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Basic Info.

Name Prakhar Pathak

Frequency (Daily/weekly/occasionally) Occasionally
No. of cigarettes in a day (if Daily) NA


Gender Male
Age Range 24
Education (Grad.) B.Tech (Computer Science)
Job (In case of work ex.) 33 months
Smoking history in Family (includes cousins too) NA
Living with friends/family (during work if work Yes (Living with friends)
Smoking status of friends No


Region Eastern
City Jamshedpur


Needs/Concerns To relax myself. Take a break from life.

Triggers Random events ranging from poor performance
in exam to family issues.
Attitudes/opinion about smoking This is a very inappropriate habit & one should
try quitting it at the earliest.
Awareness about ill effects Yes. Completely aware of the ill effects.

At what age you started?

20 years

Who/what introduced you to smoking?

Friends in coaching class for GATE

Have you tried quitting/reducing the intake?

Yes. From a regular smoker, became an occasional smoker.

Do you recognize the accompanying health hazards?


What are your beliefs or attitude towards the health issues due to smoking?
I believe that there is detrimental impact of smoking on health of an individual, ranging for an
inherent urge to smoke after every hour or so, to headache, etc.

Do you have any intention to quit smoking? Do you consider yourself empowered to quit smoking?
Yes, I have the intention to quit smoking & I feel I am empowered to quit smoking

Have you seen/observed anyone suffering from the consequences of smoking?

Yes. One of my friends is constantly smoking.

Do you believe that external help/support can help you in quitting smoking?
I dont believe so because it is the inherent desire of an individual (to quit smoking) that makes him
quit. Any external help/support can have temporary impact, but not a long lasting one.