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DIET PLAN for Zainab & Arifa

MEAL 1 Timings: 1 whole egg and 1 Egg white with a Slice of
Within 1 hour Brown bread. You may add different
when you wake up vegetables in your egg whites. With a cup of
tea and a date.

3 tablespoons of Oatmeal in one glass of skim

MEAL 2 Timings: Approximately 180 gram (half chicken
3 hours Gap breast)/ 3-4 kebabs. Add inn vegetables with
before your next 5 tablespoons of either brown whole wheat
meal. pasta or brown rice or one whole wheat roti.
1 fruit.
1 scoop protein powder with two teaspoons
of peanut butter and half glass of skim milk.

MEAL 3 Get done by your Approximately 190-gram chicken (half breast
last meal by piece) cooked in 2 tablespoon of olive oil with
9:00PM. lots of mixed vegetables according to your
taste. Eg Chicken steak, Bbq chicken, chicken
soup with veges, Over roasted chicken/fish.
SNACKS (before your lunch & your dinner)
Handful of nuts with a date, 2 fruits; can only be apple, peach, papaya.
Or 1 glass of low nesvita fat milk with one wheat able biscuit.

Important Instructions:
1. When you wake up you should have a cup of warm water with
drop of apple cider vinegar and honey empty stomach.
2. Those of you who are addicted to milk tea you can have two cups
of milk tea and add Sucral or Splenda instead of normal sugar.
These two cups you can have in meal 1 or meal 2.
3. Make sure you have 2 cups of lemon-ginger green tea throughout
the day especially after one hour of lunch and dinner.
4. Drinking 15-20 glass of water at least is one of the main
constituents of losing body weight.
5. Sleep well so that your body is relaxed and has energy to do
6. Do not use fattening vegetables like potatoes etc. Instead, you
can use as much green vegetables in your diet like carrots, onions,
tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, iceberg, cabbage,
broccoli, spinach, low fat cottage cheese etc.
7. Meal timings are important to fasten your metabolism.
Therefore, you must eat on the prescribed timings. You can have
maximum of 3-4 hour gap between your meals. Make sure you
are done by your last meal by 9:00PM.
8. If you feel craving for sweets or chocolates instead of having them
use 1-2 Dates (khajoor) or chunk of dark chocolate. You have to
have them before you have your cup of green tea after any meal.
9. We suggest to measure yourself in first week and in last week of
the month to notice the change.
10. Lastly, patience and regularity are two key things in reducing
your weight and making your metabolism fast.