Ed Campion September 22, 1995 Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202/358-1778) Mark Hess Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202

/358-0002) RELEASE: 95-158 NASA RECEIVES OVER 40 RESPONSES OF INTEREST FROM INDUSTRY FOR SHUTTLE PROGRAM RESTRUCTURING EFFORT Over 40 different companies have expressed an interest in serving as either the new prime contractor or a subcontractor in the agency's effort to restructure management of the Space Shuttle program. The restructure of the Shuttle program includes reducing program requirements, significantly reducing civil service involvement in day-to-day operations, modifying the government approach to safety and mission assurance and consolidating contracts, including Shuttle and Station operations, into a single prime contract. NASA will still have overall management responsibility for the Space Shuttle system and will still be responsible for such things as safety, program schedule and space flight operations budget. NASA will have appropriate insight into operations so they are aware of any potential system issues and will actively participate in resolution of any "out of family" or anomalous performance of Shuttle or payload hardware. Of the packages received, there were four letters of interest and capability for consideration as the prime contractor for space flight operations. The companies submitting the packages were: * * * * Bamsi, Titusville, FL Boeing, Seattle, WA McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, St. Louis, MO United Space Alliance (a joint venture formed by

Rockwell and Lockheed Martin, Houston, TX) The NASA source evaluation board will now evaluate the statements of interest from industry. NASA plans to have this evaluation completed in the next several weeks, and is working toward the release of a draft Request for Proposals by midNovember 1995. This draft will be for the purpose of communicating with industry the approaches NASA would intend to use in the subsequent request for proposals and seeking industry comment on those approaches. NASA will consider industry comments and recommendations for improvements which could be incorporated into the formal RFP. Following the review of comments, NASA will seek to release the formal RFP in early 1996. NASA hopes to select a prime contractor in the next 12 to 15 months. Numerous firms expressed interest in subcontracting opportunities. A complete list of the firms considering subcontracting roles is available in the newsrooms at NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC; Kennedy Space Center, FL; Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL; Stennis Space Center, Bay St. Louis, MS; Johnson Space Center, Houston and Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA.

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