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My name is.. Since a child, I have cherished the dream to be an international manager. Therefore, I
choose to pursue the Master Program in Business Administration (MBA). The chance to study in Taiwan would
bring me closer to my dream and mark a wonderful milestone in my life.

Motivation to apply for the scholarship and study in Taiwan

The fact that Taiwan has been emerging as an eminent educational gateway and been long a significant trade and
investment partner of Vietnam has inspired me to apply for this scholarship. Undeniably, Taiwans education has,
over the past decades, been reaching international standards and created brilliant human resources. With one-
hundred-percentage English-taught programs, Taiwan has attracted students from all over the world, creating
wonderful international environment and intriguing me to come and study. Besides, the country is an ideal place to
enrich my cultural experience and Taiwanese languages. More importantly, Taiwan is currently the fourth biggest
investor and a strategic trading partner of Vietnam, which create more opportunities for me to explore and support
the relationship between our two nations. Last but not least, ranked at 243th worldwide by QS World University
Rankings 2016-2017 with The School of Management of Taiwan Tech being the first technical institution to hold
AACSB Accreditation in Taiwan, NTUST would create an ideal studying environment, especially for international
student like me.

Detailed study plan

An MBA normally lasts for two years with English-taught design. During this period, I will put great concentration
on strengthening knowledge in non-banking sectors, managerial skills, strategic thinking, innovation, research
capability, linguistic competence and international network.

As regards the first, as a banker, I have not had chance to work for a trading or manufacturing corporation, an MBA
would provide me with insights of entrepreneurs. Particularly, MBA curriculum covers Marketing, Production,
Technology, Human, Information Management and Management Science, which not only unlock my potentials in
new fields but also enhance my better understanding of banking client management.

Also, other subjects concerning Turbulence Management, International Industry Trend and Management, Open
Innovation and Field Verification, Data and Decision, Leadership and Communication etc. would place a strong
platform for me to become an excellent innovative leader, decision maker and critical thinker relative to change
management and international business. Through lectures, case studies, group discussions and projects work, my
academic and business skills will be diversified and systemized.

Furthermore, it is a great chance to immerse myself in improving business research capability. Especially, in the
second year, I will work on graduation thesis and degree defense. Taking advantage of invaluable knowledge from
the first year, advanced theories in finance and investment from CFA program and six-year experience in banking
trade financing, I would choose to do research in entrepreneurial cross-border investments or trading strategies,
especially between Taiwan and Vietnam. Via researches, I will get familiar with computer applications, quantitative
methods and sharpen my analytical skills. Thanks to the long-established trading and investment data base, during
studying, I can test hypothesis, look for new trends, develop theories and exchange ideas to promote and strengthen
our development and partnership.

Moreover, in Taiwan, I have chance to refresh my Mandarin and learn other Taiwanese to diversify my linguistic
competencies. With an international environment, I would put effort in building up network with professors, local
people and overseas friends to accumulate multi-cultural. In free time, I will also do part-time to job to get
international business experience.

My plan after study

After graduation, I will return Vietnam to act an excellent leader/manager to contribute to our national prosperity.
Also, I will act as an ambassador of your program to promote the educational and economic exchanges between two

In conclusion, I heartedly treasure the opportunity to study in Taiwan. It is not only an invaluable chance for me to
experience one of the Asian leading education systems but also a great leap in achieving my goal to become an
outstanding leader in business. During studying time, I can deepen my knowledge in management, apply theories in
a modern business environment and cultivate my research skills. Also, Taiwanese will enrich my linguistic caliber
which is an advantage to get insights of global economy. The chance to exchange with international friends would
also provide new ideas to develop our country as well.