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Reference mail

Date Activity Remarks dated

7th June 2017 Project start edas per work order
Requested inputs related to layout and deatails of all necessary components
such as valves, pumps etc. for Sea water intake and outfall and condenser
13th June 2017 First review meeting cooling water network 13th June 2017
P&ID, Layout drawings, head calculations, Q vs H curves for pump (1st Quadrant only) Butterfly valve timings, N vs Torque of CW pump to be supplied later, ACW
16th June 2017 received from M/s TPL part of CCW network needed clarification 16th June 2017

28th June 2017 Revised outfall line layout and butterfly valve timings received from M/s TPL

29th June 2017 Methodology submitted by M/s Aetos 29th June 2017

4th July 2017 Minor changes on methodology document advised by DCPL

5th July 2017 Methodology resubmitted with changes suggested by M/s TPL

12th July 2017 Steady state simulations completed and results discussed over telephone Requested pump and motor inertia details of pumps 12th July 2017
Complete inputs for transient simulation of SW intake and outfall systems
14th July 2017 GA of pumps received. NRV closure time suggested as 2 sec by TPL received 14th July 2017

4th Aug 2017 Surge analysis report for SW intake and outfall systems submitted Transient simulation for 15 cases completed

8th Aug 2017 ACW part asked to exclude from CCW network analysis by TPL
TPL asked to consider diffrent values of Pump and motor inertia as received from M/s
TPL from the earlier one, NRV loss characteristics and response to be remodelled based Considerable difference between pump inertia values received initially hence
on experience of M/s Aetos, 4 quadrant pump curve to be prepared by M/s Aetos for requires simulation of all the cases again including surge supression system
5th Sept 2017 the simulation with ARVs 5th Sept 2017
Resubmission of complete surge analysis report for SWI, SWO and CCW systems by M/s
28th Sept 2017 Aetos 28th Sept 2017
13th Oct 2017 DCPL comments received

17th Oct 2017 Clarification related to CCW network sent

27th Oct 2017 HGL for all systems submitted by M/s Aetos as requested

Change of elevation profile of the pipes inside the plant for SWI and SWO and
considering the level of highest pipe inside condenser for network modelling
suggested by DCPL. All transinet simulations need to rerun and update the
31st Oct 2017 Telephonic review meeting with DCPL reports accordingly. 31st Oct 2017
Weekly activity

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Change in input
parameters (pump and Elevation
Activity involves valves) which affects profile
TPL and Aetos Input data acquisition and finalisation surge analysis results Report finalisation and refinements modification Report finalisation

Surge analysis result for Simulation reruns and report

Activity at Aetos Network modelling and Steady state simulation SWI and SWO submitted Simulation reruns modification

Considred as part of project effort estimation

Extention due to change in input data at finalisation stage