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Sengoku Rance English v1.

0 patch


License and Disclaimer:

This English translation is released in good faith that it will not be abused.
By installing this software you agree to NOT distribute any part of this
translation together
with an illegal copy of Sengoku Rance, or any part thereof. You also agree to NOT
use any
part of this translation to help stimulate, promote or encourage the distribution
of illegal
copies of Sengoku Rance, or any part thereof. Please buy the game when you can.

By installing this software you also agree to NOT modify or redistribute any part
of this
software without previous written consent from Sengoku Rance English translation

This software contains scenes not suitable for minors. By installing this software,
you agree
that you are of legal age to view adult content according to laws in your country
and that you
are not offended by reading and watching scenes containing verbal, physical and
sexual violence
and detailed erotic acts.

This software is provided "as is". By installing this software you agree to not
hold Alicesoft or
the Sengoku Rance English translation staff liable for any ill effects or damages
that could
occur through the installation or use of this software. This translation is a fan-
product. It is
in no way approved or endorsed by Alicesoft or any person, company or organization
who owns the
rights to Sengoku Rance or any part thereof. No guarantees or warranties of any
kind are
provided in relation to this translation or any part thereof.


This patch includes:

* Translation:
o All routes
o All character events
o All dungeon related events
o All Alicesoft staff room comments
o Miscellaneous events
o Commander abilities
o Country commands
o Items
o Images

Known issues/unfixed bugs:

* Some country and commander names are left in Japanese to keep the game from
* Overflowing text which goes to the fourth line and beyond.
* Chopped text
* If the font looks unusual in Windows XP, make sure that the MS Gothic and MS
Mincho fonts are
installed within the Windows "Fonts" directory.
* Untranslated Japanese text or SJIS characters will look garbled in the
English locale.
* The installer renames the saves to make them compatible with the English
You may want to make a backup just in case.
* The installer only works on Win2000 and above due to Unicode filenames.
* There have been reports of saves not appearing in other locales.
If this happens, run the game using AppLocale.
* Save copying from a Japanese installation using VirtualStore on Windows Vista
is not supported.



* TakaJun (Translation and Beta Testing)

* zalas and phiber (Tools and Programming)
* Kjoery, SlashZero, and TRA (Editing and Beta Testing)
* Vivio (Image Editing)
* ArchDemon (Installer and Hacking)
* Ark, Fluorite, and Balcerzak (Beta Testing)


#wankotl on irchighway