grand mind of the universe is now on
your side and helping you at every step.

My program, The Missing Link is all about laying this proper foundation. It is the first
program of its kind, being used for this goal, and it is by far the easiest and most guided,
step by step method for developing the necessary skills that precede affirmations, positive
thinking, etc. This is the REAL secret. This is the understanding that has been completely
neglected, breezed over, or left out of 99% of the products on manifestation out there.

And this stuff is really not hard at all. Its pleasurable, it provides very quick results, and it
comes with a whole range of other positive benefits. The most important thing is
understanding first that its a necessary component to the development of this amazing skill
we call manifestation.

The big issue is this: All these techniques (visualization, affirmations, written goals,
re-programming beliefs, etc.) are all stuck in the box of one thing: THE MIND. And
though we can all agree that the mind is very necessary partner to all this, its not the only
thing that is creating the experience of life around you. In fact, its not even the biggest
contributor to your life experience. It is absolutely necessary to go beyond the mind. This
is where our greatest power comes from. This is where we reach the boundless infinite
energy that truly allows us to powerfully manifest, often times in way that appear to be

I cant give you ALL the secrets here, but Ill let you in on a big secret right now. Rather
than focusing on affirmations, visualization, positive thinking, even positive emotions,
there is a LOT more value in focusing on things like building your personal power by
tapping into non-linear fields of energy, management of the personal energy system,
mental stillness and concentration, minimizing your identification with the separate self,
thus strengthening the ability to tap into your transcendental self, and the ability to truly
create peace, joy, and bliss RIGHT NOW based on nothing but your true nature (as
opposed to basing these positive emotions on your future goals and expectation of
receiving them).

There is much more to understand about all this, but I am not able to share it all in a short
book like this one.

Mistake #4: Thinking What You Create Will Solve Your


This is a subtlety, but a very important subtlety to be aware of. You cannot use the law of
attraction as a means of solving your problems. Doing so will only backfire on you, and
cause you to spend time and effort without getting anywhere.

What I mean is that you cannot start attempting to manifest more money, with your
motivation being that youre drowned in debt and get a migraine every time you think
about your bills. You cannot manifest an amazing relationship out of the fact that you hate
being lonely all the time, and dont feel happy being single. You cant manifest your
dream job out of the dissatisfaction and stress you feel at your current job.

The law of attraction is not a method for solving problems. Its not the escape route from
the challenges that you are facing in your life.

Why? There are a few reasons.

One is that these dreams and desires you have require a consistent amount of positive
emotion; emotions like gratitude, wonder, joy, relaxation, peace of mind, and security.
These are not the emotions you are feeling when you are resisting what is currently going
on in your life. The very intention to manifest something positive can not be born of
resistance and negative emotion. It just doesnt work that way.

You must accept your life as it is NOW. There is no way to get around this. You may be
thinking, Well if I learn to be completely happy, at peace, and full of gratitude for what I
have right NOW, how am I going to have the motivation to manifest that new car, extra
money, new lover, etc.? Well thats a good question. If you find you no longer want or
need these things to be completely happy and content would that be a problem for you?
Sounds like you might save yourself some time and energy. Also sounds like those things
you might find you no longer need once you accept the now may have been more likely to
be ego desires than inspirational desires.

I want you to really think about this. Why is it that you want that fancy new thing, or that
beautiful woman/hunky guy, or that bigger, better home, or that higher paying job? Is it
not because you think it will make you happy? Is happiness not the ultimate goal? This is
where I think many people really get stuck with this whole manifestation mindset, because
its counterintuitive and irrational. It is not the situation, person, relationship, money,
circumstance that makes you happy. It is the opposite way around! The happiness, the joy,
the contentment, the gratitude is what creates the successful relationship, the more money,
the affordable vacation house in Spain.

I know youve already heard this, but it is important to really grasp this. You have to find
happiness first, and it has to be here in the NOW. It cant be in the future once ____, _____,
and _____ happens.

