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Learning activity 2 / Actividad de aprendizaje 2

/ Evidencia: Cuidando el planeta

In this evidence, you will have to record an audio file suggesting solutions for
the rubbish problem. Use should, must and the semi-modal have to in the
answer. / En esta evidencia, usted deber grabar un archivo de audio
sugiriendo soluciones para el problema de las basuras. Use should, must y el
semi-modal have to en la respuesta.

Example / Ejemplo:
Rubbish is a big problem in our society. I suggest that people should recycle
materials. We should recycle paper, plastic bottles, batteries, and other
materials that are reusable. We have to take care of our planet. We have to
save water, electricity and other natural resources. We must love our nature
and take care of it.


Environment (what should and should not do).

You should take shorter showers.

You should turn of the lights when you leave a room.
You should separate materials to recycle them.

You shouldn't cut down trees.

You shouldn't leave your computer on during the whole night.
You shouldn't put garbage together.

The school must educate children and protect the environment

They must help to clean up the neighborhood
I must be a leader in my neighborhood, in protecting the environment

I have to recycle batteries

I have to save water
I have to save energy
I have to plant trees