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To whom it may concern,

Through this letter, I would like to express my motivation to take a part in nursing lerning
process at University College Lillebaelt (UCL) Denmark.

i am Rini Novianti, Student of Bachelor of Nursing, Health Collage of Kepanjen, Malang,

Indonesia. I am applying this program because I would like to expand my education and have
experience about learning atmosphere in there which has high standart in research about health
and as we know that experience is the best teacher. In the future I want to a profesional nurse, so
I need to enrich my education background and deepen my understanding about nursing I
interested in. When I am in appenticehip period, my patients come from different area and
different culture in malang, east java. By being the participant of this program, I am sure that it
can increase my understanding about culture by meet with new people, living in a completely
different environment, experiencing cultural and educational differences and learning to deal
with them are difficulties I will meet while living in Indonesia. It also give me perfect
opportunity to share my cultures and tradition with student from other country. In this case, this
program is contributing to my future goals.

In addition to my studies I also engage in various extracurricular activities that I specifically

chose according to my interests and the effect they would have on my soft skills. I like to work in
team, being a part of discussion and handling event. Since 2013, i have joined in some
organization. They are hidamasda (as coordinator of departemen of sport and health) , indonesia
red cross (as member) and english club conversation (as coordinator of reading division).
Hidamasda is mosque organization which has emphasis in education and social prosperity. In
departement of sport and health, i responsible to handle all of activity which help every people to
check up their health. Because of that, until now, i and my friend is believed to conduct the
goverment program (POSBINDU) for searching risk factor of diabetes, high blood pressure,
cervix cancer, rheumatoid artrithis and any others.

I have made a choice, I shall use this chance to get a good education abroad. As result, it
motivates me to strive for my brilliant future and I have come to the idea that I want to be
exchange student of an academic mobility.

There was wise word chance will not come twice, so, i will do the best i can i still have time
and with opportunity which has given to me. It will be my honor if i can be the participant of this
program and i will di the best during my study

Thats all from me. Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your
positive response.


Rini Novianti