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3Shape TRIOS

Impress your patients
Keep improving with
TRIOS Orthodontics
Going digital with your orthodontic practice means that you are
more efficient, more precise and your patients more comfortable.

From fast, easy, and documented- accurate TRIOS RealColor intraoral

scanning to treatment analysis, planning and appliance production with
3Shape software, you save time by working digitally. And in turn, you
simplify your clinical workflow and save storage costs because you work
with digital models.

TRIOS Orthodontics enables you to grow your business with the widest
range of treatment options. And because TRIOS is cloud-integrated
with the largest range of orthodontic solution providers and labs, you
send cases to production partners with just a click. Plus TRIOS and
3Shape software come with unlimited upgrades to secure you the digital
advantage year after year.

5 reasons to take
impressions digitally 1

Improve patient experience
and patient comfort
Save time and see
more patients
of all practices are considering
Save costs on impression to buy a digital impression
materials, shipping and storage system within the next 3 years2
Get digital accuracy and
omit manual errors
Enjoy easy impression taking
and eliminate retakes

The single best investment
I ever made for my practice.
Dr. Ron Kampas
Kampas Orthodontics, Mars, USA

Why choose
TRIOS Orthodontics?
Gain chair-time savings with fast and accurate and wireless
intraoral scanning in RealColor

Grow your business with the widest range of treatment options

Simplify your clinical workflows with digital models

Read more about why dentists and patients

prefer TRIOS at

chair-time savings
My staff love our TRIOS
scanner for its speed and
ease, but the patients wow
is what I love about it.
Dr. Hessam Rahimi
Fusion Orthodontics, Dallas, USA

Fast and easy Documented High Accuracy

TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy for orthodontists TRIOS delivers high accuracy on full arch scans,
and assistants ensuring optimal comfort for patients. as documented in a university study 3.

I find that my appliances fit better with TRIOS Approved
the TRIOS scanner, it eliminates the errors for Invisalign
we used to get from analog impressions Case Submission
and pouring models.
Dr. Bryan J. Hollis
Hollis Orthodontics, Hammond, USA


RealColor scans Automatic occlusion capture

Create high quality digital impressions in lifelike colors Accurately capture your patients bite in real-time,
to evaluate treatment and improve patient dialogue. while you scan.

Grow your business
with the widest range
of treatment options
TRIOS Orthodontics gives you the widest
range of treatment options for your patients
From clear aligners and bracket solution providers to local
lab appliance production, your partner is cloud-connected.

Send TRIOS digital impressions direct to orthodontic solution

Custom bracket systems
Clear aligner systems

Orthodontic practice Orthodontic solution providers

Cloud-connect to TRIOS Ready Orthodontic Labs

Study model manufacturing
Treatment planning services
Indirect bonding transfer trays or jigs
Digital appliance manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

Orthodontic practice TRIOS Ready orthodontic labs

Coming TRIOS Digital
Patient Monitoring
Use TRIOS to monitor
developments in your

Simplify your patients dental status

over time.

clinical workflows
with digital models
Make your first step into digital orthodontics simple
with the TRIOS intraoral scanner and digital models
When you are ready to dive deeper, TRIOS Orthodontics guides you with
step-by-step intuitive workflows for digital patient diagnosis, treatment
planning of e.g. indirect bonding and aligners, and appliance production.

5 steps to digital orthodontics Monitor treatment

Virtually remove
Take advantage of our 5 steps to digital orthodontics
brackets. Compare
to develop your digital expertise at your own pace and
Design appliances actual progress with
use technology in more ways
CAD design custo- treatment plan.
mized appliances and Re-fabricate lost and
Plan treatment cloud-share. Mill, print broken appliances.
Plan and share or send designs to
treatment digitally labs and orthodontic
Make diagnosis with partners and labs. solution providers.
Analyze mal-occlusion Simulate treatment
digitally. Easy analysis outcome. Place
Create your of arc shapes, overjet/ brackets digitally for
digital patient overbite, Bolton ratios, Indirect Bonding.
Save space, time and occlusion and spaces.
money by merging
TRIOS intraoral and
CBCT scans in 3Shapes
ortho software solution
and generate digital
study models.

1 2 3 4 5
Get more open options
Select the scanner according
to your needs and budget

Choose TRIOS 3 TRIOS 3 Mono

scanning with Realistic colors, shade measurement, Start with a cost efficient black & white
or without color and an intraoral camera texture solution and upgrade to color later

Choose your grip TRIOS Handle grip TRIOS Pen grip

and connection Wireless or with wire Wireless or with wire

Choose your setup TRIOS Cart TRIOS Pod

All-in-one solution on wheels with multi-touch screen. Portable, lightweight pod and scanner
Also available as battery powered version. connects to your laptop via USB

1. Christensen GJ. Impressions are changing Deciding on conventional,
digital or digital plus in-office milling. JADA, 2009, 140(October): 1301-1304
2. Data on file: 3Shape market survey 2016
3. Ender A, Zimmermann M, Attin T, Mehl A. In vivo precision of conventional
and digital methods of obtaining complete-arch dental impressions. J Prosthet
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