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TWS 2: Long Range Plan

TWS Standard: The teacher develops a Long Range Plan for 9-18 weeks that
includes learning objectives, SC State Standards and/or Common Core Standards.

Standards Lucy Lucy Other Read Assessments/Resource

Calkins Calkins Literacy Aloud & s
Reading Writing Component Testing
Workshop Worksho s As A
(Bends) p (Bends) Genre

2nd Grade: Unit 1 - August-September (8.28-9.22)

Reading Second Lessons Shared Interactiv Average Reading Level: 16-

Literacy: Grade from the Reading: e Read I/18-J/20-K
RL 3 Know and Reading Masters: For warm up Aloud:
apply grade level Growth Improving each day, select Those Darn
Reading Assessments:
phonics and word Spurt (Book Narrative copies of a song Squirrels by
> Running Records
analysis skills 1 in UOS Writing or poem in order Adam
>Pre- and Post Assessment
when decoding Published (Book 1 in to build genre Rubin
(TCRWP website)
words. Heinemann UOS awareness, Katie Woo
> Reading logs
RL 4 Read with Kit) Published fluency, and Has the Flu
> Writing about reading (ex. Stop
sufficient accuracy Heinemann excitement. by Fran
and Jot, Stop and sketch).
and fluency to Kit) Example: There Manushkin
Bend I: > Conferring notes
support Was an Old Lady Fly Guy by
Taking > Other (observations during read
comprehension. Who Swallowed a Tedd
Charge of Bend I: aloud and shared reading, post-its
RL 5.1 Ask and Fly. Arnold
Reading Studying the from books, transcribed
answer literal and Cam Jansen
Readers Masters for conversations, observations with
inferential by David A.
Choose How to Inspirations At this time in the reading partners.)
questions to Adler
Read and Ideas year, youll want
determine Dragon
> Generating to choose books
understanding of a Masters by
Ideas for that are
text; use specific Taking a Sneak Tracey West
Writing humorous at a Writing Assessments:
details to make Peak to Decide Frog and
> Adding level K or L. > Give Narrative On Demand
inferences and How a Book Toad by
Details to Prepare to share before starting the unit.
draw conclusions Wants to be Arnold
Ideas (Small a chapter from a > Give some Narrative on
in texts heard or Read Lobel
Moments) familiar text at a Demand after completing the
read. Naked Mole
> Writing level or two above unit.
RL 7.1 Retell the Rat Gets
Readers Get Strong the reading level
sequence of major Dressed by
Stronger by Endings of most of the
events using key Mo Word Study Assessments:
Reading A Lot > Making Sure students such as
details; determine Williams > Spelling inventory
Writing Makes Chapter 3 from
the theme in a text > High frequency words
Keeping Tabs Sense the book Mercy
heard or read.
on > Check for Watson to the > Level
RL 10 Apply a
Comprehensio Punctuation Rescue by Kate M/N/O Resources:
range of strategies
n and Makes DiCamillo (done Fairy Tale > The Next Step in Guided
to determine and
Sense in Read Aloud). Books - The Reading by Jan Richardson
deepen the
Readers Read The text can be Three Little > The Reading Strategies Book
meaning of known,
in Longer enlarged on the Pigs, Jack by Jennifer Serravallo
unknown, and Bend II:
Phrases, document and the > The Literacy Teachers
multiple-meaning Noticing
Scooping Up camera. Beanstalk, Playbook (K-2) by Jennifer
words, phrases, Authors
Snap Words The Three Serravallo
and jargon; Craft:
1.3, 2.2, 2.8, Little Pigs > Smarter Charts (K-2) by
acquire and use Studying Phonics and/or
2.10, 2.11, 2.12, and the Big Majorie Martinelli and Kristine
general academic Imagery, Vocabulary:
2.13, 2.14, 2.15, Bad Pig, Mraz
and domain- Tension, In spelling, your