Youve probably heard/read that detachment and letting go are important ingredients to
manifestation. Well, this healthy detachment comes naturally from already being happy.
If youre already happy with your life, and at peace with all you have, the emotions that
you have about the things you are creating is quite different. Youre now creating because
youre really curious and interested in how it would be, because its fun, because youre
creating for the joy and fun of creation itself. Its a journey, an adventure, and it doesnt
really make or break anything whether youre successful or not. Because you know youll
be happy either way.

Now ask yourself if this is your attitude in your endeavors to create right now. Think about

But there is an even deeper layer that is important to understand about all this. When you
have a desire for something that is born out of resistance, born out of wanting things to be
different, what exactly is going on? This particular function of the human mind is quite
interesting, and quite delusional. This is ego at its finest.

Lets think about a few examples. Say your business is failing, and you want it to succeed.
So you start using the law of attraction to help it stop failing, and make some money again.
Say you are in a relationship with a verbally abusive, non-responsive, selfish, emotionally
unavailable partner, so you start using the law of attraction to bring a better relationship
into your life. Say you hate your job vehemently, so you start attempting to manifest a
better one.

It seems to make enough sense to do this right? But heres where people are tricking
themselves. Remember that whether you are doing it intentionally or not, you are always
creating. This is both the most freeing and the scariest thing about this law. You are 100%
responsible for everything that is happening in your life.

So take the example of the failing business. Who created the failure of the business? Im
afraid theres ultimately no one to point the finger at but yourself. Yeah it seems like its
the economy, the road construction, the changing trends, the competition; but ultimately,
YOU have created it as it is.

So does it make sense to try to fix one creation by creating something else as a fix? This is
a recipe for failure, and Ill tell you why. Every effort you make to create a fix to the
already manifested creation of your problem is only adding further energy to your
original creation of the problem. The fact that you have to create the fix in the first place is
a powerful affirmation of the reality of the problem. At this point, your energy and efforts
to fix your perceived problem begins to work against you.

In this situation, it is MUCH more effective to first learn to un-create the original
manifestation of chaos, lack, or failure. So how do you un-create something? Very simple,
by accepting and loving it as it is.

Love and acceptance are extensions of the most potent and powerful force in the entire
universe. They have the power to transmute negativity into positivity, limitation into
opportunity, resentment into reinforced loyalty and affection. In a way, accepting your life
as it is is re-creating it. You will see that when you do this, many of the issues and
problems that have been coming up over and over again seem to just magically disappear.
And you didnt have to make any affirmations, write any goals, or cut out any pictures from
magazines to put up on the wall.

You must learn to be happy, grateful, and at peace regardless of your current
circumstances. This doesnt mean that you have to be 100% happy every hour of every day,
but you need to be able to create these emotions on a daily basis, and with a high level of

This is where meditation becomes an absolutely crucial key. When it comes to generating
powerful positive emotion, meditation (the right kind of meditation) is the most effective
method there is. This is because meditation transcends the mind. The peace, joy, security,
and contentment that you experience in meditation will always completely trump
affirmations and visualizations because you are experiencing something that is beyond the
mind entirely. It is beyond thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. In fact, the experiences you
have in meditation are as powerful as they could possibly be, because they are more real
than anything you experience in the realm of rational mind. Their energy is infinite and
unlimited, coming from the absolute, which adds further power to your ability to manifest
(and do anything else for that matter).

Investing the time and effort to learn meditation, effective meditation, is also one of the
best things you can do to help recondition the mind to react with acceptance rather than
resistance. The same conscious willpower that is necessary to break the resistance habit
and cultivate the acceptance habit is the exact same mental muscle that is being flexed
every time you meditate.

