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Mont Jtute Japan @ Py: 20 THE LEGEND LEADS. De west ai Pri Cd Eee aaa Baars aa a ae x6 % a ac L Montitutes Montitute International MONTITUTE LLC. is a registered Virginia Limited-Liability company based in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA. The name Montitute has been derived by blending two words ‘Montessori’ and ‘institute’. Montitute Intemational was established in November 2012 with the aim to provide high quality, convenient and affordable Montessori training to interested individuals all over the world. Montitute offers high quality, flexible and convenient distance Montessori training programs through self-learning-friendly premium Montessori training resources, unmatched tutorial support and state of art online e-learning platform. By far Montitute — Online Montessori Training Institute is technologically the world’s most sophisticated Montessor' training institute We strongly believe that Dr. Maria Montessori’s method of education is the best for educating children and its global implementation in schools is crucial for promoting world peace and taking mankind to the next level of humanity. This faith in Montessori system of education serves as our strongest motivation. Mics, Montessori League of Asia The Montessori League of Asia (MLA) serves as the umbrella organization consisting of three country wise chapters, constituting MLA's Panel of Parent Organizations (MPP), which includes; 1. The Montessori League of Pakistan (founded 2004) 2. The Montessori League of Japan (founded 2014) 3, The Montessori League of UAE (founded 2012) and several hundreds of affliated entities which include Montessori schools, Montessori related businesses and individuals constituting Panel of Affiliated Individuals and Organizations (PAIO). Being the central operational body, MLA's primary role is to streamline the workflow of the members of MPPO and regulate benefits to the members of PAIO. Its a forum where Montessori related businesses and individuals can come together and seek solutions to Montessori related issues and support each other. Thus, MLA is eager to affliate as many Montessori schools and businesses as possible by offering attractive packages, and thus lead them to Montessori excellence through regular support and its excellant system of self accreditation. Its other roles include the supervision of publications, regulation of research, maintenance of social forums, etc. ‘Through a concord between the members of the MPPO, a comprehensive Montessori development plan has been formulated for the promotion of Montessori system in Asia. ~ SEELS SEELS Co. Ltd. is a registered limited corporation or kabushikigaisha under Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Japan, and is the franchisee of Montitute, USA in Japan, and holds the regional chapter of The Montessori League of Asia in Japan. SEELS is a multifaceted company which deals in Montessori teachers training, English language training, supply of educational equipment and establishment of franchised International Montessori Preschools in Japan. Dr. Maria Montessor Maria Montessori was Italy's first lady doctor. She, a medical doctor by profession, turned out to be one of the world's most influential educators of all times. Her scientific bent of ming drove her to observe the children and discover their pedagogical and developmental needs. She found out that traditional education is incompatible with natural developmental and leaming pattems. It is oppressive and a hindrance to the wholesome development ofthe faculties of the mind and the body. ‘She opened her frst Casa dei Bambini (House of Children) in 1907 in Rome. Like a scientist, she observed her children and developed materials and teaching strategies, which were compatible with their natural urges and drives. She tested her findings and shared them with a good group of friends \who would verify and report back. Ittook her nearly twenty years to say that she had developed a system of educating children. She believed that her method of education could cause complete regeneration of mankind. ‘She got many recognitions for her work. She was asked to represent Italy in many conferences and occasions. She was nominated thrice for the Noble Peace Prize, She was pictured on 1000 Lire note and a 200 Lire coin of Italy. Leaders, educators, scientists, scholars and people from all fields of life praised her work. She wrote many books on her method and conducted Montessori training programs all over the world. Thousands of Montessori schools opened globally and even after the lapse of more than a hundred years, Montessori system still proves to be superior than other educational systems in every research. Itis right when people say that she was “a woman much ahead of her time" Why Montessori? Research has proved that children in Montessori classrooms develop their capabilities in unique ways, and