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Case #17003055 and 17500506

Investigator: Jared Raye #124

Assigned Date: 3/29/17
Disposition: Sent to Denton County District Attorney for Review

Case Synopsis

On 3/29/17, I, Officer Raye #124 was assigned to investigate two related assault cases,
#17500506 and #17003055. Govinda Hough (W/F, 5/19/71) filed case #17500506 online and
claimed she, her husband (Jason Hough (W/M, 4/11/70) and daughter (Madison Hough (W/F,
4/25/98) were assaulted by Viviana Arvelo-Morales (H/F, 7/14/82) at Mayhill hospital. Govinda
claimed the following; Viviana assaulted her when she pushed Govinda into the chair, sat down
on her and pushed the table into her. Govinda claimed she felt pain due to the incident.
Madison claimed the following; she wanted to press charges against Viviana because she placed
her hand over her wristband so Govinda could not take a picture of it. Madison moved her
wrist to allow Govinda to take a picture of the wristband, but Viviana grabbed her wrist and
covered the wristband. Madison advised she did not like Viviana touching her and it made her
feel uncomfortable. Jason advised the following; he wanted to press charges against Viviana
due to back pain he felt when Viviana attacked him and jumped on his back as she tried to
restrain him. The pain was worse on the drive home and became difficult for Jason to drive.
On case #17003055, a 911 call was received from a staff member at Mayhill hospital
regarding an assault that just occurred with two Mayhill staff members. Responding officers
arrived at Mayhill and were told one of the patients parents assaulted Viviana and another
staff member, identified as Rikeshkumar Patel (ME/M, 11/15/90). Viviana later claimed that
she felt pain in her neck, left arm and leg that was caused by Jason when he pushed her into
the wall and chair which caused her to land on top of Govinda. Rikeshkumar claimed he felt
pain in his head, neck, elbow and hips due to the fall he suffered when Jason pushed him from
the side which caused Rikeshkumar to forcefully fall to the floor.

Based on witness statements and Mayhills intake paperwork, I was able to determine,
on 3/24/17 Madison took a handful of Ibuprofen pills after making the comment, I just want
the pain to end. Madisons roommate heard her and called 911. Madison was transported to
Denton Regional Hospital and later released. Madison then went to Mayhill Hospital and
voluntarily admitted herself due to a suicide attempt. After further review of Mayhills intake
assessment paperwork, I was able to determine that this was Madisons 2nd suicide attempt.
Madison reported that she has had depression on and off for three years and previously
attempted suicide when she overdosed and then threw up and never told anyone. After
hearing about the suicide attempt, Govinda and Jason left Red Rock and headed to Mayhill to
see Madison.

On 3/26/17, Govinda and Jason didnt agree with the way Madison was treated and
wanted to sign an AMA (Against Medical Advice) and remove Madison from Mayhill. Madison
was not allowed to sign an AMA that day and was not released from Mayhill. On 3/27/17,
Govinda and Jason went back to Mayhill to find out why Madison had not been discharged.
Viviana told Madison that she could not leave Mayhill due to a process that had to be followed,
such as filling out the 4 hour letter and getting an assessment by the doctor. Madison signed
the 4 hour letter on 3/27/17 at approximately 1348 hours. Dr. Faheem, the doctor on staff was
notified and requested the parents meet with social services. Dr. Faheem placed a 24 hour
hold on Madison. According to Mayhills paperwork, Madison was agitated about the AMA
process so Viviana attempted to assist Madison in understanding the process.

Govinda and Jason were taken to the intake room to allow Viviana and one of Mayhills
social services representatives to discuss the AMA process. All of the social services
representatives were busy with other patients and were not able to meet with them. Madison
was later taken to the intake room to be with Govinda and Jason. While in the room Viviana
explained the AMA process to everyone in the room.
While watching the surveillance video of Mayhills intake room I observed the following;
Viviana and Govinda were having a conversation while Jason was on the cell phone. Through
the investigation I was able to determine that Jason was speaking with Madison on the cell
phone. Jason had free access to the cell phone, had cell service and was able to make calls.
Everyone in the room appeared to be calm and cordial. After a few minutes Viviana got up and
walked out of the room and stayed away for a few minutes before she returned. Jason handed
the phone to Govinda so she could speak with Madison. Govinda put the phone on speaker to
allow Viviana to speak with Madison. After a few minutes of speaking on the phone Viviana
exited the room and later returned with Madison.

During the course of the meeting with Jason and Govinda, Govinda attempted to take a
picture with her cell phone. Her intent was to capture the doctors name. Viviana claimed she
told Govinda that she couldnt take a picture of the wristband because it was a violation of
HIPAA. Viviana stood up, reached across the table and loosely draped her hand over Madisons
wristband. It did not appear that Viviana grabbed Madisons hand with any intent to cause
pain. Govinda clinched Vivianas wrist and forced it away from Madison as she still attempted
to take a picture of the wristband. Viviana continued to try to block Govinda from taking a
picture. Through the course of my investigation I believe Viviana told Govinda that she couldnt
take a picture because it was a violation of HIPAA. Jason then stood up, opened the door and
motioned with a waiving hand for Madison to come on. It appeared in the video that Viviana
yelled something. Based on my investigation I believe Viviana yelled for a Code 10, which is a
code to alert hospital staff of an emergency and help is immediately needed. As Jason reached
for Madison, Viviana stepped in between them to keep Madison from leaving. Jason and
Viviana began to scuffle in the doorway as each of them appeared to attempt to gain control of
the situation. Govinda grabbed her purse and put her arm around Madison and appeared to
attempt to take her out of the room. Govinda tried to take Madison behind Jason as he and
Viviana continued to struggle. It appeared Govinda pushed Viviana in an attempt to separate
them. Jason wrapped both arms around Vivianas waist and backpedaled his way to the back
wall with Viviana held tight. As Viviana was being pulled by Jason she placed her left arm
around Jasons back and her right hand on the right side of Jasons face. It appeared Govinda
lost her balance and was stuck behind Jason and Viviana as they went toward the back wall.
Govinda fell in the chair and Jason to his right and guided Viviana on top of Govinda and the
table. Jason was able to release and leave the room with Madison.