Mistake #5: Creating From Ego Instead of Inspiration

The ego, or separate self, comprised of the intellectual conscious mind, the subconscious
mind, and much of the unconscious mind, has got nothing on your transcendental self (or
for practical purposes we will call it the superconscious mind). Theres just no comparison.
It is my opinion that many of the worlds most successful manifestors, whether they are
aware of it or not, are manifesting much more from their transcendental self than their
separate self. Of course the outward appearance could look exactly the same. The
conscious mind is still being used in the same way, to direct the vast amount of power
coming from the superconscious mind, but theres just a lot more power and purpose
behind it. The manifestations are more pure, more peaceful, more successful, and for some
reason, the subconscious and unconscious beliefs are so much more consistent and
congruent, so much more aligned with the goal.

This is a further description of why it is so important to first understand the missing link of
the big picture before moving on to affirmations, visualization, etc. One must tap into the
superconscious, spirit, Divinity, Oneness (all different words to describe the same thing)
FIRST in order to truly manifest the peace and success that their very soul is craving.

When creation comes from mere goals that have been thought up by the rational mind,
instead of goals that have come through inspiration and connection with Oneness, the
whole being is not congruent. The manifestation is not as effective (if its effective at all)
and even worse than that, even if the manifestation is successful, it doesnt bring you the
happiness you had expected it to. It just perpetuates the carousel of desire, and chasing that
desire with more goals, needing more of everything, more money, more love, more success,
more confidence, more charisma, more material objects.

You see, the very foundation of the separate self (which manifests itself as the rational
mind) is the need for MORE. This is its core. Thus, unless the rational mind is first tamed
through identification and connection with spirit, it will always manifest that need for more,
and you will never be fully satisfied, fully at peace.

When you are able to establish a consistent connection with your transcendental self, the
part of you that is at one with everything, your desires and goals come from inspiration.
They come from the part of you that knows what truly makes you happy, what your true
purpose is. They no longer come from things like stress, strife, dissatisfaction, or the desire
for more (stemming from the belief in not enough-ness).

These inspired desires manifest more easily, and create lasting happiness and peace.

There is a necessary amount of humility needed to do this. We must understand that what
we think of as ourselves, our rational, thinking mind, does not understand the bigger
picture. Rational mind doesnt know what is best for us in the long run, or what makes us
truly happy and at peace. We must learn to trust and surrender to Divinity, or God.

One of the greatest masters of manifestation, Jesus Christ, who raised a man from the dead,
healed several people of various ailments, fed a crowd with one loaf of bread, and calmed a
storm with his will, understood this perfectly:

Not my will, but thy will be done.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God (the kingdom of God being interpreted as your
connection to Oneness), and all these things shall be added unto you.

As I talk about regularly, the greatest key to tapping into your transcendental self is through
meditation, along with a specific direction of your thoughts. This is one of the most crucial
steps to the formula of manifestation. This is also one of the greatest purposes of my
program, The Missing Link.

Mistake #6: Creatively Avoiding Practical Action

This ties in to the fast food approach of magical thinking. The idea that we can just sit and
imagine what we want with out thoughts and get whatever we want in life can definitely
appeal to people who dont want to take action. It can definitely appeal to people who feel
like they dont have the time, courage, energy, ability, or (name your limitation here) to
actually go out there and get what they want.

So, to be clear, there is nothing in the law of attraction that says you dont have to ACT.
Sometimes there will be certain experiences where things seem to just show up. Maybe
someone knocks on the door, a friend you havent seen for a long time, and hands you
some money that theyve owed you for years. Maybe a situation just mysteriously
disappears, or appears out of nowhere. These things do happen, but in order for you to
TRULY get what you want specifically with this law, it is absolutely necessary for you to
MOVE towards that goal.

It can be very easy to use the law of attraction as a means to dupe yourself into thinking
youre moving towards the goal when youre not. This will most often come up when you
are pushing up against a comfort barrier. Perhaps you may know that your next step is to
go out and start public speaking. But youre very uncomfortable and nervous about public
speaking, so instead of going out there and doing it, you decide to stay at home and
visualize your goals. Or perhaps you make affirmations about feeling empowered and at
ease on stage. You may even buy a hypnosis audio about public speaking.

