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explanations and example sentences. This book
S - subject
provides explanations concerning tenses used in
Ving - GERUND, -ing form of the verb (e.g.
English with example sentences and information on
shooting, going)
usage that are relevant to anyone working in the field
V1 - dictionary form of the verb (e.g. go, shoot, of law enforcement. Including:

V2 - past simple form of the verb (e.g. went, Present, Past and Future tenses
fired, killed)
Reported Speech
V3 - past participle form of the verb / third Passive
form of the verb (e.g. been, gone, terrorized)

and other grammar points tailored to your law

enforcement needs!

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Tense How? When? Examples

Talking about our job She works as an investigator.

Present Simple S + V1
Describing suspects Does he have black hair?
Present Continuous S + am / is / are + Ving The target is entering the area.
Highway patrolling
Traffic Accidents An accident has happened! Come
Crimes that have just happened quick!
Present Perfect S + have / has + V3
What criminals / crime organizations This gang has attacked many
have done citizens.
How long you have been working, Peter and I have been working on
Present Perfect Continuous S + have / has + been + Ving
or working on a case organized crimes since 2005.
The burglar broke in the apartment
Past Simple S + V2 Reconstructing a case
and took my laptop.

Past Continuous S + was / were + Ving Interrogation / Questioning What were you doing at 2 AM?

Reconstructing a case, emphasis on The burglars had already left when

Past Perfect S + had + V3
an earlier action we arrived.
The kidnappers had been holding
Reconstructing a case, emphasis on
Past Perfect Continuous S + had + been + Ving him as a hostage for 3 days when
an earlier progress
the police raid the house.
The fight against crime will
S + will + V1 improve in the future.
Future Simple General future, or planning
S + be + going to + V1 The terrorists are going to attack
on the 3rd of February.
an action will be in progress in the The cargo will be heading to
Future Continuous S + will + be + Ving
future with great certainty Turkey this time tomorrow
an action will be finished in the
Future Perfect S + will + have + been + V3 The cargo will have arrived by then
The city coast guards will have
a future event will take place for
Future Perfect Continuous S + will + have + been + Ving been taking care of the beaches
some time
for 10 years.