Through the course of my investigation and after review of HSC Sec. 572.004, I believe
Madison was not free to leave the facility at that time. Viviana was aware Madison was not
free to leave and tried to restrain Madison as she was trained to do. Based on statements from
staff members at Mayhill, I believe Mayhills policy requires their staff to be trained in de-
escalation techniques such as verbal de-escalation before physical restraint.

Govinda was able to exit the room, but when Viviana attempted to move past Jason, he
backed into her to keep her from going after Madison. While Jason had Viviana backed up
against the wall he reached down and retrieved something, later determined to be his eye
glasses. Viviana had her hands in the air, not touching Jason, as he reached for his glasses.
Jason steadily walked out of the room with Viviana several feet behind. The camera in the
hallway showed several staff members standing by during the scuffle and no one attempted to
restrain anyone prior to Viviana exited the room. Based on the video of the intake room it
appeared Viviana had no intention of trying to restrain anyone other than Madison.

Govinda and Madison were in a secure area, close to the locked exit door in the hallway,
when Jason walked toward them and pushed the door open with his hand. It was not clear
whether Jason was able to push the door open or if a staff member electronically unlocked the
door. Jason appeared to push Govinda through the door and then tried to grab Madison as she
was standing off to the side. Viviana ran toward the exit door and attempted to restrain
Madison. Viviana tried to grab her arm, but was unsuccessful. Jason stood in the doorway and
was able to position himself between Madison and Viviana which allowed Madison to get
through the door.

While watching the lobby video, I observed the following; after hearing the Code 10,
Rikeshkumar ran to the lobby toward the exit door to help with the emergency situation. The
exit door swung open and Govinda, Madison and Jason rush through and headed toward the
glass doors that exit the building. There were a few other staff members to the left as they
walked into the lobby. Rikeshkumar moved toward the exit doors and observed a white
medical bracelet on Madisons wrist. Due to the code 10 response, he reached toward Madison
an attempt to keep her from leaving the facility. As Rikeshkumar reached for Madison, Jason
lowered his left shoulder and made full contact with Rikeshkumar. The force of this contact
knocked Rikeshkumar from his feet, which sent him forcefully to the floor on his back.

Jason went toward the glass exit doors and was confronted by another staff member,
later identified as Michael. Jason pointed at Michael as they exchanged words. Jason
attempted to open the glass doors and Michael and a W/F co-worker attempted to restrain
Jason and brought him to the floor. While Jason was on the floor Govinda and Madison exited
the building. Rikeshkumar went towards the exit, but suddenly stopped. Cannon, who was
later identified as a staff member supervisor, walked toward Jason as he was on the floor and
said something. Jason stood up and exited the building. It was later determined that Cannon
gave direction to let Jason up, for someone to get their license plate number and to notify the

During Jasons interview he described the Mayhill lobby incident as the following; when
Jason entered the lobby he observed what appeared to be a skirmish line of employees to the
left. He remembered two people among the skirmish line, a taller B/M in scrubs and a shorter
W/M with blonde hair in scrubs. After review of the video I did not observe a W/M with blonde
hair. I believe Jason was referring to Rikeshkumar Patel. Jason claimed he felt people grabbing
him from behind, he believed it was Viviana. Jason claimed the blonde guy broke the skirmish
line and advanced at him so Jason threw his shoulder into the blonde guys mid-section to get
him away. Jason believed the blonde guy fell to the ground when that happened. Jason
advised at some point he fell to the ground because in his perception someone was still
grabbing him from behind. Jason claimed that Govinda and Madison yelled for the staff to
open the door, but no one opened it. Jason made his way to his feet and tried to push the door
open, but wasnt able to. Jason advised he still felt someone behind him and several people hit
the glass door at the same time and the door opened. Govinda, Madison and Jason exited the
facility and drove away.
Investigative Conclusion

Govinda Hough claimed in report #17500506 that she was assaulted by Viviana Morales
at Mayhill Hospital. Based on my investigation, I do not believe an assault occurred.

Madison Hough claimed in report #17500506 that she was assaulted by Viviana
Morales. Based on my investigation, I do not believe an assault occurred.

Jason Hough claimed in report #17500506 that he was assaulted by Viviana Morales.
Based on my investigation, I do not believe an assault occurred.

Viviana Morales claimed in report #17003055 that she was assaulted by Jason Hough.
Based on my investigation, I do not believe an assault occurred.

Rikeshkumar Patel claimed in report #17003055 that he was assaulted by Jason Hough.
Based on my investigation, I do believe an assault occurred.

Based on the above information, I believe Jason Hough intentionally, knowingly or

recklessly caused bodily injury to Rikeshkumar as he made contact with him inside the lobby. I
came to this conclusion based on statements by both parties, video evidence of the offense and
further investigation. I believe that a credible person would reasonably believe that Jason
Hough committed the offense PC 22.01 (a) (1) Assault causes bodily injury and probable cause
has occurred.

This case is being referred to Denton County District Attorneys office for further review.

J. Raye #124

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