Jim Cast December 4, 1995 Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202/358-1779) RELEASE: 95-214 NASA ANNOUNCES 1994

STTR PHASE II SELECTIONS NASA's Office of Space Access and Technology has selected eight research proposals for immediate negotiation of Phase II contracts in NASA's Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Pilot Program. The proposal selections are in support of two technical topics included in the Agency's 1994 STTR solicitation: General Aviation Software and Systems and Small Scale Robotics. A total of twelve Phase II proposals was submitted in these research topics by contractors completing 1994 Phase I projects. All proposals were peer reviewed for both technical merit and commercial potential. Selections were based on the following factors: scientific and technical merit, results of Phase I, evidence of commercial potential, and capability of the small business concern. The objective of a Phase I project is to determine the feasibility of the proposed research. Phase II continues research on the most promising Phase I projects. Each of the eight selected Phase II proposals will be awarded a fixed-price contract valued up to $500,000 with a two-year performance period. The STTR program requires a small business concern to conduct cooperative research and development by partnering with a research institution. At least 40 percent of the work must be performed by the small business concern, and at least 30 percent of the work must be performed by the research institute. NASA announced the early selection of four 1994 STTR proposals in support of the Interactive Document and Data Review Tools research topic on Nov. 3, 1995. This announcement completes the selection of all 1994 STTR Phase II proposals.


-21994 STTR PHASE II AWARDS Small Business Concern Research Institution

General Aviation Software and Systems: Airborne Research Associates Massachusetts Institute of 46 Kendal Common Road Technology Lincoln Laboratory Weston, MA 02193 44 Wood Street Lexington, MA 02173 ARNAV Systems Inc. Institute 16923 Meridian East Parkway - Suite 310 Puyallup, WA 98373 Knowledge Based Systems Inc. Experiment Station 1408 University Drive East University College Station, TX 77840 TX 77843 IntegriNautics Corporation University P.O. Box 9475 Aeronautics and Astronautics Stanford, CA 94309 94305 Seagull Technology Inc. Research Triangle One Enterprise Hampton, VA 23666 Texas Engineering Texas A&M College Station, Stanford Dept of Stanford, CA Stanford

University 21771 Stevens Creek Blvd Aeronautics and Astronautics Cupertino, CA 95014 94305 Small-Scale Robotics:

Dept of Stanford, CA

Aeromover Systems Corporation Eastern Michigan University 3045 Broad Street 118 Sill Hall Dexter, MI 48130 Office of Research Administration Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Amherst Systems Inc. 30 Wilson Road Buffalo, NY 14221 14228 Endorobotics Corporation California P.O. Box 4408 Projects Office 5 Deerwood Trail Warren, NJ 07059 94720 -endNASA press releases and other information are available automatically by sending an Internet electronic mail message to domo@hq.nasa.gov. In the body of the message (not the subject line) users should type the words "subscribe pressrelease" (no quotes). The system will reply with a confirmation via E-mail of each subscription. A second automatic message will include additional information on the service. Questions should be directed to (202) 358-4043. SUNY Buffalo 211 UB Commons Amherst, NY University of Sponsored 336 Sproul Hall Berkeley, CA