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Curriculum- Graduate Diploma Level

Field of Specialization
Categ Credit Load Civil Electrical Electronics/ Mechanical
ory Engineering Engineering Computer/T Engineering
GPA NGP elecom.
A Engineering

4.0 MN5001 MN5001 MN5001 MN5001

Graduate 4.0 HM5001 HM5001 HM5001 HM5001
Diploma 4.0 CE5010 EE5002 EC5010 ME5001
Level CC/FC 4.0 EE5003 ME5002
4.0 EE5004 ME5003
4.0 EE5010 ME5004
4.0 ME5010
Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum
4.0 5 from 2 from 5 from 1 from
4.0 MA5001 MA5001 MA5001 MA5001
4.0 CE5001 EC5008 EC5001 ME5005
FE 4.0 CE5002 EC5001 EC5002 ME5006
4.0 CE5003 EC5004 EC5003 ME5007
4.0 CE5004 EE5001 EC5004 EE5001
4.0 CE5005 EC5005
4.0 CE5006 EC5006
4.0 CE5007 EC5007
Total 32 _
CC-Common Compulsory FE-Field Electives FC-Field compulsory

Total of 32 credits (GPA) including all Field compulsory (FC) subjects should be
successfully completed to award of Engineering Graduate Diploma.

Module Category Credit load Title of the module


MN5001 CC 4.0 Management III

HM5001 CC 4.0 Humanities II
MA5001 FE 4.0 Engineering Mathematics IV
CE5001 FE 4.0 Structural steel design
CE5002 FE 4.0 Computational Mechanics
CE5003 FE 4.0 Irrigation Engineering
CE5004 FE 4.0 Highway and Traffic Engineering
CE5005 FE 4.0 Advanced Structural Design
CE5006 FE 4.0 Concrete Technology

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CE5007 FE 4.0 Coastal and Port Engineering
CE5010 FC 4.0 Individual Project
EC5008 FE 4.0 Operating Systems II
EC5001 FE 4.0 Embedded Systems
EC5004 FE 4.0 System Design and Administration
EE5001 FE 4.0 Control Systems II
EE5002 FC 4.0 High Voltage Engineering
EE5003 FC 4.0 Energy Systems
EE5004 FC 4.0 Power Electronics
EE5010 FC 4.0 Individual Project
EC5002 FE 4.0 Communication Systems
EC5003 FE 4.0 Digital Signal Processing
EC5005 FE 4.0 Software Engineering
EC5006 FE 4.0 Database Management Systems
EC5007 FE 4.0 Computer Security
EC5010 FC 4.0 Individual Project
ME5001 FC 4.0 Automobile Engineering
ME5002 FC 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Systems
ME5003 FC 4.0 Product Design
ME5004 FC 4.0 Industrial Engineering
ME5005 FE 4.0 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
ME5006 FE 4.0 Heat Transfer
ME5007 FE 4.0 Mechatronics
ME5010 FC 4.0 Individual Project

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