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June 28, 1995

RELEASE: 95-104 REIGHTLER, RICHARDS, THUOT LEAVE ASTRONAUT CORPS Veteran Space Shuttle astronauts Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr., Richard N. (Dick) Richards and Pierre J. Thuot have left the Astronaut Office following a cumulative nine Shuttle flights. Reightler, a Navy Captain, had been serving as the chief of the space station branch of the Astronaut Office. He will join Lockheed Martin, Houston, as the Program Manager for Engineering, Test and Analysis. He will manage work that includes robotics, Earth observations, engineering analysis, simulation and thermochemical test. Reightler flew twice on the Shuttle: STS-48 in September 1991, deploying the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, and STS-60 in February 1994, which was the first flight of the Wake Shield Facility. Both missions were aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. Richards, also a Navy Captain, remains at NASA, moving from the Astronaut Office to the Space Shuttle Program Office to serve as mission director for the second servicing mission of the Hubble Space Telescope. He also will serve as flight manager for next year's second flight of the Tethered Satellite System on STS-75 and the third flight of the Wake Shield Facility on STS-80. He will work with external organizations in all matters relating to mission planning and execution of the Hubble servicing flight as well as coordinate project

activities. He also will assist in maximizing the effectiveness of Shuttle flights within established technical, budgetary and schedule constraints. -more-2Richards has flown on four Shuttle flights: STS-28 in August 1989 on Columbia, a Department of Defense mission; STS-41 in October 1990 on Discovery to deploy the Ulysses planetary spacecraft; Columbia's STS-50 flight in June/July 1992 to study microgravity sciences, and STS-64 in September 1994 on Discovery which carried a laser to study the Earth's environment. After three Shuttle flights, Thuot has returned to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, to be an instructor in the Aerospace Engineering Department. He will primarily teach undergraduate courses in astronautics. His three Shuttle flights included: a Department of Defense mission in February 1990 on Atlantis (STS-36); the maiden flight of Endeavour on a satellite rescue mission in May 1992 (STS-49), and Columbia's March 1994 mission to obtain data from experiments in the microgravity environment in space (STS-62).

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