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Fecha: Thursday November 2 , 2017
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1. Through an extended review, elaborate a summary where you

explain why the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
were founded. Investigate their starting dates and their global

World Bank: Established in 1944 the World Bank has extended to a

nearly related gathering of five advancement foundations. Initially, its
advances rebuild nations crushed by World War II. In time, the
concentration moved from recreation to advancement, with a substantial
accentuation on framework, for example, dams, electrical networks,
water system frameworks, and streets. With the establishing of the
International Finance Corporation in 1956, the foundation wound up
plainly ready to loan to privately owned businesses and money related
organizations in creating nations. What's more, the establishing of the
International Development Association in 1960 put more prominent
accentuation on the poorest nations, some portion of a relentless move
toward the destruction of neediness turning into the Bank Group's
essential objective. The consequent dispatch of the International Center

for Settlement of Investment Disputes and the Multilateral Investment

Guarantee Agency additionally balanced the Bank Group's capacity to
interface worldwide money related assets to the necessities of creating

Today the Bank Group's work touches almost every segment that is vital
to battling neediness, supporting financial development, and
guaranteeing maintainable picks up in the nature of individuals' lives in
creating nations.

IMF: From first July to 22nd July 1944, 730 representatives from 44
unified countries met at the Mount Washington Hotel. The inn is situated
in Bretton Woods, State of New Hampshire, United States. The current
issue was the direction of post war worldwide fiscal, and reestablishing
money related request. The essential civil argument was between the
United Kingdom and the United States assignments. The verbal
confrontation was about the idea of the considered association.

The British assignment needed a store that could help all the part
countries monetarily, however just amid crises or times of emergency.
Then again, the United States assignment needed a foundation that
could work like a bank.

It needed consent for part nations to get cash for a wide range of
purposes. Of course, the cash would be obtained as an advance, and
would need to be reimbursed in a predefined time allotment. At last, the
United States movement was acknowledged.

2. Share a reflection in the forum about the effect of globalization,

including the links, readings or videos that made you better
understand this event, mentioning how positively and negatively
impacts on the following aspects:


Technological Innovations Expanded rivalry from globalization fortifies

new innovation advancement, especially with the development in FDI,
which enhances financial yield by making forms more proficient.

Economic of Scale - Globalization empowers substantial organizations to

acknowledge economies of scale that diminish expenses and costs,
which thusly underpins promote financial development, in spite of the fact
that this can hurt numerous independent companies endeavoring to
contend locally.

Foreign Direct Investment - Tends to increment at a substantially more

prominent rate that the development in world exchange, helping support
innovation exchange, modern rebuilding, and the development of
worldwide organizations.

Transportation - Globalization has enabled makers to trade items all

around the globe. The way that products need to travel up until this point,
be that as it may, has decreased sending costs. Also, expanded interest
for transportation has impelled development, for example,
containerization, that has additionally decreased delivering costs.

Decreased Employment- The deluge of remote organizations into

creating nations builds work in numerous divisions, particularly for gifted
laborers. In any case, enhancements in innovation accompany the new
organizations and that innovation spreads to residential organizations.
Computerization in the assembling and farming divisions diminishes the
requirement for incompetent work and joblessness ascends in those
segments. In the event that there is no foundation to help the jobless
prepare for the globalized economy, social administrations in the nation
may end up noticeably stressed endeavoring to watch over the new

Widening Disparity in Incomes - While an inundation of remote

organizations and outside capital makes a diminishment in general
joblessness and destitution, it can likewise expand the wage hole

between the individuals who are instructed and the individuals who are
most certainly not. Over the more extended term, instruction levels will
ascend as the monetary strength of creating nations rise, however for the
time being, a portion of the poor will wind up plainly poorer. Not every
person will take an interest in a rise of expectations for everyday


Legislative issues can occur over the state through political mix plans, for
example, the European Union and through intergovernmental
associations, for example, the International Monetary Fund, the World
Bank and the World Trade Organization. Political action can likewise rise
above national fringes through worldwide developments and NGOs.
Common society associations act globally by framing collusions with
associations in different nations, utilizing worldwide correspondences
frameworks, and campaigning universal associations and different
performers specifically, rather than working through their national

Because of the globalization of governmental issues, it is feasible for

associations to work at a level that supersedes the state by means of
political coordination plans, states Global Policy. The biggest cases of
this are the United Nations and the European Union. Other incorporated
associations incorporate the International Monetary Fund, the World
Bank and the World Trade Organization. Nongovernmental associations

additionally follow up on the global government arrange without having a

place with a particular government. Worldwide correspondence
frameworks are the impetus for this development.

Globalization of legislative issues is additionally separated into a few

subsets, which incorporate the globalization of economy, the
globalization of culture and the globalization of law. The globalization of
economy has brought about the biggest free market history has seen,
because of advances in innovation, correspondence and worldwide
approach, as per Global Policy. There are various global money related
foundations that don't have a place with a particular nationality. This
offers extraordinary aids to speculators, yet it comes at a high cost to
neighborhood workers inside every nation.

