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~ Department 01 Justice
Drug Enforcement Administration

1. Program Code 2. Cross Related Files 3. File No. ~.. \4. G-DEP Identifier
18-98-0010 WGC3L
5. By: 6. File Title
M.A. Gamblll
M.:.. Task Force Agent
0 COFIELD, Joseph D.
Youngstown P.O.D. 0
7. 0 Closed 0 Requested Action Completed 0 8. Date Prepared

OActJon ReQuested By: November 11, 1997

9. Other Officers: S/A McCoy, TFA Crissman, Warren P.D. Dets. Dascoulias and Boldin and
Trumbull County Drug Task Force Agent Peterson
10. Report Re:
Surveillance of controlled purchase of Exhibit 1 and the arrest of COFIELD


On November 7, 1997 CS-98-089460 attempted a controlled purchase of crack cocaine from

Joseph Darin COFIELD. The CS "fronted" the money to COFIELD. A traffic stop of COFIELD
was conduct~d as COFIELD returned to deliver the crack to the CS. COFIELD ran and threw
the crack which was later recovered following COFIELD's arrest.


1. On November 7, 1997 at 1:25 pm, TFA Gambill, S/A McCoy and Det. Boldin met with CS-98-
089460 to initiate a controlled purchase of crack cocaine from Joseph Darin COFIELD. The
CS was searched by S/A McCoy and after no contraband was found, the CS was equipped with a
recording device to record the phone conversation with COFIELD to set up the transaction.
At 1:38 pm the CS was dropped off at a predetermined location to enable the CS to place a
consensually recorded phone call to Joseph Darin COFIELD by paging him at (330) 820-9877 .
and COFIELD returning the page. During the conversation which is identified as Exhibit N-
1 the GS requested an ounce of crack cocaine and told COFIELD that he had one thousand
dollars ($1,000). COFIELD the~ asked the CS the location where he/she was at. The CS
told COFIELD that he/she was at home. COFIELD told the CS that he would be over. Based
on the fact that the CS knew that the Agents didn't want to make the transaction at
his/her residence the CS left and met with S/A McCoy and TFA Gambill at 2:00 pm.

2. S/A McCoy and TFA Gambill then reviewed Exhibit N-1. S/A McCoy again searched CS-98-
089460 and then equipped him/her with a body transmitter to monitor and. record any
conversations. The CS was then provided $1,000.00 in Official Governments Funds to give
to COFIELD for the purchase. The CS was told to go to the area of Fourth and Highland,
page COFIELD to set the deal up so that_it happens in that area and then stand on the
corner where he/she could be under continuous surveillance by agents. The CS was dropped
off at 2:20 pm by S/A McCoy and TFA Gambill at a predetermined location and then departed

for Fourth and Highland under audio and visual surveillance.

11. D:~::ion: 12. Signature (Agent)

M.A. Gambill, TFA /'1. ~ _

District 14. ed ( . Ie) I'

(Jut. 1996) - 6

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