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December 6, 1994

NASA SELECTS PROJECTS FOR COMMERCIAL REMOTE SENSING NASA has selected eight projects which could lead to new private sector applications of space-based and airborne sensing technologies. Named EOCAP '94, for Earth Observations CommercialApplications Program 1994, the projects represent the fourth cycle in a continuing program designed to increase a broader use of NASA-developed technology for gathering and analyzing valuable information about Earth and ocean resources through remote satellite or aircraft observations. EOCAP is sponsored by NASA's Office of Space Access and Technology and is managed by the Commercial Remote Sensing Program Office at the John C. Stennis Space Center, MS. NASA's investment with these eight companies will total approximately $4.5 million over three years. The companies' investments over this same time period will be approximately $12.3 million. The role of EOCAP in commercial activities is to provide financial and technical support to companies for a limited time in areas of remote sensing activities where there is substantial market risk in matching science and technology with commercial demand. EOCAP supports technical, market and business innovation to develop new products/services that serve emerging domestic and international markets. Winning proposals, in addition to high technical competence, typically exhibit: strong business and marketing plans; product advisory boards to guide the product/service development; and substantial financial commitments to the projects by the companies.

-more-2The eight projects selected for negotiation are expected to lead to one-year funding cooperative agreements, with options to extend funding up to two additional years. The EOCAP solicitation is open to U.S. companies of all sizes. Six of the eight EOCAP '94 companies are categorized as small businesses. The EOCAP ' 94 projects are: Model Supported Data Exploitation of Hyperspectral Imagery, proposed by investigators affiliated with Photon Research Associates, Inc., La Jolla, CA; Commercial Production and Real Time Access of High Resolution Geographic Data, proposed by investigators affiliated with Hammon Jensen Wallen and Associates, Oakland, CA; Windstar: Satellite Derived Marine Wind Forecasts for Commercial Television Weather Broadcasts, proposed by investigators affiliated with User Systems, Inc., Chesapeake Beach, MD; Precision Data Products from Digital Airborne Topographics Imaging System, proposed by investigators affiliated with Eagle Scan Inc., Boulder, CO; The Development of Desktop Mapping Software Package Integrating Vector Display, Raster GIS Analysis and RS Change Detection, proposed by investigators affiliated with ERDAS, Inc., Atlanta, GA; User Installable Airborne Imagery Collection System for Cost Sensitive Applications, proposed by investigators affiliated with TASC, Ft. Walton, FL; GEODESY: Geography Development, An Educational System for Youth, proposed by investigators affiliated with Berkeley Geo Research Groups, Orinda, CA; and, Quantification of Impacts on Wildlife Resources, proposed by

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