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, • Departme~tor Justice
g Enforcement Administration
I,. File No. 2. G-DEP Identifier
3. File TItle
COFIELD, Joseph D •
... PagC3
5. Program CoOO 6. Date Prepared
November 11, 1997

TFA Gambill were behind a brown pick-up truck which was directly behind the target
vehicle. A uniform cruiser carne up from behind the target with the emergency lights
activated. The cruiser, driven by Officer Riggins, went into the other lane to pass S/A
McCoy and TFA Gambill at which time Joseph COFIELD exited the Olds Cutlass and began
running north on Highland Avenue while agents and officers gave chase of the target on
foot. The target ran around a house and headed west on Third Street and then headed south
through a yard back towards his vehicle. As COFIELD was being apprehended at 4:33 pm he
began yelling "I don't have anything but I don't have a license." COFIELD was searched,
handcuffed with his hands behind him and placed in the rear of Officer Riggins' uniform
car. Prior to placing COFIELD in his vehicle, Officer Riggins pulled up his seat to be
certain that no contraband had been left there by another prisoner.

7. Agents and officers retraced COFIELD's steps first finding COFIELD's pager and then
finding a bag containing approximately one ounce of crack cocaine about fifty feet from
where COFIELD was apprehended. COFIELD was transported to the Warren Police Department by
Officer Riggins. Upon removing COFIELD from his vehicle Officer Riggins located small
pieces of crack cocaine on the floor of his vehicle and a partially chewed plastic bag
containing more crack cocaine under the seat where COFIELD had been sitting. Neither had
been there prior to COFIELD being placed in the car. The coat that COFIELD was wearing
appeared to have traces of wet cocaine around the zipper area on the front. Small pieces
of crack cocaine were also found in the front jacket pocket by Officer Riggins.

8. COFIELD was placed in the Warren Police holding cell. Prior to being interviewed,
COFIELD asked for water and said he was not feeling well. COFIELD was removed from the
cell to be fingerprinted and interviewed. COFIELD 'was mirandized by Agent McCoy as
witnessed by TFA Gambill. COFIELD stated he understood his rights. COFIELD was asked if
he was feeling well. He stated he was and did not need medical attention. COFIELD was
asked how much crack he had eaten. He replied that if the Agents told him how much they
found he could tell them how much he ate. When told that it was about nine grams, he
decllned to answer how much he had eaten. COFIELD was asked about the bag of crack found
on the ground near his arrest. He responded that the agents couldn't prove that "the
ounce" belonged to him. The agents asked COFIELD how he knew that they had retrieved' an
ounce of crack since the agents hadn't mentioned an amount. Thereafter COFIELD stated
that he had received $1,000.00 to pick up an ounce of crack cocaine for someone. He did
not have any crack so he picked it up from his source of supply and was enroute to deliver
it when he was stopped. COFIELD supplied the names of both his source of supply and the
intended recipient but declined to give a written statement. Thereafter COFIELD was held
on State of Ohio Drug Trafficking charges filed by the Warren Police Department.

9. COFIELD's vehicle was towed to the Warren Police Department to initial forfeiture
proceedings (see SSF).

DEAForm 6a
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(Jul. 1996) -
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