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The Guffinsson device.

The Guffinsson device is an experimental electronic calculating machine under development by its
inventor, Gudmundur Guffinsson. One of its key components is being built at a laboratory in
Dunhold. The laboratory is in an area subject to heavy enemy bombardment and the component
assumed to be somewhere in the ruins. Torkelsons section accompanied by a search dog team has
been sent to locate it. The enemy have also somehow learned of the devices location and have
tasked commissar Folkner with finding it. Folkner, whose grey whiskers and black leather coat
inspire loyalty & fear wherever he went, has rounded up some soldiers and set off.


Place six markers in ruins situated within a quarter table-width of the centre line. Both sides start a
medium in from their edge. To locate the device, move into contact with a marker. Two successes
when in contact permit a search. If a dog team is searching, roll 5 or 6 to find the device. Otherwise
roll 6. Note that if a group of figures is in contact with the marker, makes a group move, and gets
two successes each figure in contact makes a search roll.

The device does not slow down the figure carrying it. It can be taken from a dead figure, or handed
from one figure to another, with one action. Once searched a marker is removed. The device might
turn out not to be in the area at all.

Tactical tips:

The goblins are individually useless. However when a leader bullies them into action they vie with
one another to do his bidding like the servile creatures that they are. They are completely reliant
on their leader, who must position himself to give group move orders to a pack of infantry, thus
taking advantage of their Gregarious bonus, and use Regroup to reform scattered individuals. The
leader must be kept out of danger, and could maybe use Reaction moves when a dwarf fails an
activation to reposition himself to safety or to issue a group order next turn. When searching for the
device a group move on five goblins gives an excellent chance of finding it as they root
enthusiastically through the rubble trying to find the item and please their leader.
Folkner Quality 4+ Combat 2 Leader, Iron Discipline, Assault Rifle, SMG. 74 points.

Rifle Quality 5+ Combat 1 Gregarious, Assault Rifle. 19 points.

Folkner @ 74; 13 x Rifles @ 19 = 321

Section Leader Torkel Torkelson

Quality 3+ Combat 2 Leader, Pistol, Short Move, Steadfast. 64 points.

Skalagrim Helgison, Sigfast Galtisson, Kotkell Grithsson

Quality 3+ Combat 2 SMG, Short Move, Steadfast. 38 points.

Kari Elvarson

Quality 3+ Combat 2 Pistol, Short Move, Steadfast. 34 points.

Styrr Snorrison

Quality 3+ Combat 2 Pistols: Twin, Short Move, Steadfast. 48 points.

Ulvar Steinbjarnison & Trixie

Quality 3+ Combat 3 HTH Specialist, Pistol, Steadfast, Superior Senses, Medium Move. 60

1 x NCO @ 64; 3 x SMG @ 38; 1 x Pistol @ 34; 1 x Twin Pistols @ 48; 1 x dog team @ 60 = 320