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Jane Triplethreat
555-555-5555 Home
555-555-5556 Cell Commented [EM1]: Make your name the largest font on
the page, not too big, but enough to stand out. Its up to
you whether or not you want to include your address,
most people leave it off. If you have a website, add it, if
you dont, no big deal.
Musical Theatre
Commented [EM2]: A line makes a nice dividing point
Show Role Company Year for your information and keeps things organized. In
Word, from the top menu, select View, under Toolbox
Show Role Company Year select Object Palette and you will find lines to insert.
Right click to change the color of the line to black.

Show Role Company Year Commented [EM3]: Hopefully youve had at least 2-3
musical theatre experiences if you are considering a
career on the stage. List chorus as ensemble. In general
Show Role Company Year keep it to your high school years. You have two options
here in regards to year and how you order things. If
you want to show a lot of recent growth, years can help
Theatre show a progression of experience. If your experience has
Show Role Company Year been varied, take of the year, and order the roles in level
of importance. If youve worked with well known
directors, use dir. Last_Name instead of year. If you
Show Role Company Year leave the 4th column off, scoot Role towards the center
and company towards the right to make the page more
Show Role Company Year
Commented [EM4]: Non-Musical acting experience
Choral Experience counts as well. In general keep it to your high school
Group School 20XX-20XX years.
Group School 20XX-20XX Commented [EM5]: This section can help make up for a
State Honor Choir Sponsoring Organization 20XX lack of solo performance experience. Dont go overboard
and use it only if you are lacking role experience.

Training Commented [EM6]: This is your chance to let them

know what youve done to prepare for college. If you are
Voice: Teacher A, Teacher B, Teacher C lacking any of these areas, its not a big deal, but go ahead
Dance: Ballet (X years), Jazz (Y years) and take the category off the list.
Acting: Teacher A, Teacher B, Teacher C

Workshops and Camps Commented [EM7]: If youve gone to performing arts

summer camps or workshops, list them here. If not, its
Camp Name City, State 20XX not a big deal, go ahead and eliminate this category.
Camp Name City, State 20XX

Special Skills Commented [EM8]: This section can get ridiculous. Try
to use it to list languages, instruments, skills, and then
Drivers License, Piano, Guitar, Spanish, Great with kids, List all the presidents in one or two conversation starters (some ideas included).
order, Death Metal Scream, Juggler, Fire eater, Can wiggle ears when singing Be prepared though to do anything in this section on the