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The American Dream: Whats the Goal

Podcast Script
Ellie Bromley, Lilli Hlavin, Ali Schuh, and Emma Weiss
Introduction (30-60 seconds)
Lilli: A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement - Bo Bennett

(Theme Song )

Ali: During the process of interviewing and researching, weve learned that people who reside in America and have had
good experiences growing up, have a goal that is in reach. But in some cases, people in America who are struggling or had
.struggled in the past, have more of a dream because at times what they wanted to achieve was out of reach

Ali: The question we are going to attempt to answer during this podcast is, what is the difference between an American
?dream and a goal

Ali: Now as we move into the next part of the podcast, I want you to listen carefully to the information we have collected and
?ask yourself: Is what the people are describing, more of a dream or more of a goal

Body (2-4 minutes)

sec - Body intro Song 10

Scarlett: People come here to find freedom and start a better chapter in their lives

Dawoud: I would have to say, lots of opportunity and being free

Alis Dad: The American dream to me, is finding a good wife, having a good job, being able able to own your own home,
being able to raise your family in as least as good of a situation that you were raised in if not better, having financial
independence so you dont have to rely on other people, and having your children go through college and come out without

Lucy: My American dream is, what I should say is I wasnt born her but when I was coming here I was looking for more
opportunities like work, get some, like go to school, go back to school, because it was easy for me to go back to school here.
Also for my children to continue with their education and achieve what they like in their education, and get some good work
.to do, like good places to work

Lilli: The definition of a dream is to contemplate the possibility of doing something. A dream is to think of something you
might want to accomplish or have in the future, but arent actively pursuing. A goal is the object of a persons ambition or
effort; an aim or desired result. This is the active effort achieving something that was probably once a dream. In the parts of
our interviews we have just shared with you, you may have been able to differentiate the dreams from the goals. You could
pick out the goals by looking at the achievable, already accomplished things like finding a wife and sending your kids to
college like Alis dad. And then there are the obvious dreams like Lucys, whos dream was to find more job and educational
opportunities. These are things she couldnt find in Kenya, the place where she was born, but her dream was to acquire
.these things so she left. That is a dream

Ellie: Aric Mitchell a Freelance Entertainment and Political Journalist stated that, Since the housing crisis of 2008, more
individuals and families have found themselves homeless and fighting for the chance to find the American Dream. How
?many people in struggle need organizations and volunteer programs to help them reach their American Dream
Ellie: The Junior Achievement Organization stated, 20% of U.S. students will not complete high school on time and earn a
diploma. And 91% of millennials wish they had greater access to entrepreneurial education programs. When one does not
have the qualifications, history, or money to be successful in America, it is hard and nearly impossible to achieve your goal.
.But, through the help of organizations, and improving one's work ethic, a dream can become a reality little by little

sec- song 10

Conclusion (1-2 minutes)

(Theme song )

Emma: Is there a difference between the American Dream and a goal? Throughout our research and interviews we came to
the conclusion that the American Dream is alive, but is more prominent in places of struggle and with people who have gone
through or are going through severe struggles. The American Dream mainly is within people in other countries who are
? The American Dream: Whats the Goal
Podcast Script
Ellie Bromley, Lilli Hlavin, Ali Schuh, and Emma Weiss
yearning for more, and the first big step of that is coming to America. All Americans have goals, but most of their goals are
obtainable and what they want to pursue, for example making more money or a better job, rather than the American Dream
.of coming here to escape from something

Lilli: The common tone of our podcast and interviews is optimism in the face of adversity. Whether that adversity is school,
.work, or social justices, our interviewees have all faced adversity or oppression in some form or fashion

Lilli: Our group believes that the majority of Americans believe that the American dream is pretty attainable if you work
.hard and persevere through hard times

Lilli: We want to give a huge thank you to our interviewees. The music we used in this podcast is not our intellectual
property, but we wish it was because it is so great. Thank you to the Beach Boys and the Morning Jacket, as well as their
record companies Capitol Records for providing us with such perfect music. And without Aric Mitchell and Bo Bennett we
would not have the great statistics and stories that make this podcast so much more than what it would be. We also want to
thank Ms. Dott for providing us with such an eye-opening project that allowed us to expand our opinion on what the
American dream is, and what it means to our fellow Americans. And a final thank you the listeners for (hopefully) not dozing
.off during our podcast. Thank yall
? The American Dream: Whats the Goal
Podcast Script
Ellie Bromley, Lilli Hlavin, Ali Schuh, and Emma Weiss
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