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To: Kimberly Marchesseault

From: Warren Baker
Date: 9/28/2017
Subject: Personal Brand Narrative

Over the last several weeks I have conducted multiple personality surveys to identify my
personality style and traits. With a clearer understanding of my personality from these surveys I
found that I will work well in companies which foster collaborative environments and embrace
assertiveness. This memo will give you an understanding of who I am, my key values,
personality style and brand. Below is a summative analysis of the survey results and
correlations I observed between them.

Analytical Personality Style

The PeopleStyle assessment identified me as having an analytical personality style. As an
analytic, I am a person who is detail oriented, structured, orderly and conservative in nature.
Similarly, all the responses from the Leadership Style survey given to my previous colleagues
identified me as an analytic. The outcomes of both surveys further solidified my assumptions of
having an analytical personality style.

Evaluating the results of my CareerLeader assessment, I found a strong correlation between the
assessment and both surveys said above. My scores for collaboration and consideration,
extroversion and decisiveness, and precision and planning fell in the middle spectrum. The
survey indicated that I have a very low score in innovation and change. From these results it can
be reasoned that I:

Embrace assertiveness and a certain level of internal competition

Prefer precise, logical and careful examination of current situations
Accept change or innovation if, if sufficient data supports motives

These results closely align with my analytical personality style substantiated in the People Style
survey. From previous life experiences and self-awareness, I am confident that these styles
accurately portray me. As well as my analytical personality, my values and characteristics also
contribute to who I am.

Values and Characteristics

Reviewing the LeaderShip survey, I noticed repetition in key values describing my personality.
The most common attributes my coworkers used when describing me are:

These attributes show a concurring theme from all the participants in the survey. I try to live
every day with these values and treat each person I encounter with respect and kindness.

Communication Tools
All the participants of the survey stated that that I keep in contact with them through phone,
email or text. I stay in contact with many of my past connections through these forms of
communication to continue to build valuable and genuine relationships.

From this assignment I found that my personality style will blend well in organizations that
value collaboration, assertiveness and internal competition. Now while searching for future
employment opportunities I can seek organizations with similar culture styles and attributes.
Also from this assignment, I developed a deeper understanding of my analytical personality
style and how it influences my perceptions of the world around me. This understanding will
help me to interact with persons who have both similar and different personality styles in the

I now have a better understanding of my personality style, values and personal brand. I have an
analytic personality style which focuses on logical assessments of current situations and a
reluctance to accept change or innovation that is not backed by reliable data. The key values I
express in my day to day interactions are honesty, kindness and patience. I hope this has given
you some insight as to who I am a person. If you have any other questions after reading this
analysis feel free to send me an email at