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About Pet and Resident

Name: Winston Winston is a five year old, 50 pound Labradoodle and easily gets
Breed: Labradoodle along with dogs, cats and neighbours. We are advocates of Poop n
Height: 43 cm scoop programs and pick-up after Winston on all walks whether
Weight: 23 kg on property or not.
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Winston is house-trained and knows basic verbal commands. He
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
comes when called, sits, walks well on a leash and has
graduated from beginner and intermediate obedience classes.
Name: Garry Bradamore Winston is a calm well adjusted dog who is used to being alone in
Current Address: a small apartment when were not home or away at work. He
123 Street St. sometown, xxx only barks when he hears someone at the door or on occasions
Telephone: 888-888-8888 when there are fireworks in the area, such as Canada Day. He gets
Cell: 888-888-8888 along very well with other dogs and people. He is quiet, house-
EMAIL: trained, and obedient. Winston is around cats in our present
building and gets along as well.
Health & Safety
Winston does take allergy medication daily, and flea prevention
Daycare/trainer: medication monthly. Otherwise, he is in optimum health and goes
Tel: 604-555-5555 for regular annual checkups to ensure he is up to date on all
Veterinarian: vaccinations, including rabies and kennel cough. See veterinarian
Vets name reference above.
Tel: 778-555-5555
Former Landlord: Grooming
Mrs. Former Winstons breed does require regular brushing to prevent excess,
Tel: 604-555-5555 uncontrollable shedding around our home. Fur that is removed is
Walkers name: always neatly disposed of in the garbage.
Pleasant Day walking (kim):
Tel: 604-555-5555 Interest
May references be contacted Winston enjoys three walks a day during the week, and even more
on weekends when we can take him to park or to the beach.
Yes No
Special Achievements
Winston gives blood to help other animals in need and is
a companion visitor at a local seniors home.

Call 1-844-477-8877 to verify the DNA # is registered & certified with DNA World Pet Registry.