2.18, 2.19, (The The True > Donald Bears Spelling
specific and Literary writers will
Reading Story of the Inventory found in his book
vocabulary. Language in practice
Strategies Book Three Little Words Their Way
RL 11 Analyze and Owl Moon > Long vowel
by Jennifer Pigs. > TCRWP website
provide evidence > Revising patterns CVCe
Serravallo) > Stink or > If Then Curriculum:
of how the While Writing (e.g., /a/ as in
Judy Moody Assessment-Based Instruction,
authors choice of > Learning to later, /a/ as in
series. Grades K-2
point of view, Bend II: Write From tape )
> Ivy &
perspective, or Working
Bean series.
purpose shapes Hard to Studying > Inflectional > Writing Pathways:
context, meaning, Solve Tricky Mentor Texts endings (e.g., Performance Assessments and
and style. Words Trying Out played, playing, Learning Progressions
RL 13.2 Read > Figuring out Crafts from wished, waited.) > Fountas and Pinnell Word
independently for Tricky Words Other Writers >Vowel teams Study.
Watson to
sustained periods > Using Use CVVC (e.g., rain,
the Rescue
of time to build Multiple > Editing for heat, fruit).
by Kate
stamina. Strategies Conventions
(What Makes and for
In Reading, 16-18 There Was
Sense and Language
Communication Level Texts will an Old Lady
Checking First
: also require Who
C1 Interact with Bend III: readers to have Swallowed a
> Readers are
others to explore Study Your knowledge of Fly by
Flexible when
ideas and Own > Possessives Simms
they encounter
concepts, Authors (birds nest) Taback
Vowel Teams
communicate > Trying Out > VVC
> Attending to
meaning, and New Things phonogram
Beginning and Writing:
develop logical Found in patterns (e.g.,
Ending of The Leaving
interpretations Mentor Texts keep, good)
Words Morning by
through >Working > Contractions
> Readers Angela
collaborative with Partners (Im, cant,
Check Johnson
conversations; to Revise were).
Themselves Joshuas
build upon the > Editing for > Compound
and Their Night
ideas of others to Publishing words (blueberry,
Reading Whispers by
clearly express backpack).
3.1, 3.3, 3.5, Angela
ones own views > Plural (y to I,
3.6, 3.7, 3.8, Johnson
while respecting add -es pennies)
3.9, 3.10, 3.13, A Sweet
diverse > Comparatives
3.17, 3.19, 3.20, Smell of
perspectives. (-er, -est).
3.21 (The Roses by
> Taking apart
Reading Angela
longer words
Writing: Strategies Book Johnson
various ways
W 3.1 Explore by Jennifer Kittens
(syllables, onset
multiple texts to Serravallo) First Full
rime, etc.)
write narratives Moon by
> Prefixes and
that recount a Kevin
Bend III: suffixes (redo,
well-elaborated Henkes
Paying Close reread; brighter,
event or short Shortcut by
Attention to brightest).
sequence of Donals
Authors > Homophones
events; including Crews
> Authors (bare, bear).
details to describe Bigmamas
Have > Multiple
actions, thoughts, by Donal
Intentions meaning words
and feelings; use Crews
> Readers (change, rake).
temporal words to The Snow
Dont Just
signal event order; Day by Ezra
Notice Craft
and provide a Jack Keats
Moves- They
sense of closure. Pet Show by
Try Them
W 4 Demonstrate Ezra Jack
> Readers
command of the Keats
Think About
conventions of Owl Moon
How the Whole
standard English by Jane
Book Clicks
grammar and Yolen
usage when
> Readers
writing and
Think, What
Does the
W 5 Demonstrate
Author Want
command of the
to Teach Me?
conventions of
5.3, 5.13, 5.18,
standard English
5.19, 7.6, 7.19,
7.20, 7.21,
punctuation, and
11.23 (The
spelling when
Strategies Book
W 6 Write
by Jennifer
legibly, and
routinely for a
variety of tasks,
purposes, and
audiences over
short and
extended time

