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SARMIENTO, Emmanuel Jhaymile J.

PALPAL-LATOC, Aaron Justin R.
Our organization
envisions a bright path
There are many reasons why
that will lead every Bedan This roadmap aims to attain the
accounting department cant
accounting students to To be able to How will the students expectations of Accountancy
The primary An open achieve the expectations of
their bright path, guided have a bigger adapt to the constant students. The Accountancy
stakeholder of consultation to the accounting students, one is
by the professionals, and number of changes implemented students expects a department
the organization chairperson because the non-coordination
become a successful and successful and recently on the that hears the opinion of
is mainly the regarding to the policies of the department with
ethical Certified Public competitive program (75 % students and together, work on
accounting newly implemented the students. The department
Accountants. students. passing grade, the difficult points that could be
students and policies that would doesnt ask for the opinion of
Furthermore, to additional removal improved for the success of each
the professional entertain the accounting students especially
give knowledge exams), since it individual student because at the
Each student must Certified Public students concern those ones who has personal
about our would be difficult to end, it is the collaboration and
possess the significant Accountant. thereof. issues which affects their studies.
organization. adjust especially the hardwork that will bring success.
hallmarks of Conversatio, i.e. the scheduling that is being
department is on the given which is unfair for those
Discipline and Humility. 1. transition period.
Conversatio: the way of The Bedan To regain the who live far from the school.
Now, for the Bedan community.
formation and community, it is name of San
The heavily-draining The change will start from each
transformation. The a pride of the Beda College in
schedule of the To conduct/provide In regaining the name of San Accountancy student with the
organization's goal is to school the Accountancy
students that will keep an open forum in Beda in the Accountancy Board help of the Accountancy
produce an adaptable whenever the Board
them out of reach of order to identify the Examinations, the primary issue is department. The program needs
student and can accept passing rate is Examination and
their full potential. - students' the program or curriculum that is to be improved, the professors
any changes. 2. excellent and also, to produce
How will the officers, complains as well being implemented by the school. being more focused on
Discipline: a way toward when the school ethical and
contradict some as their It can be compared to other enhancing their students and the
learning and freedom. produced successful
policies which is highly suggestions. schools that Accountancy major students doing their best in
Each student and competitive accountants.
unfavorable for the subjects are being joined with achieving globally competitive
professional accountant accountants.
students. minor subjects which adds up skills.
must possess this unnecessary time instead of
hallmark to attain success These past years,
focusing on studying the major Our country aims for unity and
in their life. 3. Humility: the Board
subjects. good standard of living. We need
knowledge of self in Examination
The country and individuals who will work to make
relation to God, others results produced
the Filipino How to be able to To reserve a room As for our countrys our country better and globally
and creation. This few passers then,
citizens, cope up with the for the students to expectations, it cannot be competitive in terms of the
hallmark is also a tool to we are currently
everyone of us policies have a place to rest achieved primarily due to the people working here. There
reach the goal of each facing a crisis of
is a beneficiary implemented as or even discuss the reasons given starting from might be some people who want
member, a down-to-earth professionals,
for these well as the latest topic for the the school. However, there is to work abroad due to higher
person can spread especially
professionals schedule given. current subject also a factor that an individual salary. Now, the point here is for
camaraderie among Accountants. Our
because they during their long will decide where he will go us to work here, the salary
others and he always country needs
are a contributor hours of break. and work. It is his discretion if standard needs to be higher
seek the truth. more professionals
to our economy he will work for the country especially for white collar jobs
which highly
here or explore other places to whom dedicated much effort in
contribute to our
make more in his living. attaining the degree.