outperform children studying at conventional schoo!s, not just in academics but also in other areas of life. Montessori children seem happier, are less demanding and are easier to live with than the other children of the same age, who have not had similar assistance in their development. Visitors to a Montessori House of Children are amazed to see litle children, barely out oftheir diapers, working with concentration and purpose on activities of their choice. There is order and peace. The sight of a 22 months old, spreading dough with a rolling pin and using a cutter to form the shapes or putting on their own aprons, gathering materials, carefully holding the brush, making a painting that pleases them and attaching it wth a clothespin to the drying rack =allwith minimal need for assistance, comes asa surprise to adult. Children are also seen spontaneously cleaning up for each other when accidents happen. They learn to wait their turn, walk around each other without bumping and share the attention of the adult. The look of pride and self satisfaction on the child's face after each accomplishment is a clear indication that inner development is taking place. There is no fatigue in these children. Sense of accomplishment fills them with renewed energy. They seem to be as fresh as they were in the moming, ‘when their parents come to collect them in the afternoon or evening. Montessori vs Traditiogne Montessori philosophy differs from traditional schools in many Wail Children enjoy complete freedom of choice and select their own activities from the scientifically prepared environment. Children are grouped in multi= ‘age groups spanning two to three years. Multiage classrooms serve to encourage cooperation, minimize competition, provide opportunities for indirect learning for younger students as they observe older peers, foster self-confidence in students who serve as role models, and provide long-term child/adult relationships. Educational materials are concrete to aid the child to lear order, to discriminate physical dimensions, provide ‘opportunities to teach responsibilty, coordination, and interdependence, and to indirectly prepare for complex abstract concepts. Each child initially responds to an inner urge to develop both knowledge and build identity through spontaneous activity which starts the course for individualized lessons. n your Montessori Diploma Mapreorivenience... ‘SEELS is franchisee of Montitute Intemational and holds the regional chapter of The Montessori League of Aisa (MLA) for Japan. We offers professional Montessori distance training programs throughout Japan. Our international Montessori training course is the perfect mix of distance education and Practical experience. The courses aim to train teachers and individuals, in Montessori method, at the comfort oftheir own homes, with convenience and without pressure, at their own ace. We believe that this are by far the most up-to-date, Comprehensive, convenient and cost effective distance education training course in Montessori teaching available anywhere in the world ri with Distance Learning Whiggeranice Educatreaig itever man knows today was discovered by someone for the first time outside the classroom”. By quoting the above statement, we do not intend to undermine the importance of classrooms or leaming in conventional setting. Instead, we hope to make a point to those, who believe that learning can only take place in the classroom in the presence of a teacher only, that they may need toreconsider their point of view. Flexibility ‘The worldis turning busy day by day and our distance education programs are designed to serve the needs of busy but success oriented individuals. ‘Our ready-made fully coloured and highly illustrated training manuals save you hundreds of hours of dreadful work spent on preparing Montessori albums and taking notes of dictations given in conventional Montessori training programs. You can start or finish the course according toyour convenience at your own pace. Quality Our comprehensive, fully coloured and highly illustrated premium {uality Montessori training manuals are alife time resource for you. The manuals are portable, can easily be placed at an accessible location and consulted whenever required, rather than the handmade bulky traditional Montessori albums... carrying which requires enormous muscle power, and consulting them requires a week of mustering up courage as they are heavy, big and normally stored out of sight where they just get dusty. Affordability Similarly, you save hundreds of thousands of YEN which normally well-reputed Montessori training institutes charge along with travelling and dressing up expenses. Above all, it saves you the most precious thing... TIME... which you may spend positively on important things better known to you. Demand Montessori trained educators are in critical demand not just in Japan but all over the world. Due to a recent wave of