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by Dieonik

V1.6 For 5E
Tarokka Master: Specialization:
Starting at 1st level, you may choose a
Tarokka Masters possess a deck of cards that Specialization.
have been blessed or cursed by their ancestors.
These cards have special powers only a Master Expertise:
would know how to use. The Tarokka are
broken into the suits of Swords, Stars, Coins, At 1st level choose two of your skill
and Glyphs. Dealers are able to pick their proficiencies. Your proficiency bonus is doubled
favorite cards and attune to them to enhance for any ability check you make that uses either
their abilities beyond what any commoner of the chosen proficiencies.
could possess. At 6th level, you can choose two more of your
prophecies to gain this benefit.
Class Features:
Hit Points
Unarmored Defense:
Hit Die: 1d10 Beginning at 1st level, while you are wearing no
armor, your AC equals 10+ your charisma
Hit Points at 1st level: 10 + your Constitution modifier + your constitution modifier.

Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your You may use this feature a number of times
Constitution modifier per Tarokka Dealer level reflected by the character progression chart.
after first. Uses are regained after a short or long rest.

Proficiencies: Light Foot:

Armor: none Starting at 2nd level, gain an additional 10 feet
to your movement speed.
Weapons: Martial Weapons, simple weapons.

Tools: Playing Cards Swords Roulette:

Saving Throws: Constitution and Charisma Starting at 2rd level, as an action, the suit of
swords surrounds you, circling you rapidly. A
Skills: Choose four from Acrobatics, Athletics, weapon card floats in front of you while all the
Deception, Insight, Arcana, Survival, Perception, others float together and back into your card
Performance, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, and pouch. You reach into the card in front of you
Stealth. and pull out the following weapon chosen by a
d10 roll.
Equipment: You start with the following
equipment, in addition to the equipment
granted by your background.
1. Giant Knife This large dagger deals
A deck of Tarokka cards. 2d4 slashing damage
A set of common clothes. 2. Wolfs Head Spear This weapon makes
A two-handed weapon of your choice. a bite attack dealing 1d10 piercing
A dagger. 3. Very Longsword- This sword deals 1d6
slashing and has reach
4. Harvest Sickle This sickle deals 1d10 5. A snake-styled whip. When this whip is
slashing damage summoned make a weapon attack, on
5. Snake Whip This whip deals 1d6 hit a target creature takes 1d12 poison
poison damage and has reach damage as the snake spits on it.
6. Fog Hands This Hand deals 1d10
force damage and has reach 6. A mystical fog that wraps around your
7. Black Lance This Lance deals 2d4 hands. When this weapon is
piercing damage and has reach summoned, a target creature must
8. Slug Tongue This giant saw deals make a DC 17 Dexterity saving throw or
1d12 slashing damage is pulled to you taking 1d10 force
9. Bat Wing Glaive - This glaive deals 2d6 damage.
slashing damage
10. The Shadow This weapon deals 2d8 7. A thick black lance. When summoned,
force damage and has reach this lance pushes creatures in a 15 foot
_________________________ line front of you back 5 feet and deals
1. A giant kitchen knife. When summoned, 1d4 piercing damage.
two hostile creatures within sight must
make a DC 15 wisdom saving throw or 8. A giant organic saw. When summoned,
start to bleed from the eyes, taking 1d6 creatures in a 10 foot line in front of
psychic damage and becoming blinded. you take 1d12 slashing damage.

2. A dire wolfs head pierced by a spear. 9. A giant ring that requires two hands to
This head acts as if alive and when carry, surrounded by razor sharp bat
summoned will attempt to bite down wings. When this weapon is summoned,
on a target creature, the creature must gain fly with a movement for 30. Non-
succeed a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw friendly creatures have disadvantage
or become grappled by the head, you when targeting you within 10 feet of
may only make attacks against the you.
grappled creature until it dies or breaks
grapple. You may use the weapon as 10. A shadow, your shadow. When
normal if a creature is not grappled. summoned, your shadow wraps around
your fists and stretches toward a target
3. A very long two handed curved blade. creature within 25 feet. This creature
When summoned, hostile creatures in a must make a DC 14 dexterity saving
cone of 15 feet in front of you take 1d6 throw or takes 3d10 force damage.
slashing damage.

4. A giant sickle. When summoned, These weapons are considered magical and
creatures within 5 feet of you must versatile. These weapons require an action to
make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or summon and an action to dismiss. You may only
take 1d10 slashing damage and become have one weapon summoned at a time. You
prone. may use the Sword Roulette feature again after
a short or long rest. In addition at 3rd level you
may place a magical weapon of your choice into
a Wild Card and may summon this weapon ___________________________
instead of using the Sword Roulette feature.
You may replace or remove a Wild Card weapon Curse Dealer:
during a long rest. When either a Sword
Roulette or Wild Card weapon are summoned As a curse dealer, you wield misfortune. The
you cannot be disarmed. spirits that control the outcome of battle are
___________________________ especially cruel and take pleasure in the fear
they cause. These spirits sow havoc on the
Wild Card: battle field allowing you to take control of any
When a wild card weapon is summoned starting situation. Like the spirits you control you have
at 3rd level make a weapon attack with mastery over even the most difficult tools of
advantage. You may only use this feature again destruction. Pain and death await anyone who
after a short or long rest. crosses you.

Extra Attack: Bad Omen:

Starting at 5th level gain an extra weapon attack Starting at 1st level, add your charisma modifier
when you take the attack action on your turn. to your weapons damage as Force damage.
Additionally when you kill a creature, ravens
The number of attacks increases to three when tear out of their body and attack a hostel
you reach 11th level and four at 20th level in this creature within 30 feet of the body. Attacked
class. creatures take 1d6 psychic damage. This
damage increases to 1d4 slashing and 1d8
Great Weapon Fighting: psychic at 8th level and 1d8 slashing and 1d12
Starting at 7th level when you roll a 1 or 2 on a psychic at 12th level.
damage die for an attack you make with a Swords Master:
melee weapon, you can reroll the die and must
use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a Your Swords Roulette weapons have a mind of
2 their own. You may now command them to aid
you in battle. Starting at 3rd level, when a
weapon attack hits as a bonus action you may
roll a d10, activate the correlating numbers
Sword Roulette weapon effect. If the effect is
already active, roll again. Bat Wing Glaives
effects last until your next short rest.
The Witch:
Starting at 6th level, when you deal damage with
a weapon attack, bloody foot prints walk from
you to the next closest hostile creature. The
creature takes 2d10 psychic damage upon a
failed DC 15 wisdom save or half on a
successful one. If no other hostile creatures
exist, the foot prints take two steps from
you and stop.
Banshees Touch: ____________________________________
Starting at 8th level, when you deal damage to a Fortune Teller:
creature they dies unless they have more than
20 hit points. In addition, your weapon screams You are more than any mere Fortune Teller,
at the target creature on hit, giving other bring Fortune upon those around you. You see
creatures advantage on attacks made against the boon your allies have coming and ensure it
that creature until your next turn. becomes reality. You make sure everyone gets
whats coming to them, and for your enemies,
Seeing Things: its a terrifying experience.
Starting at 14th level, as an action, you toss your
Grand Boon:
weapon into the sky, and five come down
swinging at a target of your choice making five Starting at 1st level, you gain half your level in
weapon attacks against the target. Like magic, this class in max hit points on level up and gain
your weapon never left your hand. You may use +1 to AC while holding a weapon. In addition,
this feature once per short or long rest. gain your proficiency bonus in hit points on your
turn in combat.
Death Dealer:
The Bribe:
Starting at 18th level, as an action you may
summon the Executioner. A creature of Starting at 3th level, when you would be hit by
your choice must make a DC 16 wisdom an attack, coins pummel the attacker dealing
saving throw or mark off a failed death 1d6 force damage and 1d4 psychic as they
vanish. The creature has disadvantage on the
save. After use the creature makes this save
attack. Additionally, starting at 10th level if an
each turn until they succeed. On their third
attack is made on an ally within 30 feet of you,
failed save the creatures hit points become the attacking creature is pummeled by coins
0. You may use this feature once per long and takes 1d8 force damage, and 1d10 psychic
rest. A creature killed this way appears to as the coins vanish. These effects may only
be an empty husk, losing all bodily fluids if occur once per round of combat.
they had any.
Dark Guardian:
Starting at 6th level, when you or a friendly
creature within 10 feet of you is hit by an
attack, Dark Lord triggers on any friendly
creature within 10 feet. This effect takes place
after damage is taken and may only occur once
per turn of combat. Additionally, Dark Lord`s
effect is doubled on you each times it`s used.
These effects last until your next long rest.
Aggressive Taxation:
Level Proficiency Features
Starting at 8th level, as a reaction when a bonus
creature deals damage to an ally you can see,
Expertise, Unarmored
you may have that creature take the same
1 st
+2 Defense,
amount of damage they dealt, as psychic Specialization Feature.
damage. In addition, as a bonus action on your 2nd +2 Light Foot
turn you may have the same creature take the Swords Roulette

same amount of damage again as psychic 3rd +2 Wild Card,

Specialization Feature
damage. 4th +2 Ability Score
Double Dealer: 5th +3 Extra Attack

Starting at 14th level, as an action you summon Specialization Feature,

a blank card into an allies hand, when an ally 6 th
+3 Ability Score
uses this card as a bonus action they may Expertise
repeat the action they took on their previous 7th +3 Great Weapon
turn, ignoring spell slots or use limitations. You Fighting
may use this action again after a short or long 8th +3 Ability Score
rest. Specialization Feature
9th +4 ________________
The Veil:
10th +4 Ability Score
Starting at 18th level, gain resistance to Improvement
bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage. In 11th +4 Extra Attack(2)

addition, if a friendly creature within 10 feet of

12th +4 Ability Score
you would be brought to 0 hit points, they Improvement
instead take half damage and gain 4d4+4 hit 13th +5 __________________
14th +5 Ability Score
Specialization Feature
15th +5 ________________

16th +5 Ability Score

17th +6 __________________

18th +6 Ability Score

Specialization Feature
19th +6 _______________
20th +6 Extra Attack (3)