To a certain extent these ways of creatively avoiding action can help, but they will only
help you eventually take the same step that needed to be taken before you did them. There
is a certain amount of inescapability of the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Really I like to think that the mind will manifest opportunities. But it is still our
responsibility to reach out and take them. Often times the law of attraction will bring what
we want right in front of our faces, the game plan, the possibility, the knowledge that we
are able to do what needs to be done, and all the people and circumstances we need to
succeed. But it wont open up our palms for us and close our hands around the final goal.
The law of attraction is not an enabler. It doesnt just want you to have what you want, it
wants you to grow into being the person that has the things you want.

First you must accept that you still have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to
get the things you really want. You will never avoid personal growth by using
manifestation. Personal growth is a key ingredient to living a happy successful life. Its a
part of the manifestation process.

Keep yourself in check. Ask yourself regularly, Is there any action that I am avoiding
right now? Always be thinking about what your next step is, and put one foot in front of
the other. Learn to continually push yourself. Live on the edge. Lean past your boundaries
and watch them stretch. If you have mapped out a game plan, or a goal map of all the steps
you need to take, DONT HESITATE! Jump in there. Let yourself fail, make a fool of
yourself, fall down, take risks. This is the way my friend. Nobody ever got anywhere by
waiting until they had all their ducks in a row. The ducks will never all be in a row, and
youll just end up making more and more excuses about why now is not the time to act.
Learn as you go. Ready, Fire, Aim!

One great exercise for learning to act when necessary is to hold yourself accountable for
taking just one step of action a day. It may be a phone call, some research or studying. It
could be going to the state building and applying for a business license. Whatever the step
is, take one each day. You cant help but move forward if you keep at it.

Missing Keys to the Art of Manifestation

Weve now talked about some of the greatest set backs and misconceptions to using the
law of attraction. Understanding and eliminating these mistakes will change the way you
manifest life forever.

But aside from mistakes and misconceptions, there are also key components, necessary
ingredients that are missing from most LOA information. Developing and honing the
skills that I am about to share with you below will change the game for you, and give you
personal power that you may not have even imagined could be yours. These are truly the
missing keys to mastering the art of manifesting your life exactly as you want it to be.

As a side note, developing these abilities will also improve any other area of your life,
whether it be your relationships, your level of attraction to the opposite sex, your energy
level and physical health, your creativity, your luck, or your material success in the
business world. These are truly keys to the game of life.

Subtle Energy Management

You will often find energy work and energetic management techniques in the same
category as the law of attraction. Some teachers will interweave it into their method for
applying it. But this subject really deserves to be in its own category. As a stand-alone
skill, management and control of your own energetic system is a necessary skill to learn as
a preliminary to attempting to manifest ideal circumstances and outcomes.
Why? Because your energy field, the flow of your electromagnetic energy through the
different channels, chakras, etc. of the body is always constantly manifesting on its own
accord. The vibration of your energy field, the different flows, blockages, balances or
imbalances of your personal energy system are variables in the manifestation of your life.

This energy affects your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being, but it also affects
your resonance with the universe and matter in your external world. If this energy is off,
blocked, or out of balance, you could be thinking all the right thoughts, and even feeling
good regularly, but you will still have difficulty manifesting positive outcomes. In fact,
you will be a lot more likely to manifest these blocks and imbalances directly into your
experience of life, sometimes almost instantly, and in exact holographic correlation to the
particular block you have inside of yourself. Remember, the external world is simply a
reflection of your internal world.

One of the largest benefits that comes from energetic balance and management is the
feeling of what some may call luck. A healthy and balanced energetic system is in
harmony and resonance with its environment, giving you a tremendous amount of flow
and effortlessness in your day to day life. Opportunities present themselves more easily,
people respond to you and relate to you better, synchronicity happens, and situations seem
to work themselves out more easily. Getting this area of your life under control and into
balance helps everything else fall effortlessly into place.

Specifically when I say energy management, I am talking about learning to clear energetic
blocks and balance the chakras, channels, meridians, and aura. I am also talking about
learning to direct its flow so you can send it up into the higher chakras, where your
awareness can be enhanced, and the full potential of your mind can be harnessed. Also,
just as importantly I am talking about learning how to minimize any unnecessary
expenditure of this energy and to alternately collect and bring in more of this energy into
the system, so it can be used to more powerfully manifest matter and reality.

One crucial step in achieving this type of control is purifying the nervous system, as it is a
central part of the entire energy system of the human body.

All of these goals can be achieved through certain breathing techniques, yogic practices,
and other physical and mental disciplines. In fact, in a nutshell, everything I am talking
about here is included in the pathway of Raja Yoga.

Mental Focus and Stillness

Being able to silence and focus the mind ties directly into energy management, as it is THE
MOST POWERFUL way to both bring more energy into the system and minimize
unnecessary expenditure of this powerful energy. The more idle thoughts, emotional
reactions, and unnecessary intellectualization we have, the more energy we are using, and
the more scattered this energetic expenditure is. Every single thought we have is the
building block of a physical manifestation. Most people are very out of control in their
thinking, with almost little ability at all to control, direct, and silence their thoughts. This
results in all of their energy being spent scattered into many little, different building
blocks of unconscious, unintended manifestations, when it could be focused and
harnessed instead into one single, fully manifested experience that one consciously

In my experience, this is the most important missing link to the law of attraction. Before
we start using affirmations, visualizing, and writing goals, we must have learned to harness
the mind fully. We must have the ability to completely silence it. To basically stop
expending our precious energy on creating things we dont really want, while alternately
being able to focus this reservoir of energy on what we want with pinpoint precision; to be
able to give our total being and full 100% attention to the creation of what we want without

The absolute best way to learn this skill is, again, through meditation. Meditation is the
development of this skill. Each time you sit down to meditate, you are both collecting and
saving energy, and you are also learning to do it better and better each time you practice.
The more you are able to do this, the more and more energy you build up, and the greater
your manifestation power becomes. You have more firepower to instantly and quickly
create. This extra energy also begins to overflow into the physical body, giving you better
health and more balanced emotions. There is an inertia that begins to build, and a snowball
effect occurs where your energy becomes more and more focused, and you can retain and
collect more and more. This naturally begins to manifest more positive outcomes in your
life, which only builds upon itself further to help you manifest even better outcomes into
the future. The benefits of becoming a master in this area cannot be over exaggerated.

The greatest power that exists in reality is non-linear. It is our birthright to connect with
this power and use it to create our world. Yet, these non-linear energies are completely
outside the realm of the rational mind. The only way for us to tap into this miraculous and
infinite energy is to silence, sidestep, or transcend the rational mind through meditation and
other mental techniques.


Your greatest obstacle, your largest limitation in your ability to create your world, to
perform miracles even, is your attachment to your individualized self (most commonly
referred to as the ego). It is this individual, separate self that constructs all the themes of
limitation, fear, pain, struggle, and lack in your life. You do not need to completely, 100%
transcend this limited self to manifest effectively, but you must learn to detach from it, to
loosen your hold on it, to at least be able to give yourself a break from it when you choose.

Many people, even very spiritual, loving, and humble people, are walking around fully
believing themselves to be their separate individual self. This is a paradigm that requires a
great deal of self-awareness, self-scrutiny, and self-honesty to become aware of, let alone
shift or overcome. But until this paradigm is seen for what it is, an illusion, it is nearly
impossible to truly experience emotions like total satisfaction, peace of mind,
unconditional love, and power.

Once one does transcend their identity of being separate, they automatically begin to
perceive their true reality, being at one with the whole, being limitless, being Love, and
Peace. Though this may sound like a nice spiritual day-dream, the experience is actually
very real, completely concrete, and it is this experience that is the true cornerstone to
consistent positive emotions, and their manifestation into desirable circumstances, objects,
and relationships.