Standards Lucy Lucy Other Read Assessments/Resourc

Calkins Calkins Literacy Aloud & es
Reading Writing Component Testing
Worksho Workshop s As A
p (Bends) (Bends) Genre

2nd Grade: Unit 2 - September-October (9.25-10.20)

Reading Becoming Information Shared Interactiv Average Reading Level: 18-

Informational: Experts: al Writing Reading: For e Read J/20-K/24-L
RI 1 Demonstrate Reading (New Spiral warm up each Aloud:
understanding of the Nonfiction Book 2016) day, select copies Knights in
Reading Assessments:
organization and basic (Book 2 in of a song or Shining
> Running Records (formal and
features of print. UOS poem in order to Armour by
Bend I: informal)
RI 2 Demonstrate Published build genre Gail
Write > Pre- and Post- Assessments
understanding of Heinemann awareness, Gibbons
Information (TCRWP website)
spoken words, Kits) fluency, and Amazing
al Books > Stop and Jots during IRA
syllables, and sounds. excitement. Animals:
RI 3 Know and apply Example: I Just Tigers by
Bend I: Stamina,
grade level phonics Cant Wait to Be Valerie Word Study Assessments:
Thinking Volume, and
and word analysis King from The Bodden >Spelling Inventory
Hard and Independenc
skills when decoding Lion King. Select Bugs, Bugs, > High Frequency Word Lists
Growing e
words. books that will Bugs by
Knowledge > Organizing,
RI 4 Read with teach the main Jennifer
> Nonfiction Adding Details, Writing Assessments:
sufficient accuracy and skills that echo Dussling
Readers and Editing > Give informational writing on
fluency to support your unit and Storms by
Notice, Learn, > Adding demand before starting the unit.
comprehension. what your Miriam
and Question. Chapters > Give same informational
RI 5 Determine students need as Busch Goin
> Nonfiction > Topic and writing on demand after
meaning and develop readers. Since Wild
Readers Ask, Subtopics completing the unit (see Writing
logical interpretations books at these Weather
What is This Pathways Book for prompt).
by making predictions, levels are often Around the
inferring, drawing Bend II: too long to read World
conclusions, Write with in one sitting, byTori Resources:
analyzing, Elaboration: focus on just a Kosara > The Next Step in Guided
> Nonfiction
synthesizing, Study a few chapters. Reading by Jan Richardson
Readers Ask,
providing evidence, Mentor Text Passages can be > The Reading Strategies Book
How Does Shared
and investigation. to Make enlarged on a by Jennifer Serravallo
This Book Reading:
RI 6 Summarize key Information document > The Literacy Teachers
Go? Tigers by
details and ideas to Books camera. Playbook (K-2) by Jennifer
8.1, 8.2, 8.3, Laura
support analysis of Longer and Suggestions: Serravallo
8.4, 8.5, 8.6, Marsh
central ideas. More Tigers by Laura > Smarter Charts (K-2) by
8.7, 8.11 (The Ants! They
RI 7 Research events, Interesting Marsh (Level J; Majorie Martinelli and Kristine
Reading are Hard
topics, ideas, or > Dividing part of the Mraz
Strategies Workers!
concepts through Chapters into National > Donald Bears Spelling
Book by By Time for
multiple media, Parts Geographic Inventory found in his book
Jennifer Kids
formats, and in visual, > Researching Series) Use the Words Their Way
Serravallo). The Great
auditory, and > following > TCRWP website
Panda Tale
kinesthetic modalities. Introductions chapters: > If Then Curriculum:
by Laura
RI 8 Interpret and Bend II: and > A Tigers Assessment-Based Instruction,
analyze the authors Learning Conclusions Home Grades K-2
use of words, phrases, the Lingo of > Cubs > Writing Pathways:
text features, a Topic > Tigers in Writing: Performance Assessments and
Bend III:
conventions, and > Trouble National Learning Progressions
Revise One
structures, and how Anticipating There are many Geographic > Fountas and Pinnell Word
their relationships Book and appropriate Big
and Using the (Animals) Study.
shape meaning and Lingo of a Books such as Books by
Research to
tone in print and Topic Incredible Bobbie
Create and
multimedia text. Insects, Bears,
RI 9 Apply a range of > Using Text Expert Animals of the Kalman
strategies to Features to Project Arctic and (Hamsters)
determine and deepen Notice and > Choosing Antarctica, and Pandas by
meaning of known, Understand One Topic to Polar Bears. Anne
unknown, and Keywords. Research and Schreiber
multiple-meaning > Using Write Deadliest
word phrases, and Context to > Collecting Animals by
jargon; acquire and Build Resources Melissa
use general academic Knowledge of Stewart
domain-specific Unknown Wolves by
vocabulary. Words. Phonics and Laura
RI 12 Read > Solving Vocabulary: Marsh
independently and Words Takes In Spelling, your Chameleon
comprehend a variety Strategic and writers will s Are Cool
of texts for the Flexible practice by Martin
purposes of reading Thinking > Long vowel Jenkins
for enjoyment, > Rereading Bend IV:
patterns: CV,
acquiring new Like Experts Edit, Fancy
CVV, and VCC
learning and building > Using Lingo Up, and
(open syllables)
stamina; reflect and to Teach Publish the
(CV: motel,
respond to Others Writing So
hotel), (CVV;
increasingly complex 10.5, 10.6, That It
stay, show, glue,
text over time. 10.7, 10.9, Teaches In
chew, sky),
10.10, 11.5, Clear and
(VCC: night,
11.6, 11.19, Exciting
mild, hold)
Communication: Ways
(The Reading > Consonant
C2 Articulate ideas, > Writing for
Strategies clusters: 9e.g.,
claims, and an Audience
Book by stain, float,
perspectives in a > Spelling,
Jennifer drink, kick.
logical sequence using Handwriting,
Serravallo). In Reading, 18-
information, findings, and
20 Level Texts
and credible evidence Punctuation
from sources. Bend III: will also require
> Using Text
readers to have
C3 Communicate Reading Features in
knowledge of
information through Across a Publication
> Possessives
strategic use of Topic
multiple modalities > Growing (birds nest)
and multimedia to Knowledge
enrich understanding Across Books
patterns (e.g.,
when pressing ideas - Getting
and information. Ready to keep, good)
> Compound
> Adding
Writing: (blueberry,
W2 Write backpack)
Across Books
informative/explanato > Plurals (y to I,
> Thinking
ry texts to examine add -es -
and convey complex pennies)
ideas and information > Comparatives
About How
clearly and accurately (-er, -est)
through effective > Taking apart
is Connected
selection, longer words in
Across Books
organization, and various says
> Finding,
analysis of content. (syllables, onset,
Thinking, and
W4 Demonstrate rime, etc.)
Talking about
command of the > Prefixes and
What is the
conventions of suffixes (redo,
Same and
standard English reread; brighter,
What is
grammar and usage brightest)
when writing and > Homophones
> Retelling
speaking. (bare, bear)
Topics, Not
W5 Demonstrate > Multiple
Just Books
command of the meaning words
conventions of (change, rake).
standard English
punctuation, and
spelling when writing.
W6 Write
independently, legibly,
and routinely for a
variety of tasks,
purposes, and
audiences over short
and extended time