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STEREO AMPLIFIER YOOD A-47 KENWOO SERVICE MANUAL (M-47) Knob Metalic cabinet (429-5078.08) (a01-3117-08) Kno (423 -5881-08) Panelassy Knob (A60-0554-08) (K29-5877-08) a2 at Knob Phone jack Knob Knob (e27-2118-08) (€11-0258-08) (427-2117-08) (K29-5879-08) Knob (429:5876-08) Power cord bushing (sir 102040088), Phono jack Phono jack, Phono jack Slide switch ‘AC power cord” (€63-0112.08) (SH1105170115)—_(E53-0112-08) (SH! 105900511) Monly (E30) Reciangular receptacle Foot (Real) cian (€08-1510.05) lar ecapiacte (SH1101230060) (E08-1! “m Lock terminal board Side switch AC outlet” '809-05). (€70-0015.05) ($52-0001-05)M only (03) Rectangular recaplacie (SHr108270126) * Refer to part list on page 18 CONTENTS BLOCK LEVEL DIAGRAM 3 PC BOARD (AUDIO Unit) CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION 4 PC BOARD (CONTROL Unit) ADJUSTMENT, 6 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM. REGLAGE 6 EXPLODED VIEW ABGLEICH. 6 PARTS LIST. WIRING DIAGRAM SPECIFICATIONS Removing the Control Knobs of SP Selecter ‘Switches (S500 and S501) Fix the upper and lower white mo'dad pais of the switches mans ally and pull out the corvrol knoDs straightly oisp.av pos A-47 9 " 13 7 18 BACK COVER A-47 BLOCK LEVEL DIAGRAM