This is the deepest level that can be worked with in this journey. It is deeper even than
beliefs, or unconscious programming. The beliefs and programming follow this. Even
making a slight shift at this level causes a rippling effect out to all the other levels: beliefs,
emotions, thoughts, etc. So not only is this the most important level to address, its also the
fastest way to get results.

Access to Deep Meditative States

As you have probably noticed, all of these missing keys that I have shared with you are
interrelated. They all compliment and enhance each other. And they all have a common
denominator: meditation and mental control.

In order to meditate deeply, and reach states of mental stillness and focus, it is important to
be able to balance and work with the subtle energy system. And this mental focus and
stillness is crucial to be able to start addressing the level of identity. In fact, if you cannot
still your mind, you will never truly be able to experience the reality of your true self. The
two go hand in hand.

Once you have been able to reach a state of mental stillness, and maintain an even focus of
awareness in meditation, the doorway has been opened for you to begin to access the
deeper states within your own awareness. It is within these deeper states that you begin to
develop more mystical abilities, and tap into your full mental potential.

It is also in these deeper states that your intentions, visualizations, commands, and
messages penetrate into the parts of your mind that hold your powers of manifestation.

There is an immense difference between focusing on what you want to create in a normal,
active brainwave state, and focusing on what you want in a centered, focused, deeper
brainwave state. You can almost imagine that in between your waking day-to-day
awareness and your vast unconscious mind is a chain link fence. When you are wide
awake, active, and mentally scattered, the links in this fence are woven very tightly, so
nothing can make it through. As the mind focuses, and the body relaxes, and the brain
begins to drop into the states of alpha, theta, and even delta, the links in this fence become
wider and wider, and more and more of the information, intention, commands, and signals
from your conscious awareness are able to penetrate deep into the unconscious, where they
can be manifested at full potential.

In the past, these deeper brainwave states were largely inaccessible to the average Joe. But
our breakthroughs in the technology of brainwave entrainment has taken something that
used to take years and years of disciplined practice and given it to anyone that has the
willingness to close their eyes and listen to a pair of headphones for 20-60 minutes. Its
downright amazing when you really think about it.

In Conclusion
So it is my hope that this information has opened some new doors for you. So how are you
going to apply this in your life?

I urge you to take action! There will never be a better time than now to begin to master this
amazing ability, and the key skills that make conscious manifestation a real possibility.
Take some time every day to still your mind and focus. Flex the mental muscle and watch
it develop. Study methods for transcending your separate ego so you can learn to see
yourself as unlimited, at peace, and infinitely abundant. You will be amazed at what
manifests from that mindstate.

I am here to help you on this journey in any way that I can. I have worked very hard to put
a program together that is meant to help you quickly and powerfully develop the very skills
I have mentioned in this book, with the most minimal amount of effort possible. Never
before have these tools and resources made it so easy for us to reach out and grasp our full

I really want you to be able to have it all: that perfect relationship with someone special, as
much money as you will ever need, a job or profession that you love, and, most importantly,
a feeling of peace and satisfaction with your life as a whole.

I urge you to visit this link ( ) and check out my program the Missing Link.
You will never find anything else like this, conveniently laid out for you step by step, with
all the techniques necessary to master the essence of the important variables to this process
that I have outlined in this book (ie: mental silence and focus, energy management,
identification with the transcendental self). The Missing Link targets the deepest level, the
very foundation of the part of your mind that is responsible for creating your world.
Because of this, you achieve results on ALL levels of the mind with every practice, every
step you take in the program. Not only does this fundamental process enable you to more
fully master the art of intentional manifestation, but it also clears a HUGE amount of
mental junk out of your mind and enables it to AUTOMATICALLY manifest positive
outcomes, harmonious relationships, monetary opportunities, and all the other things that
make YOU as an individual happy and successful.
As always, I am available at any time to answer your questions, and would love to hear
your feedback. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Until our next connection, much love, and cheers to your success!

-Ashton A.