Challenges to national sovereignty and identity - Hostile to globalism

activists regularly portray the McDonald's, Disney, and Coca-Cola
companies as specialists of globalism or social governmentanother
type of financial and political mastery. Faultfinders of globalism contend
that any business venture equipped for controlling individual tastes will
flourish, while state experts wherever will lose control over the
conveyance of merchandise and enterprises. National limits are
progressively porous and any exertion by countries to reject worldwide
popular culture normally makes the restricted protests all the more

Anti-globalism movements and the Internet - Globalism coordinators

are found all through the world, not slightest in numerous administration
associations. They are regularly among the world's most inventive and
modern clients of Internet innovation. This is doubly unexpected, on the
grounds that even as NGOs challenge the impacts of globalization, they
display a considerable lot of the qualities of a worldwide, transnational
subculture; the Internet, also, is one of the vital instruments that makes
globalization plausible and sorted out dissents against it conceivable.


Investment and Capital Flows - A great deal of organizations have

straightforwardly put resources into creating nations like Brazil and India
by beginning generation units, yet what we likewise need to see is the
measure of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that streams into the
creating nations. Organizations which perform well draw in a
considerable measure of outside venture and subsequently push up the
save of remote trade.

Improves quality of our life and brings high standard of living - We

can feel that our life turns out to be more present day, more agreeable
than it was in the past when each of us get higher compensation, shorter
work hours and better open administrations. Globalization influences
nations to end up plainly nearer. We can influence companions, to get
data effectively, and watch many societies from over the world through
the advancement of web. The Internet fundamentally makes the world a
littler place.

Spread of Culture - The world that we live in today is an after effect of a

few societies meeting up. Individuals of one culture, if open, tend to see
the defects in their way of life and get values that are more right or tuned
in to the circumstances. Social orders have turned out to be bigger as
they have invited individuals of different human advancements and
foundations and made a radical new culture of their own. Cooking styles,
dialects, and traditions have spread all because of globalization. The

same can be said in regards to motion pictures, melodic styles, and other
works of art. They too have moved starting with one nation then onto the
next, leaving an impact on a culture which has received them.

Spread of Education - Today, you can move in the pursuit of the best
instructive offices on the planet, with no deterrent. A man living in U.S.
can go to another mainland for another experience which he may not
discover in his nation of origin. In the event that one is intrigued, one can
even get a specialization in subjects not indigenous to his nation and
after that spread that information to the nation of origin. A decent case of
that is the manner by which the American supervisors went to Japan to
take in the accepted procedures in the field of large scale manufacturing
and joined that information in their own particular generation units.


Jobs - Globalization has the one of a kind capacity to both make and
crush occupations. Growing generation or operations can regularly bring
about new employment positions being made, which is certainly gainful
to the economy. On the other hand, working all around likewise opens
the organization up to new wellsprings of less expensive work, which
brings about existing representatives losing occupations because of
outsourcing. Innovation regularly prompts less hands on occupations
since machines and robotized methodology can supplant workers at a
small amount of the cost.

Brain Drain - The points of interest for talented laborers are enhanced
instruction, better advances, expanded pay and an enhanced personal
satisfaction. The issue with cerebrum deplete is that poor and creating

nations are missing out on potential pay that could be picked up if these
specialists stayed in their own particular nation.

Information Technology - Bring news and information about current

events to people all over the globe. Its possible in this days know news
about the current situation of other country on the other side of the world
allowing people to help in case of a tragedy.

Information and communication technology- The web and the

improvement of advanced innovation, have had the most critical effect in
the field of data and correspondence innovation in the previous decade.


Brenda Escamilla Tercero


For me, globalization is development and it has pros and cons like
everything in this world, it allows us to be connected and unify the

In the economics I think you can see the cons because the powers are
the only ones that benefit from globalization and they use the poor
countries to develop more, you can see separation of classes.

In politics it has reduce war with years because it relates with money and
now wars and politics are more of power and money than territory and
blood n stuff.

Society actually has benefit from globalization because people is

healthier and they are more educated and have a better rate of human
development, f course you can see the benefits more marked in the
power countries.

In technology it is all about connecting the world and communicate

between us.

I think that if you have a scientific perspective of the world globalization is

good, because it is human nature and craving knowledge


You got a pretty interest point of view

There is a bad, good and ugly side of Globalization:

Good - The efficient and opportunities open markets create. Easy credit
and rising leverage, as money flows easily across local and national
boundaries, and creditors fail to distinguish between good and bad

Bad - The new risks and uncertainties brought about by the high degree
of integration of domestic and local markets, intensification of
competition, high degree of imitation, price and profit swings, and
business and product destruction.

Ugly - Escape the vicious cycle of income and employment declines

through simultaneous currency devaluations; and by raising trade
barriers that in essence put an end to globalization and a beginning to
trade wars

If you want to get deep details about the information mention below
check the next reference:

Panos Mourdoukoutas. (2011). The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side
of Globalization. 1 November 2017, from Forbes Web Site:

Carlos Gerardo Bentes Salgado


Globalization makes more efficient the trading, increases the competition

between the markets.

Culturally talking, other countries have the chance to know a little more
the culture for each place because of its products and internet services
that allows us to see other peoples videos in their country showing us
whats typical

The Foreign Direct Investment helps to increase the world trade,

boosting the technology transfer, industrial restructuring and growth of
companies, this affects the technology a lot by improving the economic

Countries can also know other ways to run a country, politicians can
make deals more easily and try to improve their country to make
competition to others.


What is the importance of globalization?

Globalization increases opportunities for companies to expand

operations in foreign markets. Also Government leaders are able to
communicate about ways to mutually improve economic conditions and
share in the positive economic results. Openness between governments
and industry leaders contributes to shared knowledge and resources.
among many other reasons.

You make find useful this page to understand better the importance of

Neil Kokemuller. (2013). Why has Globalization Become So Important? 1

November 2017, from Chron Web Site: