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Substation Primary System Innovation Electropar High Voltage Underhung Busbar System Test Rig Powerlabs, Vancouver, Canada 2009

Short Circuit Tested Substation Busbars & Fittings 11kV - 500kV to 63kA / 1 Second
November - Issue 9.2

5kA and 40kA/3s fault levels. The Beca work was then peer reviewed by Maunsell prior to Christmas 2008. to provide an additional level of confidence a finite element analysis (FEA) was completed to further verify critical load points within the system. On the strength of a convincing commercial argument.Special Feature . The commercial argument was based on the reduction in quantity of foundations/ civil works in addition to shrinking the footprint of the air insulated switchyard. electrical equipment and real estate was substantial enough to warrant the investment in a development programme. the two Company’s have embarked upon a programme to mathematically validate and then short circuit test a full size bay width of phase to phase insulated 220kV 200mm OD (4000amp) busbar and interplant connections at 25kA. Before practical test could be considered though. 31. Vancouver.2 Special Feature .Special Feature .Special Feature . Financial analysis indicated that the cost saving in civil works. Transpower and Electropar desired to prove that phase to phase insulation in transmission substations is not just technically possible. Canada 2009 Grafoplast The world’s fastest cable marking kit ® .Special High Voltage Underhung Busbar System Transmission Assets. Subsequently all parties agreed that the mathematical calculations indicated the system would withstand the short circuit forces generated under Transpower’s worst case fault scenario. Together. the first milestone was to have the fundamental design elements examined and ratified by an independent and suitably qualified consultant. However. As a result of gaining agreement that technically the High Voltage Underhung Busbar System was feasible. it is the future of design for delivering the best value Substation Primary System Innovation Electropar High Voltage Underhung Busbar System Test Rig Powerlabs. The analysis centered around the mechanical withstand of the system and was completed by Beca Carter SHORT CIRCUIT TESTING PROJECT Phase To Phase Insulated (Auckland) in the third quarter of 2008. The testing took place at Powertech Lab’s During 2008 and 2009 Electropar has been working closely with Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP) Transpower NZ Ltd. on a ground breaking substation project. Practical short circuit testing of the busbar system. Stage 2 of the project has been completed.

These outcomes are achieved with a minimal loss of operational flexibility and have the potential to result a step-change for substation primary construction in NZ and Australia. still camera’s video and fibre optic sensors for data acquisition. The system performed in accordance with expectation and as a result the High rigid bus clamps and fittings. the testing has also verified the short circuit performance of other Asset critical components such as bus support posts. In all. including long duration tests at 40kA/3s. The method ELECTROPAR Engineering Department of calculation for short circuit performance of these asset critical components is already the subject of a CIGRE working group as calculation methodologies have historically differed between and within designers and asset owners. However. The successful testing underscores the performance of Electropar’s substation FINAL DESIGN HIGH POWER LABORATORY GLOBAL SEARCH ELECTROPAR Engineering Department THE POWER TO PERFORM .Special Feature . This footage. and used a combination of high speed camera’ NOVEL CONCEPT Andrew Renton TRANSPOWER INITIAL DESIGN Greg Barclay ELECTROPAR insulators and Electropar’s rigid bus/flexible conductor fittings so that the performance of all components of the system as would be installed in a real substation can be powertechlabs. steel support structures. Some incredible footage of HV systems under incredible short circuit loads has been collected as a result of the testing.Special Voltage Underhung Busbar System is being seriously considered for an upcoming greenfields 220kV site. 85 short circuit tests were completed over a 5 day test period between 25kA/0.High Voltage Underhung Busbar System in Vancouver. It also offers a substantial reduction in maintenance costs and improves access within the switchyard. in addition to verifying the performance of the high voltage underhung busbar system.Special Feature .com) in June 2009 after a global search for laboratory’s with capability to complete this challenging scope. jumper/dropper connections and systems and at the same time introduces a new concept in HV substation design and operation. and the strain data collected (1 Terabyte!) is currently undergoing detailed analysis.3s and 63kA/1sec. QUARTER SCALE TEST ELECTROPAR Auckland Laboratory The Electropar/Transpower project team were responsible for the measurement of the loads and displacements of the system under varying fault conditions. Electropar built a full bay of 220kV (see main photo) utilising Transpower’s standard cage type concrete foundations.Special Feature . For more information contact cameronw@electropar. Canada (http:/ /www. and has the potential to significantly lower capital cost of building substation assets. The new concept has been successfully tested. At Powertech Labs. post Phase To Phase Insulated 3 Special Feature .

Mt Western Development Project TransGrid 500kV Investment NSW 500kV Substation Case Study IEC 61284 at Electropar’s independently accredited high current lab has been completed Other components and assembly’s used at Bayswater. testing and product traceability from source material. and is a combination of augmenting existing 330kV stations and construction of new Greenfield’s 500/330kV substation sites. fittings for Bayswater and Mt Piper in June 2007 Identical primary scopes for . Both Bannaby and Wollar will be completed by United Group later in 2009. This capital works project scope known as the “Western 500kV Development” is one of the largest ever seen in Australia. Electropar is delighted to have played a part in the development of these critical assets for the NSW transmission network alongside United Group Infrastructure. Bannaby and Wollar sites. Not only have these four projects been some of the largest ever completed by United Group Infrastructure and Electropar. strung bus and interplant equipment conductor Early in 2007 United Group Infrastructure were awarded an important Design and Construct contract to build four large 500/330kV substations at the Bayswater. For more information contact cameronw@electropar. Electropar CEO Grant Wallace comments that “Electropar has learned a great deal from the 500/330kV work completed in NSW with United Group Infrastructure for TransGrid. The team is very proud to have been involved. Bannaby and Wollar have utilised Intellectual Property from TransGrid’s existing catalogue of 500kV components and assembly’s. Mt Delivered by United Group Ltd and Electropar New South Wales Transmission Service Provider (TNSP) TransGrid has continued to invest heavily in development of its 500/330kV Substation Assets over 2007/2008/2009. In turn. United Group Infrastructure awarded Electropar an initial contract for all of the 500/330kV tubular bus. and the contract has lifted our game in many facets of our business including design. The Bayswater and Mt Piper sites are now energised with Bannaby well progressed in terms of construction and Wollar at 50% civil works stage. they have also been some of the most technically complex. Bannaby and Wollar were then awarded by United Group Infrastructure to Electropar in 2008. The combination approach to test new assembly’s and rely on TransGrid’s existing 500kV in service experience has been a successful one designed by United Group Infrastructure around engineering best practice for delivering EHV assets. A large number of new components and assembly’s have been developed for the works and to substantiate their performance RIV testing at CSIRO in Sydney and electrical type testing to Grafoplast The world’s fastest cable marking kit ® .

Figure 1 demonstrates the multiple torque shear concept. providing the correct selection tool selection : an 6mm or 8mm Allen Key or a 13mm or 17mm socket. the benefit of a range taking shearbolt fitting is that a smaller number of stock items will provide a very wide range of coverage for LV / MV conductors. The GPH shearbolt connectors and terminals are a Second Generation development of the technology. against the conductor size and type. yet leave large conductors largely un-compressed. contact your local Electropar Sales Office For more information. Each fitting is packed with step by step instructions.Electropar Adds Shearbolts to Utility Market Offering Electropar is pleased to announce that the Company has been appointed exclusive distributors for Shearbolt connectors manufactured by Nexans (GPH) of Germany.GPH 5 Figure 1: Stock Standard Item 95-185mm2 Copper Shearbolt Terminal Application of Shearbolts DOES require Intelligence! An important issue for Network Engineers to understand is that correct conductor compression must take place within shearbolt connector. The First Generation relied on a single torque shear. within the specified range taking for a Conductors) ** Items designated can also be utilised in 11kV and 22kV cable joints Commercially. Electropar will be pleased to provide copies of tests for all the GPH products upon request. The products stocked for both joints and terminals have the following range taking ability (note that the same connector can be used on Copper and Aluminium Shearbolt Fittings Range Taking Ability for Copper and Aluminium Conductors GPH Shearbolt Joints and Terminal Lugs will suit Aluminium Conductors as follows 16 to 35mm2 25 to 95mm2 35 to 185mm2 120 to 240mm2 120 to 300mm2** 400 to 630mm2** GPH Shearbolt Joints and Terminal Lugs will suit Copper Conductors as follows 10 to 25mm2 25 to 95mm2 25 to 150mm2 120 to 185mm2 120 to 185mm2** 400 to 150mm2** The Electropar Shearbolt Range of Links & Lugs Shear Bolt Connectors . All individual sizes in the GPH product range have been tested under the International Standard IEC/EN All connectors and terminals stocked at Electropar are water blocked with a tinned surface finish. For more information. This is achieved by use of an advanced design of shear bolt that still uses standard tools. Figure 2: GPH Multiple Torque Shear Concept for 95mm2 – 240mm2 Copper Terminal Each connector is packed with coloured spacers which should be used with smaller conductors to ensure the conductor is concentric within the connector complete with pictorial selection instructions. contact: chrisb@electropar. Competitively priced LV and MV shear bolt terminal and connectors for 16mm2 to 630mm2 Aluminium conductor and 10mm2 to 500mm2 Copper conductor will shortly be available from Electropar’s inventory in Auckland/ Wellington and Christchurch. The Second Generation technology introduces multiple torque shear for perfect installation on every conductor within the range of the connector. THE POWER TO PERFORM . Networks that have a mixture of old imperial and modern metric conductors within their underground cable network can be especially advantaged. This was found to overcompress small conductors.

It does not need a separate 240V transformer. There is anecdotal evidence that suggests overhead line conductors do clash under violent fault conditions and damage occurs to important network equipment in the vicinity of the fault as well as at zone substations. voltage. Figure 2. Test parameters included substation transformer size. The 1% where the algorithm cannot conclusively determine if a fault exists occurs when the fault currents coincide with high load currents. Otherwise IntelliRupter closes to restore service. How Does The IntelliRupter PulseClosing Technology Work? Figure 2 shows the current pulse generated by PulseClosing. Using a Monte Carlo analysis the PulseClosing Algorithm was determined to be 99% accurate. location. In these cases IntelliRupter will close with the energy let-through being very close to that of the load. line segment length. overhead vs. padmount and zone substation transformers S&C new Electric has developed a technology that supersedes The Next Generation Distribution Switchgear Figure 3. The opposite-polarity pulse detects magnetizing inrush current. The wave forms in Figures 1 and 2 show the difference between PulseClosing Technology and reclosing. With IntelliRupter’s PulseClosing technology fault I2t let-through is typically less than 2% compared to a conventional reclose. varying over 30 power system characteristics. The secret of the IntelliRupter lies in a new magnetic actuator design that closes the device precisely point on wave. persistence. This pulse is analyzed by IntelliRupter’s integrated Control Module using IntelliRupter’s unique PulseClosing Algorithm. Conventional reclosing in response to a permanent fault. fault current. Grafoplast The world’s fastest cable marking kit ® . the Modules for Figure 1. The algorithm determines from the current pulse if the circuit is faulted. if the transformer is not faulted. The equipment that delivers the PulseClosing Technology is called the S&C IntelliRupter. If a fault is detected the IntelliRupter remains open and resumes timing or goes to lockout. Easy Up Easy On! IntelliRupter has its own power source and inbuilt control and communication modules. Pulseclosing in response to a permanent fault. After initial installation. The analysis included more than 40. re-transmitting large fault currents on to their Networks. IntelliRupter closes.000 cases.instead of a BANG! The launch of S&C’s IntelliRupter Pulsecloser has stimulated an interesting discussion between Engineers in NZ Power Distribution Companies about the damage done by reclosers. grounding. General agreement exists around the fact that the biggest risk is damage to polemount. underground. IntelliRupter with integral interlocked disconnects reclosing:“PulseClosing™ Technology”. and load characteristics. to give a 5 millisecond current pulse for testing of fault conditions.6 The S&C IntelliRupter ® PulseCloser The S&C IntelliRupter PulseCloser Fault Testing with a Pulse …. control box and lots of electrical spaghetti! Figure 3 shows an IntelliRupter with factory installed surge arrestors and an interlocked disconnect that provide a visual break for the linestaff working around the device.

Electropar is now specifying IntelliRupters with the smart IntelliTEAM II® Control option. When the timer expires. the tie device closes in and further reconfiguration can proceed as usual. reconfiguration of the IntelliRupter settings can be completed via a wireless connection with a PC. In the field. for IntelliTEAM II Distributed Automation projects that are being proposed for a number of NZ Distribution Networks. A 33kV 50Hz model is under development. The rest of the loop system setup and operational characteristics remain the same as for a conventional loop. Stage 2: PulseClosing the Entire Loop In the Stage 1 case. Upon loss of voltage on either side of the tie. HEET THE POWER TO PERFORM . and SpeedNetTM peer-to-peer radios. IntelliRupters have 3-pole vacuum interrupters rated at 630 Amps continuous and 12. it may be beneficial to issue additional PulseCloses over a period of time to give the fault a longer chance to disappear. For a detailed explanation of the IntelliRupter in loop control and more complex careful co-ordination Figure 4: 11kV IntelliRupter Fitted With Distribution Class Surge Arrestors Figure 6: IntelliRupter Communication & Control Module Being Removed of reclosers is required and feeder A will see multiple voltage sags from the operation of A2.5kA fault interrupting capability. are all hot-stick removable for maintenance back in the depot if required. Feeder A will see no voltage sags beyond the initial fault and the line can be tested several times without disturbance to either feeder. if the fault persists. At the end of the sequence. refer to the Electropar “Network Automation” CD.The S&C IntelliRupter Reclosing Device PulseClosing Device ® The Next Generation Distribution Switchgear PulseCloser 7 Figure 5: IntelliRupter Application At Tie Point Control. Communications and Battery Back Up. 11kV and 22kV systems. Application Example #1: IntelliRupter as the Tie Point for Looped 11kV Distribution Feeder Stage 1: PulseClosing at the Tie Point Applying an IntelliRupter PulseCloser as the tie point in an otherwise conventional recloser loop system addresses the number one complaint about loop systems since the tie device will no longer reclose to test for faults. Whereas conventional loop systems require the tie device to lockout on the first trip to avoid multiple sags for the fault shown in figure 5. a PulseClose is issued to test the line. a timer is started. In stage 2 all reclosers can be replaced with IntelliRupter. The addional PulseCloses detect if the fault is still present without causing any further line If the fault is cleared at any time during the test squence. the tie device locks out without ever having closed into the fault or disturbing the unfaulted feeder. Electropar Has The Answers! The S&C IntelliRupter is suitable for NZ. available free from Electropar or contact Chris Burbridge on chrisb@electropar. The communications and control module need not be removed for this purpose.

2009 “Australasia’s Power Comes From Electropar’s Substation Interconnection Systems!” Western Australia Landwehr Substation Wagerup Substation Yandicoogina Substation Queensland Northern Territory Algester Substation Bagara Substation Belgian Gardens Sybstation Black River Substation Daandine Substation Fishermans Bend Substation Gladstone North Substation Glenella Substation Goodna Substation Greenbank Substation Greenbank Substation Exten. Powerlabs.500kV to 63kA / 1 Second Rowville Substation Bus Dandenong Valley Substation Rowville Substation Loy Yang Substation Dederang Substation Altona Substation South Moorang Substation Moorabool Substation Camberwell Substation Dandenong Valley Substation Waddamanna Substation Burnie Substation Cranbourne Terminal Station Eildon Substation Altona Substation Mt Beauty Substation Cranbourne Substation Rowville Substation Loy Yang Substation (Bay 14) Cranbourne (Bay A) Redcliffs Substation Kermandie Substation Altona Substation Wodonga Substation Victoria Baranawartha Substation Dromana Substation Ballarat Substation Shepparton Substation Mt Beauty Substation Bendigo Substation Rowville Substation Terang Substation Redcliffs Substation Malvern Terminal Station Horsham Terminal Station Rowville Substation East Rowville Terminal Station Ringwood Substation Moorabool Substation East Burwood Substation Moorabool Substation South Morang Doreen Substation Waubra Substation Jeeralang Substation Mt Beauty Substation Keilor Terminal Station South Morang Terminal Stn THE POWER TO PERFORM The world’s fastest cable marking kit Electropar High Voltage Underhung Busbar System Test Rig.Electropar Australasian Substation Projects 1999 . Vancouver. Hail Creek Substation Kearneys Springs King Creek Substation Queensland Electropar NZ Projects Last 5 Years NZ Substation Albany Substation Albany Substation Arapuni Substation Bromley Substation Cromwell Substation Henderson Substation Huapai Substation Huntly Substation Huntly Substation Islington / Kikiwa Substation Islington Substation Islington Substation SVC Bus Kaitimako Substation Kiapoi Substation Kiwi Dairy Company Bus Mangere Substation Mokai Substation Ohinewai Substation Otahuhu Power Station Bus Pakuranga Substation Bus Poihipi Rd Substation Bus Tuai Power Station Tuai Substation Waiotahi Substation Wairakei Substation Wairakei Substation Wairau Rd Substation Whangamata Substation Loganlea Substation Lytton Substation Ooonoonba Substation Palmwoods Substation Point Curtis Substation Point Vernon Substation Postmans Ridge Substation Rocky Street Substation Stony Creek Substation Strathmore Substation Sunrise Substation Teebar Substation Woolooga Substation Details Queensland Western Australia New South Wales Armidale SVC Substation Bairnsdale Substation Bannaby Substation Bayswater Substation Blacktown Substation Cadia Substation Bus Colongra Substation Green Square Substation Hunter River Pumping Stn Mt Piper Substation Mullimbimby Substation Roselle Substation Terranora Substation Wollar Substation Yass Substation South Australia 220kV Substation Bus and Fittings 20kV SVC Busbar System (Nokian) 110kV Bus System 11kV tertiary Bus System 220kV Bus System 220kV Bus System 220kV Bus System 220kV Bus System 220kV Bus Extension 220kV Substation Bus and Fittings 220kV Substation Bus and Fittings 220kV Bus System 110kV Substation System 110kV Busbar and Fittings 110kV Bus System 33kV Bus System 110kV Bus System 220kV Bus System 220kV Bus System 110kV Bus System 110kV Bus System 110kV Bus System 110kV Bus System 220kV Bus System 220kV Bus System 220kV Substation Bus and Fittings 33kV Bus System 66kV Bus System New South Wales South Australia Victoria Cherry Gardens Substation Happy Valley Substation Le Fevre Substation Makota Substation Northfield Substation Olympic Dam (1999) Olympic Dam (2008) P3C Substation Penola West Substation Portland Substation Prominent Hill Roseworthy Substation Snowtown Substation Torrens Island North Sub Stn Torrens Island Power Stn Tungkillo Substation Victoria Tasmania Georgetown Substation Mowbray Substation Sheffield Substation Zeehan Substation Tasmania Substation Primary System Innovation Short Circuit Tested Substation Busbars & Fittings 11kV . Canada 2009 Grafoplast ® .

00 12. based on Figure 3: S&C Universal Interface network configuration the S&C Electric’s Case Study : SAIDI & SAIFI Improvement Module (UIM) Reliability Analysis demonstrates how at Powerco’s Bell Block Segment the “biggest bang for buck” is achieved Powerco nominated a segment of the by deploying traditional Distribution Powerco Network at Bell Block in Taranaki. all Fitted With IntelliTEAM Controllers past this technology we have shown how the line has been ckfeed CX Switch With IntelliTEAM Controllers to PulseClosing (with divided into “Teams”. Electropar is working on pilot projects with two NZ Power Distribution Companies that plan to incorporate IntelliTEAM II into their Smartgrid vision.00 6. distributed-intelligence-based fault isolation & reconfiguration system. can be seen for the S&C has moved two stages. additional CX switches with IntelliTEAM II fitted (breaking feeders into 4 segments) existing automated “Teams” on the feeder. built in IntelliTEAM back to its own “Team”. Whilst Analysis Software. switches or reclosers. Grafoplast The world’s fastest cable marking kit ® elliTEAM II. . S&C’s IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System has been proven in many North American Networks.Feeders just fitted with manual switches.STAGE 1 .Existing Feeders with Nova Recloser and Backfeed CX Switch IntelliTEAM II could automatically In recent years traditional distribution CX Switch.Existing reclosers fitted with UIM and IntelliTEAM II. The via the UIM. For the Bell Block 8 feeder. Bell Block CB2 Bell Block CB8 ALL Feeder Figure 2: Bell Block SAIFI Analysis with Deployment of Reclosers and IntelliTEAM II Electropar has been Each IED is equipped with 3-phase VT’s 20. all Fitted With IntelliTEAM line sections.Existing reclosers fitted with UIM and IntelliTEAM II Module additional CX switches with IntelliTEAM II fitted along the feeder for automatic backfeeding. The insertion of new SAIFI SAIDI switch points.10 S&C’s IntelliTEAM II ® IntelliTEAM II The Ultimate Self-Healing Network able to demonstrate the effects of automatic backfeeding on SAIFI & SAIDI performance. S&C’s IntelliRupter).81 faulted sections2480 Existing 4. location of existing devices etc) provided by Powerco.95 1186 4 Powerco selected two main feeders from on 4144 12.23 8.Existing Feeders with Nova Recloser and backfeeding opportunities that Controllers Reliability of the Backfeed CX Switch. is illustrated in Figures 1 and 2. with a proven history of SAIDI and SAIFI reduction. Effectively.0 serial communication protocol and this is the main criteria for selection of suitability of non S&C devices for transformation to an IED status through an S&C UIM.00 2. additional CX switches with IntelliTEAM II fitted (breaking feeders into 4 segments) ng.00 0.29 1287 4 Substation Circuit Breakers CB2 and CB8 Switching Equipment can be improved16.00 10.64 SAIDI and SAIFI in terms of Block CB2 3764 11. scalable. extra switching points can good test of the IntelliTEAM II system to Bell Block segment turned out to be an provide both extra sectionalizing and resolve long standing issues with SAIDI & ideal candidate for IntelliTEAM II because backfeeding capability to the unfaulted SAIFI values.00 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 Avg Cust Interruptions 8. segment and effect SAIFI SAIFI SAIDI SAIDI Segments SAIFI Segments MTTS 180 minutes OTHER SHEETS ARE LINKED TO THIS ONE Feeder Bellof these 15. Without With Current With Each feeder With IntelliTEAM Universal Interface is essentially a software agent that can * With Current Recl Deployment (EXISTING SITE) .00 Avg Cust Minutes Lost 500 0 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 Avg Cust Minutes Lost 500 0 ecloser.00 16. The analysis was based on a two stage roll out of the IntelliTEAM II solution. through the other “Coaches”. Reliability . II smart technology.11 sectionalising of 3118 ALL 8. with over one hundred different customers and thousands of switching points worldwide.91 2372 2 3. State of the Art SMARTGRID The S&C Electric Company’s IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System is the world’s only self-healing. determine voltage status and ability to together with some share excess capacity from alternative new IntelliRupters with sources.00 4.00 14.37 3939 11. which had been positioned provide automated Current Without With With IntelliTEAM II With IntelliTEAM II Without With Current With IntelliTEAM II With IntelliTEAM II DA or Recl Recl Deployment Stage 1 Stage 2 DA or Recl Recl Deployment Stage 1 Stage 2 backfeeding by for maximum effect using the Reliability themselves.27 1232 seen as segments Bell Block 2 & Bell part of IntelliTeam Reclosers cannot Block 8 in Figure 4. ckfeed CX Switch.26 2976 7. All IntelliTEAM II IED’s utilize DNP 3.00 18. elliTEAM II ng. . Electropar calculated the SAIDI and SAIFI values in Figs 1 & 2 for Bell Block by analyzing network data (line segment length.IntelliTEAM II fitted with an existingIIrecloser. Each SAIDI the use of the S&C “Team” has a “Coach”.45 3284 Bell Block CB8 17. Each Coach can additional CX switches with IntelliTEAM II fitted along the feeder for automatic backfeeding. One of those Companies is Powerco (New Plymouth) where Ken Pattie and his team are planning to use IntelliTEAM II to dramatically improve their SAIDI and SAIFI performance at Bell Block. Each “Coach” * Without DA or Reclosers . Automation technologies as well as With limitless automatic control ability as they considered this area would be a IntelliTEAM II / SmartGrid solutions.69 2608 2 4. introducing UIM’s to Coaches” and through them. Hence How will the Network Segment be made Bell and Without With Current DA or Recl Stage 2 MTTR 300 to perform? MAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO THESE VARIABLES ON THIS SH minutes ONLY & Block network SAIDI Recl Deployment theSAIFI Stage 1the dramatic SAIFISAIDISAIDI results. all Fitted With IntelliTEAM Controllers initiate and Additional Sectionalising within 60 reclosers had been added to the With IntelliTEAM II complete With IntelliTEAM II seconds. By communicate with neighbouring “Team * With IntelliTEAM II (PROPOSED STAGE 1) . With IntelliTEAM II Stage 2 MTTR 300 minutes ONLY MAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO THESE VARIABLES ON THIS SHEET existing reclosers can IntelliTEAM II: Now there is an “I” in IFI SAIDI Segments MTTS 180 minutes OTHER SHEETS ARE LINKED TO THIS ONE 95 1186 4 beFeeder transformed CB2into Team! CB8 Feeder 4 Bell Block CB2 Bell Block CB8 ALL Bell Block Bell Block ALL 29 1287 11 1232 Intelligent Electronic A “Team” is a line segment bounded Figure 1: Bell Block SAIFI Analysis with Deployment of Reclosers and IntelliTEAM II Devices (IED’s) by by IntelliTEAM II enabled devices. all the * With IntelliTEAM II (PROPOSED STAGE 2) .STAGE 2 . DA or Recl Recl Deployment Stage 1 Stage 2 (UIM). number of customers on each segment.

which operates in the 921 to 928kHz public bandwidth. Peer to Peer Communication: SpeedNet for SmartGrid & AMI For IntelliTEAM II systems in NZ. it can optimize alternative supply configurations within seconds and in times of crisis can handle multiple simultaneous faults. One North American utility began with just a few switch points. Whatever is installed Bell Block 8 Team 7 CB2 419 141 70 86 292 Team 6 Team 5 3305 294 Bell Block 2 CB8 316 480 456 35 539 275 190 359 Team 8 6610 340 109 110 Team 3 80 284 386 6876 63 371 New Switch 4 588 72 97 464 106 New Switch 5 184 268 248 82 New Switch 3 308 45 327 355 Team 4 523 239 548 140 118 483 344 350 305 390 331 Figure 4: Powerco IntelliTEAM Stage 2: Bell Block points.& CT’s. The other priority levels can be used for “smart metering” or AMI data allowing SpeedNet to can be used for the communication backbone supplying or backhauling information to/from smart meter networks. Today they have over 600 switch points using IntelliTEAM II. Unlike a human controller though. Figure 5: SpeedNet Radio Module Figure 6: SpeedNet Pole Top Repeater Unit . In the event of a feeder failure. within 60 seconds. thereby having instantaneous power demand knowledge. The highest priority is for IntelliTEAM automation use. but communicates with SCADA and can be overridden by the SCADA SpeedNet provides THE POWER TO PERFORM 347 a secure network using spread spectrum frequency hopping technology developed for the US military and other security measures. Find out how IntelliTEAM II will benefit Your Network The Electropar Team has put together an interactive CD with comprehensive information on IntelliTEAM II. can be utilised to widen the scope for IntelliTEAM II in the future. It is smart enough to know limitations on how much current each Team can gain from alternative sources and which customers have priority of supply. If you would like a free copy of this CD. this channel will be given priority. SpeedNet enables peer-to-peer communication between IED”s and also with the zone substation. data is returned to the master station by RTU or fibre if available SpeedNet’s high speed and low latency provide unmatched bandwidth in an unlicensed radio. Canada giving their own experience of IntelliTeam II for a North American Smart Grid seminar during 2008. From the zone substation. please ask Chris Burbridge at chrisb@electropar. It is used as an IP addressable device for communication between IED’s or to/from the SCADA control room. SpeedNet also includes priority messaging to ensure critical data get through as fast as possible. this includes Case Studies such as a presentation made by Enmax of Calgary. IntelliTEAM II can work in minor loop control schemes with just a few switches or grow limitlessly as new teams are added to communicate with existing ones. to supply all but the affected line segment. for decision making in times of crisis. IntelliTEAM II is able to rearrange normally open/normally closed The Ultimate Self Healing Network 445 501 6506 510 6495 443 Team 2 S&C’s IntelliTeam II ® 11 STAGE 2 242 360 281 324 321 6505 6507 391 75 New Switch 1 159 68 453 New Switch 2 8531 Team 1 505 279 253 296 285 418 301 299 77 431 IntelliTEAM II is Scalable – Start as Big or Small as you like! Powerco have welcomed the opportunity for a pilot to be established so that the principle and operation can be proven within the Network. Electropar is utilising the latest high speed S&C SpeedNet Radio communication device. IntelliTEAM II works independently of SCADA.

The loss of the 220 kV ASB-TIM-TWZ circuit is the worst n-1 contingency. The 220kV backbone that incorporates the Ashburton (ASB) site runs from Strung Bus Busbar Welded Terminal Conductor Earth Point Post Mounted Conductor Support Bolted Run Tee Connector Compression Terminals Midspan Bolted Busbar Splice Sliding Busbar Support Welded Busbar End Terminal Flexible Bus Tubular Aluminium Busbar Grafoplast The world’s fastest cable marking kit ® . The project is a fast tracked brownfields initiative. installation contractor and customers. and close coordination between Transpower’s system planners. together with AECOM and Transfield Services have executed a complex substation re-enforcement project at the important Ashburton Grid Exit Point (GXP). Prior to re-enforcement. It has included a complex outage methodology. the existing system configuration had one circuit of the double circuit CCH .12 Ashburton 220kV Upgrade 90o Busbar Support Transpower Ashburton GXP Re-Enforcement New Zealand Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP) Transpower New Zealand Ltd. electricity generators. as the load at Bromley and Ashburton substations must then be supplied from Islington substation by three remaining 220 kV circuits from the Waitaki Valley. completed in just 12 months.TWZ 220kV line connected into Ashburton substation by an in-out loop.

com 13 Compression Terminals Compression Terminals Busbar Support & Compression Terminals Fixed Busbar Support Tubular Aluminium Busbar Tee Joint Conductor Spacers Busbar & Flexibiles THE POWER TO PERFORM Substation Isometric Drawings By AECOM . The system was supplied to site so that it simply bolted together without site welding. allowing the Suppliers. presentation. and to contribute their ideas before or at AECOM Don Wills on Don. Construction sequence. We get very positive feedback from them!” Don also notes that “it also addresses Safety by Design. Post re-enforcement the site now has four 220kV line connections and is configured in an H Bus arrangement (compact) with staggered bus couplers. Electropar’s role in the Ashburton project was manufacture and supply of the tubular aluminium busbars and fittings together with fittings for all interplant connections. a third bus section was also required. Contractors and Clients to see what’s proposed. the majority of outages were undertaken during weekend or holiday weekends over the 12 month period. For more information contact camw@electropar.Twizel (TWZ) to Timaru (TIM). Principal at AECOM’s Wellington office Don Wills comments that “3D is a highly productive and powerful tool. together with disconnection of all existing line circuits in combination with establishing new connections and maintaining Ashburton 220kV Upgrade supply at all times. as it addresses the design principles of visualization. with a summer peak. It ensures constructability.Wills@aecom. Practically. In order to meet a Grid Reliability Standards requirement to allow for a failure of a bus coupler breaker. and with 3D images of Electropar fittings created by AECOM as part of the process. then to Ashburton and finally to Islington (ISL) and Bromley (BRY) substations in Christchurch. This included specially designed connections for the bus end connection of the pantograph disconnectors and a customised bipod arrangement to accommodate back to back feeder from an existing main bus. the scope involved extending the switchyard to the west replacing 2 towers in the process. as it allows everyone to review the design from the different perspectives of A feature of the Ashburton project was the 3D CAD draughting of the site completed by Transpowers Design Service Provider AECOM. Maintenance and Operation”. Augmenting the Ashburton site was a tricky proposition as the substation carries a heavy irrigation load for Canterbury’s dairy industry. The 3D drawings supplied courtesy of AECOM and Transpower detailing the Ashburton site configuration have been overlaid with photos taken of the site where available. The project removed this contingency by bussing the second ISL-TIM-TWZ circuit. Due to operational constraints. and verification. Luke Crowe at AECOM NZ Ltd started applying 3D CAD work in 1995 and now apply the 3D techniques to all T&D projects.

Working in Creating a Powerful Transmission Line Package Via a partnership with A. For more information contact Cam Wallace at camw@electropar. Italy. The Company’s are very complimentary. tripe. Salvi & Co or Milan. and the “fit” between what each operation brings to complex Transmission Line Projects has proven to be a good one. STRAIN TOWER FITTINGS SUSPENSION TOWER FITTINGS Electropar manufactures / designs or supplies the Transmission Line essentials! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Compression Fittings Implosive Fittings Steel Forgings Yoke Plates Steel Hardware Helical Suspension Units Corona Rings Armour Rods Earthwire Assembly’s OPGW Assembly’s Spacer Dampers Stockbridge Dampers Polymer Longrod Insulators Porcelain Disk Insulators Glass Disk Insulators AAC. sag links AAC. AAAC Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Suspension and Deadend Suspension and Deadend Grafoplast The world’s fastest cable marking kit ® . ACSR. Quad bundles Extension Links. Salvi have incredible expertise at engineering customised transmission line Electropar . AAAC HDG & compliant with Charpy Notch Test HDG for twin. and are arguably the world leaders in vibration control in terms of stockbridge dampers and spacer dampers technology. ACSR. Electropar understands the demands of New Zealand and Australian Transmission N et work S e r v i c e Providers (TNSP’s) and is very familiar Electropar & Salvi Team Fulfilling Lines Company Needs For Over 50 Years! with the local performance requirements which are based largely on Australian Standard AS1154. Electropar can now offer the same elegant end to end package for transmission and distribution line projects as for substations. and sharing information and partnerships in terms of global sources of supply for simple components creates a powerful commercial package to back the technical expertise. ACSR. plate links. AAAC AAC.Transmission Line Experts! For some months Electropar and Salvi have been working closely together on some identifiable large projects that draw upon each organisations unique skills and competitive advantages.

Available in single configuration for Electropar Introduces New Range angles up to 300 and twin configuration for greater angles. If a “No Go” gauge fits the item being measured. Ball & Socket Gauges sampling plan. This work is done with our own set of calibrated Go/No Go gauges. The fit between ball and socket fittings is equally as critical and clevis and tongue but impossible to measure on site other than by fitting the two items together for a quick physical check.New Product Releases Ever looked at a transmission or a distribution or line hardware forged or cast fitting ball or socket and thought “how do I tell if this is exactly what it should be and it is OK?!” For some items. For example for a 160kN clevis. For more information contact your local Electropar office or mail@electropar. If a “Go” gauge fits the item being measured. it’s OK. the rubber insert is manufactured from ozone resistant EPDM rubber. Electropar has introduced it’s own range of Helical Suspension Units for AAC. we don’t just say “they are correct”. and certified as dimensionally correct to within 1000th of a To enhance it’s competitiveness for distribution and transmission line project packages. this type of inspection will prove only that the items don’t mechanically foul one another: it won’t prove compliance with the standard that defines the size and shape of the IEC16mm and 20mm ball and socket fittings. ACSR and AAAC conductors from 13mm to 35mm. it is a simple matter of measurement to prove that the fitting is dimensionally shown in the picture adjacent. to ensure that all ex production ball and socket fittings are dimensioned in accordance with relevant standards we sample test each batch of ball and socket forgings in accordance with a 15 Science behind Transmission Forgings Q. Enter Ball and Socket Go/No Go gauges! The principle of Go/No Go gauges is However. The Go/No Go gauges have been calibrated with a (cmm) post manufacture. When Electropar delivers ball and socket fittings.A. it is a case of measuring the width of the clevis and the diameter of the pin. the Electropar Helical Suspension Units are tested in accordance with the requirements of AS1154. we can prove it! For more information contact camw@electropar. Utilising industry standard aluminium alloy armour rods and a cast conductor Helical Suspension Units THE POWER TO PERFORM . something is amiss! At Electropar.

Thanks to successful long-standing partnerships with best in class international suppliers. insulators. G&B gear. Whether it’s connectors. surge protection.16 Power Distribution Equipment Electropar’s claim to be expert in the Power Distribution equipment arena is backed by some serious experience : the Company has been in the power line since the 1960’s!.electropar. linemans tools or Arc Flash the Electropar team have you covered! The Electropar Team have you Covered! New Zealand: Australia: Freephone: 0800 733 735 Freephone: 1800 141 502 www. the Electropar package is a powerful one. together with best practice R&D and manufacturing for underground and overhead distribution line and station Freefax: 0800 733 736 Freefax: 1800 141 503 email: .

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