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November 1, 2017

The Last Exit Food Truck Park

The city of Dubai has no shortage when it comes to supplying its residents and
visitors with food options and places. It is a well-known fact that Dubai has some of the
best restaurants in the region, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants and cinema
dining experience to street food eateries and fast food restaurants. Food truck eateries
have been present in lost of countries including the United States, Mexico, and in Asian
nations - for the first time, however, Dubai offers a one-of-a-kind food truck park concept.
Located in different exits around the city, each one of the parks - called The Last Exit - has
a theme and a number of different food trucks offering burgers, other types of food, coffee,
desserts and refreshments depending on the location. The first location opened in the last
exit border between the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi last summer in July of 2016.
Other locations soon popped up around the city shortly after.

Its a good place to get a quick bite, said Rashid Al-Shehhi, a frequent visitor to The
Last Exit locations in Dubai. The parks are open 24/7, which means visitors are able to grab
a bite to eat at any given time of the day. Different types of foods and cuisines are offered at
each park, including Latin American, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Indian and American
restaurants, eateries and cafes. The most prevalent food trucks present are the diner-style,
fast-food serving trucks that sell burgers, fries, and milkshakes. The concept is different,
since food is being served out of a truck - literally. It changes the perception of picking up
food for takeaway, said Maryam Al-Mansoori, who also pointed out that there are
different cuisines in one road lane, which is what she likes about the food truck parks.
The idea is indeed different, since the park is the first of its kind - especially in the Gulf
region. Food trucks have been incorporated in UAEs society in recent years with the
opening of food truck restaurants, most notably Salt - a popular fast-food eatery located in
Dubais Kite Beach alongside other food trucks.
I feel like it The Last Exit in Al Khawaneej is such a great idea, especially since
theres not many food places in this isolated area and not a lot of restaurants deliver to this
neighborhood. Getting food takeout is now much easier thanks to the food trucks park said
Nada Al-Ghurair, a resident of Dubais Al Khawaneej neighborhood. My family and I
frequently get dinner to go from The Last Exit since its close to our house. I love it, its the
best idea ever!

The food truck park concept of The Last Exit was developed by Meraas, a Dubai-
based holding company which has different projects opened up across the city, including
City Walk, JBR The Beach, Boxpark, Kite Beach, and La Mer - among others. According to
their website, Meeras goal is to develop and operate different diverse, high quality urban
destinations for people to enjoy - and they develop creative and unique places that are
strategically located around the citys popular areas.

Currently, the unique food truck destination with a wide selection of street food
exists in four locations:

Al Khawaneej (a Dubai neighborhood with local citizens): since it is ideally

located within a neighborhood, this location has a suburban feel to it with its
coffee places and family-friendly options.
E11 (located in Dubais Jebel Ali, just before Abu Dhabi): the style of this
location is dubbed as 1950s America according to The Last Exits website.
Al Qudra (a popular cycling track): since it is on a cycling track where many
of the customers come for a bite to eat after having been active, it is
equestrian-themed with lots of horse-riding elements.
Mad X (located in Sheikh Zayed Road): this particular location looks like a
post-apocalyptic scene from a film, with its monster trucks and abandoned

The food trucks in the locations include some well-known and popular eateries like
Krush Burger, Poco Loco, Dri Dri Gelato, Hot Chix, as well as some brand new places like
Crave Too, Saddle and The Inventing Room.
The parks are popular among the residents of Dubai, especially the local
communities that live within close proximity to the areas of the parks. The fact that it is on
24/7 makes it convenient and ideal for a quick bite to eat at those awkward hours of the
day. The Last Exit, which is the first of its kind food truck park concept offers more than
enough types of food places, making it easier for visitors to satisfy their hunger and