August 26, 2010 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear President

Obama: We, the undersigned groups, are greatly concerned by reports that you will soon be making a decision regarding U.S. engagement with Sudan that could have profound consequences for the people of Sudan. While we are encouraged by recent reports that your administration is deploying a high-level team of diplomats to Sudan, we believe a more robust set of tools must be employed to ensure not only a peaceful referendum on Southern independence, but also peace in all Sudanese regions, including Darfur, through the referendum and beyond. Mr. President, your policy as spelled out in the Sudan Policy Review released last October was the right one. After an extensive internal review, your administration recognized that the Khartoum regime and those like it will respond only to a robust package that contains both incentives for concrete steps toward peace, and firm pressures and consequences for behavior that makes peace more elusive. However, it appears that some in your administration are currently advocating for an incentives-based approach focused on the short-term goal of a peaceful referendum. While we agree that this goal is a critical one, we strongly believe that this approach will only ensure more backsliding in the future by an emboldened regime in Khartoum. We must also not lose focus on resolving the worsening humanitarian and security crisis in Darfur as the Government of Sudan continues its track record of abuses and violence in Darfur and throughout Sudan. Since last April alone, the Government of Sudan has:

• • • • • •

Deliberately restricted humanitarian aid for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Darfur, as well as peacekeepers’ movement and effectiveness Expelled humanitarian aid workers and made expulsion threats against peacekeepers and other aid organizations working in the region Presided over rigged national elections Cracked down on human rights, detaining political opposition figures and human rights activists Censored Sudanese media and targeted news outlets and journalists Failed to act in good faith to prepare for the January 2011 referenda Failed to cooperate with the U.N. Security Council and the International Criminal Court regarding outstanding arrest warrants against President Bashir and others accused of crimes in Darfur

Given these recent actions by the Government of Sudan, the looming potential of a return to war between North and South, and the deteriorating situation in Darfur, your leadership on Sudan—with a focus on both incentives and additional pressures—is urgently needed. Sincerely,

John Prendergast Co-founder The Enough Project Mark Hanis President Genocide Intervention Network Eric Cohen Chairperson Investors Against Genocide Mark Lotwis Acting President Save Darfur Coalition Gabriel Stauring Director Stop Genocide Now Joe Carson, P.E. President Affiliation of Christian Engineers Gerald LeMelle Executive Director Africa Action Kevin Brooks President African Soul, American Heart Stephen McNeil Assistant Regional Director for Peacebuilding American Friends Service Committee Zainab Al-Suwaij Executive Director American Islamic Congress Ruth Messinger President American Jewish World Service Nikki Serapio Director Americans Against the Darfur Genocide Mr. Bryan Ardouny Executive Director Armenian Assembly of America

Laura J. Limuli Coordinator Brooklyn Coalition for Darfur Corey Dragge Founder Champion Darfur Sara Caine Kornfeld Project Founder, Educator Change the world. It just takes cents. Don Kraus Chief Executive Officer Citizens for Global Solutions Michael Ditchfield President Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness & Action Sister Zelita Bragagnolo President Consolata Missionary Sisters, USA Jon Denn President Counting Prayers Gene Binder Coordinator Darfur Action Group/Northwest Bronx/Yonkers Ali Dinar President Darfur Alert Coalition, Philadelphia Cory Williams Co-founder Darfur and Beyond Bakheit A. Shata Founder, Executive Director Darfur Community Organization Richard Young & Martha Boshnick Co-chairs Darfur Interfaith Network Ahmat Nour President Darfur People’s Association of New York

Adeeb Yousif Director Darfur Reconciliation and Development Organization Abdelbagy Abushanab President Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc. Norma M. Bourdon, D.H.S. Provincial Superior, USA Province Daughters of the Holy Spirit Gerri Miller Founder and Coordinator Dear Sudan, Love Marin Leadership Team Dominican Sisters of Springfield Seme L. Enoka Chairman, Board of Directors Equatorian Sudanese Community Association - USA Mansour Ahmed President Fur Cultural Revival Marv Steinberg Coordinator Genocide No More - Save Darfur of Redding Melanie Nelkin Chair Georgia Coalition to Prevent Genocide Robert Goodis Director The Goodis Center for Research and Reform, L.L.C. Sister Diane Bardol, G.N.S.H. Social Justice Coordinator Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart Helen Fein Chair, Board of Directors Institute for the Study of Genocide Robert Barkin President Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Tzivia Schwartz Getzug Executive Director Jewish World Watch Bob Brousseau Founder Kentuckiana Interfaith Taskforce on Darfur Julia Hays Founder, Director Keokuk for Darfur Mary Hughes, O.P. President Leadership Conference of Women Religious Nancy Schreck, O.S.F. President Leadership Team of the Sisters of St. Francis Barbara English Executive Director Living Ubuntu/Orange County for Darfur Nancy Walsh Coordinator Long Island Darfur Action Group David Emmanuel Goatley, Ph.D. Executive Secretary-Treasurer Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention William Rosenfeld Director Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur Timothy P. Page, M.D. President Michigan Darfur Coalition Sister Kathryn Conti, S.M.I.C. Provincial Coordinator Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Lauren Fortgang Co-founder Never Again Coalition Nell Okie Co-director New Haven Alliance for Congo

Sharon Silber & Eileen B. Weiss Co-founders New York City Coalition for Darfur Helga Moor Head New York Darfur Vigil Group Mark C. Hackett Founder, President Operation Broken Silence Madison Odongi Clement Chairman, Board of Directors Otuho Community of North America Sister Diane Bardol, G.N.S.H. Executive Director P. Francis Murphy Justice and Peace Initiative A. Frank Donaghue Chief Executive Officer Physicians for Human Rights Rabbi Gilah Dror President Rabbinical Assembly Sister Kathleen Bryant, R.S.C. Regional Vicar Religious Sisters of Charity Michael Pertnoy Founder Righteous Pictures Ian Lobel Programming Chair Sacramento Committee on Conscience Lucia Schwickerath, O.S.B. Prioress Saint Paul's Monastery Susan Smylie Coordinator of Advocacy San Antonio Interfaith Darfur Coalition Mohamed Suleiman President San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition

Deborah Jones President Save Darfur Washington State Carmen Paolercio Coordinator Shine a Ray of Hope Mary Elizabeth Miller President Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Congregational Leadership Sister Lindora Cabral, R.S.M. President Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Northeast Community Leadership Team Sisters of Providence of Holyoke Elaine Betoncourt, C.S.J. Chairperson, Justice and Peace Committee Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambery/West Hartford Sister Anne P. Myers, S.S.J. Congregational President Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill M. Doretta Cornell, R.D.C. Member, Social Justice Board Sisters of the Divine Compassion Mary Margart Mooney, P.B.V.M. President Sisters of the Presentation, Fargo Bill Andress Co-chairman Sudan Advocacy Action Forum Sophia Armen Co- president U.C. Santa Barbara Human Rights Group Rev. Peter Morales President Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations Sandra Hammel Director Use Your Voice to Stop Genocide Rhode Island

Jimmy Mulla Founder Voices for Sudan Ellen J. Kennedy, Ph.D. Executive Director World Without Genocide at William Mitchell College of Law