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1. Alloys, copper, brass, pure metals, aluminium, metals.

Metals can be classified as pure metals and alloys. Copper and aluminium are
examples of pure metals and brass is an example of an alloy.

2. Brazing, electric-arc welding, soldering, metal-joining methods, welding, oxy-

acetylene welding.
Metal-joining can be classified as brazing, soldering, and welding. Oxy-
acetylene welding and electric-arc welding are examples of welding.

3. Measuring instruments, non-precision instruments, micrometer, vernier gauge, metre

stick, pecision instruments, slip blocks, foot-rule.
Measuring instruments can be classified as precision instruments and non-
precision instruments. Vernier gauge, slip blocks, and micrometer are parts of
precision instruments. While foot-rule and metre stick are parts of non-precision

4. Units of area, cubic metre, metric units, millimetre, square metre, linear units,
kilometre, units of volume.
Units of area can be classified into units of volume, linear, and metric units.
Millimetre and kilometre are parts of linear units. And then, square and cubic metre
are parts of units of volume.

5. Milling machines, copy-miller, shaping machines, drilling machines, vertical shaper,

radial arm drill, machine tools.
Machine tools devided into three parts is milling machines, shaping machines,
and drilling machines. Copy-miller is an example of milling machines, vertical shaper
is an example of shaping machines, and radial arm drill is an example of drilling

6. Petrol engines, external-combustion engines, diesel engines, heat engines, steam

turbines, internal-combustion engines.
Heat engines separated into two parts is internal-combutsion engines and
external combutsion engines. Petrol engines and diesel engines are examples of
internal-combutsion engines and steam turbins is an example of external-combutsion

7. Grinding, metal cleaning methods, acid cleaning, mechanical methods, grit-blasting,

alkali cleaning, chemical methods.
Metal cleanning methods have two methods are mechanical methods and
chemical methods. Grinding and grit-balsting are parts of mechanical methods and
alkali cleaning and acid cleaning are parts of chemical methods.

8. Regular shapes, square, triangle, oval, irregular shapes, shapes.

Shapes devided into two parts are regular shapes and irregular shapes. Square
and triangle are parts of regular shapes. And oval is a part of irregular shapes.

9. Adhesive joints, inseparable joints, welded joints, nut and bolt joints, joints, riveted
joints, separable joints.
Joint can be classified as separable joints and inseparable joints. Nut and bolt
joints is a part of separable joint and welded joints, riveted joints and adhesive joints
are parts of inseparable joints.

10. Forging, sand casting, die casting, production processes, rolling, casting.
Production processes devided into three parts are forging, rolling, and casting.
Sand casting and die casting including into part casting.

Name : M. Alfarizi Kalijati