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Date: 2/11/17 Location: K323 Task being assessed: Students filming/taking photos in college Student Name: Charlotte

General Risk assessment Wilby, Becky Ung and Megan

Hazard Persons Worst Probability Risk Existing control measures taken What further control
Regardless of control measures at risk outcome Rating against the risk measures are required when
*1 *2 *3 A-E and by whom
This room has a lot of wires that St, Sf, V Min, Ps, Pr D Some of the wires have been To prevent anyone from
are attached to the lighting and Maj moved to the side to try prevent tripping over the wires, just
then where the speaker is anyone from being able to trip over before we film our vox pop,
connected to the camera which them and some lights have been any lighting or equipment we
someone of easily trip over if unplugged when theyre being are not using we will put to the
theyre not careful. used. side away from where our vox
pops will be walking so that
they cannot fall or injure
themselves and the wires we do
use we will be extra careful by
making sure they are not in any
position to injure someone. To
be extra careful we will make
sure that a member of staff is
nearby at all times who is first
aid trained.

The blue screen could fall down St, V Ps E The blue screen just about touches In order to prevent this will
onto the people doing our vox Min or almost touches the floor, but also position them correctly with
pops if they step on the bottom of if they are not careful they could enough space for them to stand
the sheet. and if they do step the side or
step on the screen and it could fall backwards they dont step on
on them. the screen, also we will have a
technician close by so that if it
is to fall we can safely get the
screen put back on if it is to
*1 *2 This is without control measures *3 This is with control measures in place
Sf = staff D = people with disabilities F = fatal Fr = frequent/likely/could occur repeatedly/expected
St = students X = young/inexperienced Maj = major injury or permanent disability Pr = probable/not surprised/might occur often
Cr = contractors L = lone workers Min = minor injury Ps = possible/could occur sometime
Cl = cleaners W = women of child-bearing NR = non-reportable R = remote/unlikely but conceivable
V = visitors age U = unlikely/improbable such that likelihood is almost zero

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