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25 YEARS Sharing

1989-2014 INNOVATION

Romax Technology
Driveline Engineering & Simulation Specialist


CONFIDENTIAL, Copyright 2014

Romax Are

Rotating Machinery eXperts

Gearbox, Bearing, and Driveline Technology

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Business Facts

Established in 1989 by Dr Peter Poon, MBE.

Private Equity Fidelity (manage $1.5 Trillion) invested in 2012 in Romax
Technology solution provider
Active across a range of sectors
o Automotive, Aerospace, Off-highway, Marine, and Renewable Energy
Head office in UK with 12 offices worldwide

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World Wide Offices (12)

Tokyo, Japan
HQ, Nottingham, UK Seoul, Korea
Hanzhou, China
Beijing, China
ChongQing, China

Boulder, Co, USA Marseille, France

Troy, MI, USA Frankfurt,

Pune, India
Chennai, India

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2004 2009

Innovation & Simulation

1995 1997 1999 2004 2012


Inventor Gearbox 6DOF Complete GL Certified

Gearbox Flexibility Gearbox NVH Planetary Wind Gearbox
System Solution Solution Technology Designs
Design Tool

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Areas of eXpertise

Driveline Simulation Tool Development

Design Process Improvement

Design Validation & Problem Solving

Operation and Maintenance Support

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Romax DNA We know driveline!
The most advanced virtual simulation tool
World first innovation
Alliance with technical leader
Simulation Over 24 years experienced experts
Technology Design & development
Manufacturing specialists
Material specialists
Romax NVH specialists
Engineering Engineering
Services Experts

Over 60 successful NVH projects

Over 1m/annum gearbox production designed by
Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014
Strong Technology Driven Company

80 18%

PhD 46%


Number of Employees

Master & Second BSc Master & Second Degree PhD

50 Degree
Mechanical Engineers/ Analysts

Master & Second 28%
20 BSc
10 BSc

0 BSc Master & Second Degree PhD

Mechanical Engineers/ Analysts Software Engineers Software Engineers

BSc Master & Second Degree PhD

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Germanischer Lloyd INTERNATIONAL


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Worlds No. 1* Driveline Simulation Experts
Gearbox simulation including detailed Driveline dynamic analysis
gear and bearing models

Romax is the first * software of its kind to meet the stringent

certification requirements of GL, and is the result of a number of
years of close working between Romax and GL.
Dr Karl Steingroever from GL Certification

Analysis of fatigue and extreme

loads; gearbox life calculation

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What We Do Today

Technology-led solutions provider in Driveline Engineering

Develop the leading driveline design and analysis software
o Seamless enablement from planning to manufacturing
o Seamless integration with CAD, FE and other systems of record in design
Deploy engineering services for product and process design including
o Process improvement
o Design optimization and problem solving
Collaborate on R&D projects with leading universities, businesses and
government organizations around the world

Combining Technology with Engineering Expertise

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We Focus on Results - I
Reduce Time to Market
o Helped top 3 Japanese auto maker to reduce concept design time by

Reduce Warranty Liability

o Helped top 2 US automaker reduce analysis time by 81%, increase
analysis accuracy and rapidly save over $10m/year

Increase End-Product Efficiency

o Helped leading EU driveline designer improve efficiency by 50%,
reducing CO2 by 3.1g/km/vehicle

Improve Business with Innovation

o Helped leading Japanese transmission maker deliver the first compact 8
speed automatic transmission in the world

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We Focus on Results - II

Reduce Design Time Over 60%

o Developed design process to reduce the wind turbine gearbox design
and certification time from 16,000 man-hours to 6,000 man-hours

Innovative Contra-rotating Ship Propeller System

o Created an optimal design (performance and size) for a world leading
ship builder and then took the design to prototype and testing.

Prototype Cost Saved by 30% Plus

o Devised for an EU supplier a model exchange protocol with its OEM to
create virtual transmission and driveline models before vehicle
integration. It saved prototype cost and preserved IPs of both parties

Failure Root Cause Analysis for Rail Gearbox

o Identify root cause of railway gearbox failures for a leading UK rail
operator for timely remedial actions

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Romax Vision for Simulation Technology software products

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Model based Design Process

.xml Production/

PDM system

Product CAD - concept CAD - detailed Prototype

planning models models manufacture

Concept Designer Analysis

Dynamic FUSION Gear

Design and

Multibody Dynamic Analysis

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Romax Consultancy
Service Offerings
Decision Makers Issues

Product cost [material and weight saving]

Cost and time of development [design, proto testing]
Cost Cost of production [manufacturing, supply chain]
Cost of failures [warranty, down-time]
Running costs in service for customers [efficiency]
Government regulations [Co2 taxes etc.]

Technical innovation [IP protection, unique selling points]

Product quality [noise, vibration, performance]
Brand Image
Environmental considerations [CO2 regulations]
Minimise problems or failures in market [durability]

No Distribution
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How Can Romax Support
Design - Reduce time from concept to production with minimal risk
- Develop state-of-art designs
- Reduce need for prototype testing
- Assess optimum concept at early stage
- Design considering ease and cost of manufacture and assembly
- Optimising gearbox architecture for space and weight

Analysis - Optimise for durability to reduce failures with accurate analysis

- Optimise for strength
- Optimise for noise and vibration
- Improve efficiency

Manufacturing - Improvement of production capability, equipment and facilities

- Improvement of quality control to minimise rejects
- Supplier management to reduce cost

Testing - Reduce need for tests by simulation

- Best practice testing procedures to reduce time
- Optimise test rig and equipment requirements

No Distribution
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Romax Drivetrain Services Offerings
Romax provide driveline, transmission/gearbox and bearings
engineering consultancy across various industries

Automotive Off-highway
Wind Railway

Use of a unique combination of global engineering experts and advanced simulation

methods developed over many years

Best practice processes for design and development based on large number of
successful projects

Engineering is our business we can support to solve any problem, reduce cost or
speed up development time in an efficient way

Wide scope of service offerings that can be applied to different industries for new
developments or existing products in service

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Romax Drivetrain Services Offerings
Concept Design Manufacturing Support

Detailed Design Testing Support

Design Review Problem Investigation

Advanced Analysis Strategic Consulting

Distribution Allowed
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Synergy - Software and Services
Provide leading-edge software tools to aid
successful consultancy project delivery

Potential for selling services to software customers

to support usage and process improvement

Software Engineering
Products Projects

Provide feedback on design process and customer

requirements for software development

Project delivery can demonstrate the capabilities and

benefits of Romax software

No Distribution
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Industry Overview
Industry Common Types of Service Recent Customers

Automotive - Investigation and optimisation to reduce Honda [Japan]

+ noise and vibration in gearboxes or axles Hino [Japan]
Commercial [gear whine and gear rattle] Daimler [EU]
vehicles - Root cause investigation of gear or bearing GKN [EU]
failures Fiat [EU]
- Design review and optimisation to improve Chery [China]
gearbox reliability and/or efficiency BYD [China]
- Concept studies and detailed design support
Number of projects > 150

Wind - Provision of complete gearbox designs for Areva [EU]

wind turbine applications Senvion (RePower) [EU]
- Support for certification DCNS [EU]
(design/manufacture/testing) Inox [India]
- Concept studies for drivetrain layouts and Hyosung [Korea]
bearing selection NREL [US]
Donly [China]
Number of projects > 80

Distribution Allowed
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Industry Overview
Industry Common Types of Service Recent Customers
Off - Analysis and optimisation to improve John Deree [EU]
Highway reliability or reduce noise Dana [US]

Industrial - Analysis and optimisation to improve David Brown [EU]

reliability or reduce noise Cummins [EU]
Mitsubishi HI [Japan]
P&H Mining [US]

Railway - Root cause investigation for rail Alstom [EU]

operators on gear and bearing failures CAF [EU]
- Noise and vibration analysis of final drive Irish Rail [EU]
for rail manufactures

Marine - Concept design studies and detailed Samsung HI [Korea]

design support for marine gearboxes D-I Marine [Korea]
Yamaha Marine [Japan]
Cox Powertrain [EU]

Distribution Allowed
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Concept Design

Quick and accurate assessment of
multiple drivetrain concept layouts
Initial component selection and design
including gears and bearings
Review of specifications, interfaces and
gearbox packaging constraints
Benchmarking of existing products
System-level analysis to judge suitability
of different concepts
Optimising gearbox architecture
Faster time to market, reduce
development time
Minimise risk in correct selection at early

Distribution Allowed
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Detailed Design
Bespoke transmission design from first
concepts to prototype production
Modification of an existing transmission
for a new application
Understanding of customer
requirements to develop design
Detailed analysis and optimisation
leading to preparation of production
Static and fatigue finite element analysis
(FEA) of structural components
Optimising gearbox architecture
Optimising for durability, vibration and
Faster time to market, reduce
development time
Distribution Allowed
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System Analysis Design
Advanced analysis of component
misalignment, durability and efficiency
considering system deflections
Duty cycle generation and studies of the
effects of operating and extreme loads
Parametric studies and sensitivity analyses
for key design parameters
Energy flow analysis for advanced hybrid
and electric vehicle powertrains
Optimise the performance of the whole
system for durability to eliminate failures
Improving system efficiency: Reduce CO2

Distribution Allowed
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System Analysis NVH
Dynamic analysis of complete drivetrain
Housing dynamic response investigation
by simulation of system model
Transmission error analysis with gear
geometry optimisation to reduce gear
Validation of simulation results with
measured vibration test data
Gear shift analysis and optimisation
Reduce need for costly prototyping and
Eliminate gear whine, sideband noise in
planetary systems, gear rattle

Distribution Allowed
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Design Review
Experienced based reviews of designs,
component drawings and specifications
Verification of design suitability based
on advanced analysis and expert
Sensitivity studies to understand the
effects of design changes on durability
and vibration
Appraisal of alternative designs and
manufacturing methods
Preparation of design and analysis
reports for end-clients or certification
Cost down of bearings, weight saving
Eliminate gear, bearing, synchroniser

Distribution Allowed
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Manufacturing Support
Conduct on-site due diligence on suppliers
to ensure quality target compliance
Review and support improvement in
capability of production facilities
Assess the effect of manufacturing
variability on product durability
Advise on the selection of materials and
manufacturing processes for cost
Produce documentation on quality
processes, assembly, tooling design
Cost down: tooling, equipment, material
Design for ease of manufacture/assembly
Improving reject rate and inspection
Distribution Allowed
Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014
Testing Support
Creation of specifications and procedures
for the evaluation tests and
Installation and commissioning
instrumentation of drivetrain test systems
Test rig design for components or
complete drivetrains
Validation using measured test data of
simulation results
On-site support for completing testing
requirements of end-clients and
certification bodies
Minimise development testing time and

Distribution Allowed
Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014
Problem Investigation
Inspection and measurement of drivetrain
components to provide expert
assessment on condition
Identification of failure mode root causes
through investigation and advanced
Optimisation of gear design and bearing
selection to improve performance
Review of influence of manufacturing
quality and metallurgy on durability
Eliminate gear, bearing, synchroniser
Improving reject rate in production

Distribution Allowed
Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014
Strategic Consulting
Process improvement on design, analysis,
manufacturing and testing
Market survey and benchmarking of
technology trends
Feasibility study on new product
introduction and development
Due diligence of suppliers or acquisitions
Tailored training programmes
Ensure most effective use of resources and
Minimise risk on new development

Distribution Allowed
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Best-in-class methods for gearbox fault

Derived using a combination of simulation,
testing and practical experience

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Current Customers Automotive/Bearing

Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014

Construction, Marine, Aerospace, Wind, Locomotive

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Automotive OEMs with RomaxDesigner

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Case Studies

Time & Cost Saving

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Who is Romax?

Proven COST & TIME saving solution provider

US client : NVH Process Improvement (>80%, $12M/year)
EU client : Design Process Improvement (>30%, Priceless)
US client : Bearing Purchase Cost Saving

Proven problem solving solution provider

Asia client : 6/8/10 AT noise solution in time for SOP
Global standard used by over 300 industrial leaders
Validated and accepted in last 18 years
Innovative R&Ds and own IPs
Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014
Case 1 : Design time saving by system integration


Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014

Case 2 : Automatic Transmission CAE Time Saving

Conventional Romax System

System 4 weeks
20 weeks

Whole drivetrain
model building
Design accuracy
Quality control
at the same time
Transmission model

Whole drivetrain
model building
81% Saving Transmission model
Axle model building
Axle model building

Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014

Case 3 : Co2 Saving (3.1g/Km NEDC)

Effect of gear data changes on mesh losses, NVH & durability

Normalised target parameters Bending Stress Contact Stress NVH Efficiency Bearing Damage
(original = 100%)
(TE) (Losses)

Input Gears 106% / 96% 87% 4% 57%

from 194% to 54%
Output Gears 111% / 83% 85% 81% 63%

Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014

Case 4 : Time & Cost Saving in drivetrain concept design process

Product Concept Detail Design

Proto Testing Vehicle Testing
Manufacture Try Out Production
Planning Design

Areas of Interest

More than 10 weeks

Current Process
Initial Design Multiple
Optimal Concept
Architecture Architecture DoE Study of Each Option Design Selection
Analysis Options Study

Improved Process 63% Saving*

Less Than 4 weeks

Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014

Case 5 : Process Improvement for Bevel Gear Process


Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014

Customer Referrals

Romax Simulation Technology

CONFIDENTIAL @ Copyright 2014

What our customer say?

Designing a nominal gear train that meets customer targets is

just not enough anymore. Based on the technical collaboration
between Romax and Ford, statistical modules were created
that allowed us to factor in the manufacturing variability and
initial design tolerances as part of the upfront gear whine
evaluation process. This provides invaluable insight into the
robustness of the gear train design early in the development
process. The Romax software tools support Ford's Design
for Six Sigma process and have already led to significant
quality improvements. Ford will continue to work with
Romax to further define and advance its capabilities.

Mario Felice, Technical Leader, Powertrain NVH CAE, Ford

Motor Company
Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014
What our customer say?
We have been using the RomaxDesigner software in all
our new product development since 1997, together with
Romaxs engineering services which help us speed up our
development times and make improvements in areas such as
NVHMost recently, we have used Romaxs advanced
planetary technology to design our automatic
transmissions. The software allows us to simultaneously
access durability and NVH characteristics, greatly reducing
the development time.

Mr J.J. Kim, Senior Vice President, Hyundai R&D

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What our customer say?

UK based technical drivetrain consultancy Romax

Technology has today signed an agreement with Honda
R&D (Automobile R&D Center) company in Japan to
provide full service software engineering. The agreement
between the two parties further builds on their existing
successful long-term relationship, which started when
Honda first worked with Romax for a consultancy project.

Director, Honda R&D

Sharing INNOVATION Copyright 2014

What our customer say?

Romax is used to extend the life of current designs to

minimize the new content contained in new product
offerings. This extends the life of existing designs and
greatly reduces the risk in new designs as well. Cost
pressures require that we design new products quickly,
with analysis, and validate the design with minimal
required testing. Confidence has grown over the past nine
years where we now have much more comfort with the
analysis results.

Mr. Jeff Krieger, Gearbox Manager, Caterpillar

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