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Hello Parents!

My name is Clint Lienau, and I am one of the acting teachers at the Magnolia Arts Center. I am also an
Advanced Actor Combatant with several stage combat certifications. As such, I want to teach a brief,
simple stage combat workshop. However, as there is an inherent risk involved, I wanted to send home a
permission slip to make sure it was alright with all parties involved. I am a professional, and have been
trained for several years in the safe application of this technique, and spent 10 of my semesters at ECU
as a TA of the Stage Combat classes with Certified Teacher Jill Matarelli Carlson, who can be reached at for any clarification or questions. Your student will be in excellent hands, as I spent
the last two semesters that I worked with Professor Carlson perfecting my teaching techniques. Your
student will only be learning simple techniques, but even this knowledge will empower them to protect
their own safety and the safety of their fellow actors in case of poor combat choreography in their
future work, a leading cause of stage combat injury.
If you are not comfortable with this technique, please indicate so to myself or your student, and
I will make arrangements for an alternate activity for them during the workshop, one that I assure you
will not feel like a punishment or that they are being left out. The purpose of this class is to motivate
teaching and ensemble building, so I want to make sure that all students benefit, even if they need to
seek alternate activities.
If this sounds agreeable to you, please sign and date below and return the form with your
student next week, when the workshop will take place. Please note that a student that does not return
with a signed permission slip will not be able to participate, as your consent is imperative to this specific
Thank you,
Clint Lienau