parents’ increased concern with the education of their children, competition among private schools and a series of researches proving Montessori children to be performing better have soared up the demand for this system and individuals trained in it. There are just a few Montessori {raining nstitutesin Japan, fewerare the ones who genuinely train people in Montessori and whose diplomas are recognized. They are confined to big cities only and majority pf the population interested in becoming Montessori icators does not have access to them or cannot afford sm because of the expensive nature of these training Enters or other hindrances. Thus, Montessori distance cducation is the need of the hour in Japan. Our distance education training programs don't just allow you the freedom, flexibility, convenience, cost effectiveness, time saving and better learning but also lead you to a recognized diploma at the successful completion. = Motessori Early Childhood / Kindergarten (3 - 6) » ~ Join our Montessori Diploma Programs and enjoy lifetime teachingresources of superior quality and design! Our! are now updated and Printed on top quality paper these manuals seem to be ‘They arenow even more iilustrated with content matter revised and updated by Montessor's top experts, ‘The course work consists of which are sent to students at their homes. Each manual has an assignment at the end to be completed by the student at home. With the help of tutors, available on the phone and the internet, the students complete their assignments and send them back to their tutors for grading, Module 1: Introduction to Montessori This module introduces you to Montessori system and its uniqueness, It overwrites an all new philosophy over your existing beliefs regarding early childhood education. Having read it, you will be all praise for Dr. Montessori and her ‘method. Some of the topics covered in this module are: Life of Dr. Maria Montessori and Her Method Periods of Development & Sensitive Periods Howto PresentLessonsin Montessori Way Howto Organize and Manage @ Montessori classroom 090 9965 0290 | 03 6457 6191 Module 2: Exercises of Practical Life (EPL) This module contains an introduction to EPL and 81 step by step activities ranging from as simple as Pouring Water from a Jug to as complex as Washing a Collection of Dishes. These exercises, do not just, satisfy the child's strong urge to do things himself but also help him to develop a sense of order, enable him to concentrate, respect others, use fine motor skills, be gracious andbe controlled in movernent, Module 3: Exercises of Sensory Development Children need activities, which can directly engage their senses, for their maximum sensorial development. Along with building the theoretical base for sensorial exercises, this manual also contains almost 70 exercises for all the senses « which enable the child to discriminate, appreciate and i¥ understand his world better. < Module 4 & 6: Language & Phonics Exercises These modules contain Montessori phonies exercises and a comprehensive plan to practice 44 phonic sounds of English language along with their 140 different alphabetic representations, Further activities lead children through three lettered phonetic words (pink level), longer phonetic words (blue level), high frequency words (sight words), phonogramic words (green level) and finally total reading. Module 5 & 7: Exercises of Mathematics 1 & 2 Montessor’s math materials and exercises are considered to be her best work. Module § includes about 55 key Montessori activities like Number Rods, Sand Paper Numbers, Bead Material, Teen Boards, etc. Module 7 contains about 30 advanced exercises like Snake Games, Multiplication Board Stamp Game, etc. Module 8: Geography & History This menual contains dozens of interesting practical exercises and activities to enhance the chila’s understanding in geography andhistory. Module 9: Zoology, Botany & Science Expegiments This module contains a series of developmentally afjpropriate zoology and botany activities and science experiment EMobessori Early Childhood / Kindergarten (3 - 6) - Unlimited Accesso Hundreds of Montessori Training Videos / Montessori Material Presentations Videos Upon enrolment, our course management system allows hours of training videos. The precise handling and tion of Montesson matenals is the heart of Montessori training, and the course designers at Montitute understand its importance, Therefore, video presentations is and Handwork have been propared Science Experiment th extensions and Tnree-Period: and made available 3 Lessons. ivily ag ‘many times as you want. Pl amples Montessori training videos, at er » Mont dtute SS Sapan Social Enterprise English Language School (SEELS) Montitute, Japan - SEELS (Montitute Franchisee for Japan) 169-0051 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-Waseda 2-3-18 Japan Christian Center Rooms 13, 14 and 54 Phone: 03-6457-6191 URL: hitp:// Email: