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You become well-connected by marriage, but many impediments arise in married life. Your
professional career does not go smoothly. Your sensitive nature, sharp intellect and personal difficulties
drive you to spirituality, though in fits of depression you may indulge in truly disrespectful behavior.

You are virtuous, wealthy, but not greedy, and satisfied with small profits.

You are very rash in behavior and work, and of cunning disposition. You invite respect and power. This
attitude makes you an enemy of all and there will be none to help when you are in need. You are
normally employed in a low capacity.

You are likely to have artistic inclinations or even pursue a career in art, especially if the involved
planets are located in favorable houses.

You are cunning and cruel and will lead a unhappy existence.

With the Moon in this position, you are nourished by relations and friends, who afford you
psychological support. Your problems arise from misplaced values in life; sometimes your ideas lead
you to perverse activities and behavior. However, you are likely to be wealthy, and so cool that none
can fathom what lies beneath your calm facade. Your capacity for truly empathic relationships is your
unique strength.

Will attain a high position, be popular and famous.

When Jupiter and Saturn join together or aspect each other, Saturn's Dasha will prove very fortunate,
while Jupiter's Dasha will be ordinary.

Viparita Yoga

Very favorable placement. Native develops noble qualities.

This is an inauspicious position for one's spouse.

There's the possibility of some fairly intense events in life which seem rather drastic or possibly
dangerous. Many people have this Yoga though, and they're just fine, but due to their openness towards
it, they might at times face chaotic or scary circumstances. Look to the periods of the 1st and 8th Lords
and planets triggering them.

You have a beautiful figure, and a lucky existence. Much sexual mingling is indicated.

Your life may be full of anxieties. You cannot accumulate wealth by your own effort. However, you
will spend a peaceful and happy life, mainly due to the financial stability of your children and the
benefits you derive from this. You may have difficulties with your eyes during middle age.

Your deeper thinking and consciousness is controlled and focused, but under the influenced of beauty
and pleasure. This can be good or bad, depending on how you use it.

You will possess a weak constitution and be sickly. One born under this combination will not have a
healthy constitution. It will lack the requisite power of resistance so that you fall easy prey to disease.

You will have a career in travel or something related to travel.

You will become so headstrong as to be absolutely inflexible. You may suffer from diseases arising out of bile and wind and also suffer mentally or physically from a chronic disease. You will be respected and rich. the Lord of the third or Mars. and may be troubled by attacks or poisons. Dishonor through frenzy. You will stand out in a crowd and be a destroyer of your enemies. but gets displeasure through sons and friends.You will have gains of wealth through wars. In this combination. Inferior in the company of men. higher education. You will. Clever. a thief and unhappy. Jupiter in the third house can make the native greedy. This creates a Raja Yoga. . learned. almost as strong as if both Lords were occupying it and has a promoting effect on third house matters. Gives brothers. litigation and through your partners. Wise but afflicted. The seventh Lord occupies your third house and the ninth Lord is aspecting it. and your adventurousness may cause problems for others. an outcast. Brothers get success. Inferior in the company of men. cordial with friends and relatives. Lakshmi Yoga Ketu will encourage you to waste your energy and wealth in sexual indulgences. You will be of medium build. Pilgrimage at age 38. As a result of this attitude. courageous. Irreligious. you will not attempt any great changes in life. Contentious but not intelligent. Likes spouse. the third house. determined. May be expert in jugglery. be a liar. Enemies rise in number. May be the director of a large company. courage. Opponents will take advantage of your so-called principles to strike you down and bring about your downfall. quarrelsome. Pilgrimage at age 38. Deceptive and suffer from mental anguish. Enemies rise in number. often just due to misunderstandings. energy and prowess. loss of kin. You should be careful while dealing with outsiders. You possess the ability to express your ideas and make others understand them. cuts and wounds. deceit. These battles will finally impel you to withdraw into seclusion which leads to deep meditation and contemplation. however. rich and will be born into a royal family. loss of kin. determined. but gets displeasure through sons and friends. Infamous acts. You will care little for material benefit. regarding them as the fruit of your own past deeds. May be the director of a large company. Jupiter in the third house can make the native greedy. Loss of wealth. like younger siblings. and of a thievish mentality. cordial with friends and relatives. You will be strong. be a connoisseur of music and drama. the Karaka of the third are somewhat strong. will have a semblance of reality (as is done with silver and gold-plated articles or by jugglers or in circus shows). You may undergo troubles from debts. which will create problems in your career. You might feel misunderstood by relatives and friends . Likes spouse. which tends to bless life matters connected to that house. You will accept these setbacks. Loss of wealth. communication abilities. Deprives of inheritance and disables earning ability. Gives brothers. as there is a possibility of injury being inflicted by them. Wise but afflicted. though unreal. You may participate in activities that others do not approve of. Your adamant attitude will bring enmity. Brothers get success. Dishonor through frenzy. Clever in metallurgy and in creating an atmosphere which.

Bilious and much pain and suffering from wounds. which creates "Aputra Yoga". Whenever a Trine and an Angle Lord are conjoining in a house. your first and your fifth Lord are aspecting the second house. The fourth house is the sensitive and private Angle house of emotions. a difficult house. in your case the eighth. When such opposition arises. the first and the fifth Lord are occupying your eighth house. it is highly beneficial for the significations of that house. offspring and the good Karma of your past life. which creates a weak Raja Yoga effect only by aspect. It is caused by the Lord of the 11th house being in one of the difficult houses. The ninth house is the most blessed house in the chart and is known as the "Dharma Bhava" or house of religion and overall fortune in life and the very important tenth house is known as the "Karma Bhava" or house of career and overall success of activities in life. scientific honest. but still beneficial for all second house matters. wishes and desires will be denied. creating Raja Yoga. offspring and the good Karma of your past life. or the child. The Lords of your fourth and fifth houses occupy the eighth house. Mars in Scorpio is powerful and its impact on accumulated Karma is to externalize it and work it out so that its influence for the future is nullified. 8th or 12th house. especially the first one might at times bring problems of some kind into your life. and boils or other skin eruptions. Both planets aspect the second house. wealthy. . The fourth Lord occupies your eighth house and the ninth Lord is aspecting it. A "Daridra Yoga" is present in your chart. The fourth house is the sensitive and private Angle house of emotions. However this has a weaker effect than in the case of both planets occupying a house. The fortunate fifth house is the other Trine besides the ninth. Both. The Lords of your ninth and tenth houses effect the third house. which creates a special Raja Yoga called "Karma Dharma Adhipati Yoga". Physically." But soon the crisis is over and you are free from opposition. and the fortunate fifth house is the other Trine besides the ninth. Learned. An advisor or having equivalent status. which creates a strong Raja Yoga. thus forming Raja Yoga. Happiness is denied. dreams. which is almost as powerful as if they were both occupying it. you will meet serious opposition to your way of doing things and to your social nature. you may suffer from fever. This means that there might be problems around the issues of having or keeping children. you get into difficulties and become emotionally "dried up.Cruelty on the part of your spouse or religious fervor leading to a denial of sexuality altogether may precipitate a break in the marriage. which is not as powerful as if they would occupy it. Both. representing creativity. it is highly beneficial for the significations of that house. The Lords of your fourth and fifth houses are creating a Raja Yoga by aspecting the second house. Much traveling abroad. representing creativity. The Lord of the fifth is in a Dushthana. This is a common Yoga though. Fruitless efforts and industry. infections. Whenever these two Lords combine their powers to effect a house. In your case the tenth Lord occupies the third house and the ninth Lord is aspecting it. Losses. acquisitive and fame through public service. The first Lord occupies your eighth house and the ninth Lord is aspecting it. This creates a Raja Yoga. In order to do this. At times your hopes. either the 6th. by occupying it or by aspecting it. almost as strong as if both Lords were occupying it and has a promoting effect on eighth house matters.

Scorpio occupying the sixth house produces sexual issues of one sort or another. you can retrieve your position and clear yourself of any ignominy. a talent for dramatic performances. Gemini in the Ascendant gives you an attractive appearance. and ambivalent disposition often bring you into contact with unethical characters who discredit you and make you unhappy. Your ambitions run high. Invariably. In spite of such reconciliation. Usually tall. and a great capacity to conceal your emotions. This conflict seriously distorts the personality. which are either the sixth or twelfth Lord. Ambivalence will be your outstanding feature. and a malefic aspect from some planet. However. You . Rahu produces enmity from low persons with whom you must finally come to terms. The basic problem arises from the fact that there are two distinct components to your personality. You may suffer from some ailment of the pelvic region as well as infections of the urinary tract. violent temper. Your intelligence and pleasant demeanor make your face radiant. each one trying to deny the existence of the other. you may lose some social respectability. but your openness. when you feel that a particular individual is of little use to you. Whatever the reason. Sagittarius in the seventh house leaves a sorrowful taste in life. You are very intelligent and capable of establishing a quick rapport with gifted or important persons. Your Signs When Virgo occupies the fourth house it causes you to engaged in accumulating wealth and riches. You may have secret leanings toward magic. Saturn will increase the possibility of hypertension. Diseases and other humiliating situations will be of the sort that cannot be discussed in the open. each one trying to deny the existence of the other. The basic problem arises from the fact that there are two distinct components to your personality. You meet with problems such as long absence from homeland or guilt and secrecy regarding your humble origins. Your attachment to others is marginal. though you may be unable to retain them. and indecision or wrong decisions which get you into problematical situations. each one trying to deny the existence of the other. Scorpio occupying the sixth house produces sexual issues of one sort or another. You are often bashful and very selective in speech. You meet with problems such as long absence from homeland or guilt and secrecy regarding your humble origins. The basic problem arises from the fact that there are two distinct components to your personality. Some undesirable difficulties are likely to come in the Bhuktis and Antardashas of the Lord of your first house and the malefics that affect it. Scorpio occupying the sixth house produces sexual issues of one sort or another. This conflict seriously distorts the personality. you easily give up the relationship. though on occasion the partner may be prone to non-traditional sexual preferences. Your intellect is sharp and you attain a good professional status. but the warmth is lacking in the relationship. expertise in trade practices. Diseases and other humiliating situations will be of the sort that cannot be discussed in the open. These difficulties will be uncomfortable to deal with. you may be lean and thin with beautiful eyes and a sharp nose. This conflict seriously distorts the personality. sympathy. Often the marriage partner is respectable. You earn money through your own effort and are very self-reliant. but more often founded in psychological incompatibility or sustained physical illness. You meet with problems such as long absence from homeland or guilt and secrecy regarding your humble origins. Diseases and other humiliating situations will be of the sort that cannot be discussed in the open. You have a special skill in diplomatic negotiations. with large hands and feet. Very powerful and courageous. but may very well move by in their course of time. This lack of warmth is not necessarily due to sexual incompatibility. marriage is a bed of thorns.

The depth of the ocean is in your eyes. You are receptive to those forces of nature which raise you from the level of personal considerations to a concern for society in general. rich and poor. amusement and poetry. Success in life depends on intuitively understanding other people's thoughts and emotions. You are affluent. You might gain from marine trade including fishery. Capricorn in the eighth house makes you learned and religious. You are helpful to friends. The 4th house stands for and can give information about your environment. while Mars. If a strong Moon is posited to meet people. interested in music. the latter half of life is often happier than the earlier. but you may not be moving in the right direction. you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. large-hearted. but if posited with favorable planets may yield auspicious results. You are popular among relations and loved by the opposite sex. and your ambition for happiness will be fulfilled. dual personality. the Sun and Jupiter produce adverse results. youthful with pleasant spouse and children and plenty of prosperity. does not become a death significator (Maraka) for a person born under Gemini Ascendant. This capacity to interpret the thoughts and feelings of others. However. The native with the Moon in this position always becomes a great authority with the help of brethren. enables you to be a very successful writer or novelist. gold etc. You are receptive to those forces of nature which raise you from the level of personal considerations to a concern for society in general. You are devoted to God and godly people. good luck and estate. you have to change residence frequently. You are likely to immerse yourself ever deeper in materiality and drift farther away from ultimate release. who is the Lord of the 2nd. be of fierce appearance. You are virtuous. impatient. nice cars. high and low. fond of traveling by water and will neither be very happy nor be . fine arts. but dissatisfaction with the existing conditions will be present. you are powerful. the Moon. under certain planetary combinations selfishness may become acute and you are confined to your own narrow mental cell. be fond of ornaments. There might be some income from mines and your marriage indicates riches. pleasant travel and universal respect give a sense of contentment which makes you non-competitive with others. under certain planetary combinations selfishness may become acute and you are confined to your own narrow mental cell. so you might have been breastfed by a nurse. Wealth. home. will have two mothers. However. be gentle. 12-You engage in material pursuits. favor adulteresses and can get sicknesses from food. will destroy even fearful enemies. pearls and shells as well as from the import and export of goods or from agriculture. If the Moon is in a movable sign. You have an adaptable. charitable. learned. Early life is not very happy and smooth. but often afflicted by physical problems. If your Moon is full. A sympathetic chord resounds when we meet someone with the Moon in this house. including that of spouse and children.especially your mother's. This placement bestows good luck in life overall. parents and their end of life . respectable. Your mother may have been ailing. melancholic. The Moon is a killer. and acquire knowledge. Venus has a special affinity with a person born under this sign. conceited. Capricorn in the eighth house makes you learned and religious. Your mother will be short-lived if the Moon is in the 4th house. You are charitable. You can be serious or trivial. You live in palatial houses and are charitable. and the tranquillity of your disposition can quiet the most turbulent emotions in others. will be favorable even to your enemies. fond of beautification. Among the planets. You will always be doing something to alleviate your circumstances. Motherly affection. crafty. well-versed in scriptures and fortunate. will possess limbs of irregular sizes. and be endowed with lands. travel extensively. depending on your mood and circumstances. with a rank like a treasurer. You will have a dear spouse. You will be endowed with relatives. jewels. truthful. You have a special ability to influence people and you delight in sporting with the opposite sex. property inherited from the mother and devotion to mother is indicated. a person of authority. However. Full support and encouragement from the family is indicated. however. Moon The Moon is a soothing planet which replaces the Sun's radiance with an attractive coolness. The Moon in the fourth house makes you approachable by everyone. paraphernalia and conveyances. You keep yourself fit and stout.

endowed with various kinds of wealth. The Sun in the 7th house delays marriage. Charitable and religious. in other words. If the Moon in the fourth house is strongly afflicted or weak. voyaging and any new idea. suffer sickness and have many enemies. This house stands for love and marriage. you cannot even sleep peacefully. the Sun in the seventh house shapes your attraction to the opposite sex. You travel abroad in the 25th year and take inedible food and suffer. there will be a lot of sicknesses and emotional issues in life. You might often quarrel with the spouse which makes the family unhappy. and fidelity is doubtful. happiness. law suits. leads an unhappy married life and has many daughters. foolish and destructive. You are short-tempered and wicked. be sick. truthful. husband or wife. There will be little profit in business and rivalry with the people. but which causes suffer thereby. pure. The wicked worry you and whatever effort you may make in business. intuitive. be of sound moral integrity. You will have limited happiness in regards to progeny. One will incur grief on account of spouse.miserable. The afflicted Sun will bring trouble through pride. Loves independence. If the Sun is well aspected the partner will feel independent. is popular. will occupy good positions in banks. You are afraid of the government. seeking harmony and happiness in the married life. You are jolly. There is no happiness and pleasure in married life because of discord between husband and wife. You experience difficulties in establishing a harmonious married life. may be able to understand the philosophy of life. ways and means and merchandise. travel. you will be free from the excesses of happiness and unhappiness. Bestows more happiness after the marriage or can cause death of parents. Moon in earth signs is more contained and doesn't want to express itself like fire. son-in-law. given to science in general and studies of deep truths. valorous. Sun Causes two marriages. is fond of the opposite sex. interested in others affairs (possibly a gossip). and of lovers from widely different social backgrounds. forgiving. Your spouse means every thing to you. an eloquent speaker. You will consider the opposite sex to be everything in this world and will remain sexually tormented. quiet. You like being cautious a foreign land until understanding the surroundings. Due to fear of others. You are fond of traveling. Denotes late marriage with difficulty and dishonor during marriage. Generally speaking. mentally tense and suffer from insomnia. fickle minded. You want to carefully take the next step and avoid risk. You may be poor. Attractive. government displeasures and imprisonment. might sometimes eat non-vegetarian items and will live in beautiful abodes. subject to the nature of the aspect. of fertile imagination. . You will gain position through relatives. you tend to have a peaceful and stressfree mindset. You will be more conservative. You are sickly and your spouse suffers. you fail to earn enough. will take to bad ways and will not be well-disposed to your spouse. children from a second marriage. will suffer bodily diseases. You will not derive much physical pleasures from your spouse and will enter into quarrels within a single moment without cause. Indigestion. and often marry more than once. and are cautious in new circumstances until you know where you are. Note: Almost every authority declares that the Sun in the 7th is not congenial for a smooth married life. Your spouse is not devoted to you. addicted to the opposite sex. relatives. You might be diseased. and fortunate. possibly a teacher of religion or some stricture. Because you have a balanced position in regards to this aspect. will incur physical distress and mental worries. financial institutions etc. will have a damaged body due to excessive sexual enjoyment and will eat anything available. and you lose your individuality. learned. indulge in sinful acts. public enemies. loves change. insulted. partnership in trade. You will be learned. kind to living beings. You will gain in a limited way in your undertakings.

You are a very positive and shining soul on a positive path in this incarnation. therefore. but have enemies in plenty and are generous and licentious. Even if you somehow. handsome and tall. result oriented. gravel and heart troubles. You want to go but something is holding you back. Good for involvement in law enforcement and military or other regimented and goal oriented engagements. indifferent to others. fire. interested in war. being defeated by your strong arms. but they. you will develop fortitude. . There is danger from poison. you may experience a sudden cure. Your life experiences may make you rigid and opinionated. Mars in the sixth house is considered helpful. Surgical operations are indicated. You are victorious. it causes organic diseases like complaints in bowels. Affliction to mother's family members is indicated. In the process. You may suffer at the hands of servants or employees. sexy and hungry.leading to theft. Afflicted Mars causes inflammations or accidents to the part of the body indicated by the sign occupied. so predictions herein based on the Sun alone. energetic and enthusiastic and liable to overdo yourself. nervous disorders. scientific in approach. and probably your Karma is such. both physically and mentally. You tend to be religious and keep company with saintly people. You make spiritual progress and are known for your knowledge and authority on such matters. sudden or violent accidents. skillful in duties. There is often a feeling of martyrdom. get involved in criminal proceedings. highly self-willed. betrays friends. weapons and wounds. fire and weapons. You have powerful enemies. you may find yourself trying to get away from the restrictive elements surrounding you. are a protector of family members and understanding with relatives. Mars controls the tastes. unhelpful. You understand the plight of the working class. Attached to trade. that you will live your life in that way or at least out of sympathy and compassion you will be coming for that consciousness. found moving about in well connected places. You have leadership abilities. You are active. You are short-tempered. Very learned. Trouble through service. adaptability. You are brainy and prosperous. spouse. by overeating you may impair your health through indiscretion. robust body and fiery looks. but you will not be encumbered by debt. you may bleed physically and psychologically. Diplomatic. you emerge unscathed. Your Jupiter improves your Sun by aspecting him. firm and positive. interested in higher knowledge. and troubled by poison. which don't consider Jupiter's aspect. and leadership. sensuous. Mars in the sixth induces a great deal of physical activity. defending it and fighting for it. children. friendly to noble people. Strong Mars may lead you to cattle-rearing. Mercury In your thinking or deeper consciousness. You may lose wealth. as they misuse your generosity and liberality . you know the sorrows and grief of the common people. quarrels. it has a great destructive force which enables you to transcend all sorts of difficulties (it destroys the difficulties represented by the 6th house such as disease and debts). unafraid of enemies or authorities. You occupy a high position in life overall. will do big deviations in the minds of others. practical. extravagance and accidents. wealthy. likes to be direct and unafraid. events may happen so fast and from such unexpected quarters that you may find yourself in a whirlwind. People in general may find you tight-fisted. If this Mars is in fixed Signs. afflicted by physical sufferings. but accumulate it again. a leader of those who buck authority (not necessarily a bad quality). You have good imagination and are alert. Successful chemist. carelessness. Mars You have a little more energy than your external life allows. should be taken as being "improved". a liar if necessary. Industrious. diphtheria. but this placement is not favorable for the maternal uncles. therefore. endowed with land. somewhere. disputes and losses. turn their backs on the battlefield.

You are cheerful. publishing. Ideal profession is that of a teacher or lecturer. crafty and ungrateful. Fame and prosperity is helped. control. Although you have some wealth. however. Some of them will be more active than the others. kinsmen and friends. You will be an eloquent speaker but devoid of happiness. gain little despite good luck and are base. intuition. and always seek more knowledge in life. Government favors and annihilation of the enemy are indicated. enjoy a long life and are renowned in own and foreign land. have strong fraternal feelings. virgin areas of nature which open up exceptional opportunities in life. skilled. polite. You are glorious. prosperity. you live poor. especially amongst true intellectuals and the working class and gives you luxuries of many . but very often lose it. are unsuccessful with your spouse and debauch. There might be many brothers. sincere. as it gives longevity. infirm and wicked. You may have several children and get high status at age 25. jovial. ungrateful. untrustworthy. might suffer from dyspepsia. This position of Mercury is gainful. judiciary. You gain wealth. disrupting and devastating. This placement grants a good position. cultured. You might get wealth from the government. land and property. you beget very few children and suffer from stomach and thigh ailments. hungry and lazy. The end is peaceful. You are hopeful. Under this impulse. You understand the popular thought and gain through education. stingy. considerate. a liar and ailing. antagonist of the people. You are impressive. gain through business and enjoy the pleasure and confidence of the opposite sex. may be a leader in society. but they suffer somehow. Voyaging and traveling is indicated. are hostile but philanthropic. On the physical plane. literature. but there is no financial gain. rather than taking action or engaging in definite activities. who is truth loving and honors the guests. not a friend of friends. support your family and are considered a distinguished personality. possibly due to a large family. possess very good vehicles. You are a magistrate. You extend every help to your brothers. and considerable wealth. sexy. You will be engaged in good deeds. Your thinking or conciseness is such that you can relate to the lower elements of society as well as hard work. vicious. name and fame. kind. You are poor. You are a miser. You are ungrateful. traveling. Jupiter You will live in a nice home. religious. may be debauch but famous for your qualities. and other things that relate to the real truth of material life. death. much traveling. the larger picture. ascetic and prosper at the cost of friends and distressed people. Secret service. as a result of which you are able to cultivate relationships which are conducive to material prosperity. Mercury has the special characteristic of retrieving from past influences things which strengthen the mind. eminent status. You might suffer from melancholy and loss of appetite and are lean. yielding your wealth to your brothers and philosophizing. you are able to explore mystical. embassy and uncommon occurrences. Venus Your personal beauty and sense of pleasure is nicely and strongly under the influence of Saturn because your Venus is in one of Saturn's signs and also aspected by Saturn. Promotes prudence. You are blessed with longevity. reputation and wealth. You are proud. philosophical in every kind of transaction and rational in writing or dialogue. All will thrive in separate ventures and either be wealthy or renowned. Develops all the base qualities bringing disrepute and difficult progeny. Your brother is reputed. This Jupiter is good for fame and prosperity. Joint partnership amongst siblings is unfavorable. Fortunate for personal health and progeny. discredited. Jupiter in the third house may make you somewhat of a coward.

types. This favorable placement gives general good fortune. vain. You may suffer from poison. you often achieve exceptional status in society. everybody should always be doing that anyway. that you remain "a person of the world". Impotent. tax-evaders. promote family interest and might die of bile-cough in a holy place after age 75. wounds and accidents. longevity. the third world. shaped by an appreciation for the earthy. the nice thing is. your personal life is vitally affected by these experiences. and trouble for mother in the 4th year. black marketers). strong and rich and be a landlord. the basic. This Venus denotes happiness. In spite of such personal anguish and sorrow. You gain through cattle wealth. You are learned and a person of character. A natural. Be careful of fevers. You are popular. foolish. and in some peculiar manner reveals the mysterious aspects of human motivation. However. attached to partners older in age. Your sense of beauty will not be the "norm" but rather. are of harsh speech and get success and gains after long and hard struggle. You pay off your father's debt. Separation from marriage partner. trusted. the libido is very strong. on the positive side. gain through the employer. You may be a shepherd. discontentment. grief and many more disappointments are indicated. there will be kidney problems. Unfriendly to spouse and children and seeking comfort through the opposite sex. Saturn in the sixth house produces sexual problems. You make the old cultures and ways seem beautiful and worldly. jovial. (Take this very lightly. fear. your forthright utterances may provoke others. diabetes. Just watch out for ingesting poisonous substances. commerce etc. but out of it there may arise a realization of your spiritual nature. but the problem of sex affects your mental body vitally. You tend to be always in debt. your spouse is not supportive or may look down on you and cause some kind of worry. Saturn You are inclined to cruelty and harming others and may be a leader of thieves (smugglers. Your partner is your well-wisher. You may not always succeed in relating these two events. weak. Strife with the son. You have large eyes. However. You might be prosperous. ailments. Trouble through marriage and high ambition. You get financial gain through marriage or partnership or through legacy or patrimony. the deep. but it does not necessarily lead to promiscuity. or very old antiques.) You are attracted to the pleasures of the senses and their gratification. For better or worse. Death is generally at a noble place. Deprivation of a normal sex life and a tendency towards bizarre or unusual relationships enable you to secure special gifts from unexpected and unknown quarters which remove many personal difficulties. the working class. loss. but you become a civic leader and your religious proclivities are both intense and intrinsically honest. but then. self reliant. A natural placement for one found importing antiques from foreign cultures. You are not necessarily attracted towards an unusual expression of sexuality. bold and worried about the family. however. you might be famous. Gain and success through banking. You are fond of the opposite sex and intoxication. Often gives beauty in females. If Venus is afflicted. stock-exchange. peaceful and easy end is indicated. if placed in a good house and not afflicted by bad aspects. Under the influence of Venus. But. bold. you enjoy great renown and social esteem. serving attitude. or helping to uplift the masses very carefully and beautifully. and a mining engineer. Health. You will acquire much wealth and your renown will spread far and wide. but both are impelled by Saturn. You may have trouble . will suffer due to indulgences. obesity or urinary troubles towards the end of life. religious. Becoming deeply sensitive to the enduring impulses of your life-essence. You move naturally amongst the downtrodden and shine amongst them. Sex will be a very unorthodox kind of experience for you. not averse to third world cultures or peoples. Victory is delayed. heart-trouble. Restricts possible marriage problems. You may suffer from some physical ailment without expressing your pain to others and doctors may not succeed in treating you easily. your language is that of rustics.

interest in geology and chemistry. loving to your spouse and have lucky sons. as material expectations are one by one ruled out as unfulfilling. Rahu Rahu produces great sustaining power when placed in the sixth house. Growing wealth is indicated. free from enemies. stubborn. and hindrances in early life. jealous. danger from poison or arms. in an attempt to sort things out in this transition. you spend more of your time and energy towards serving good causes. You might live a long life. and diplomatic skill is developed to a considerable extent. knowledge and vigor. Gains through hard work. you become restless. with plenty of pleasures. You are blessed with sons. You will feel the allure of unethical. a favorite of the government. It indicates some income or employment and benefits through prosperous uncles and aunts. but debauch. gain of wealth. Hasty. This placement denotes gain through some income or employment. fortune through paternal relatives and favors service. authority and fame do not come all together. diabetes or venereal diseases are some of the possible hardships. with good appetite. Many losses and ill health. Death might occur due to blow of stick. are most generous. powerful. jewelry. have respect for the learned. This Rahu might indicate an unstable mind of the father and maternal uncle. falling from tree or by drowning. Progeny to uncle is denied. debility. indigestion. affluent and with conveyances. respected and well-known. handsome. There might be a black mole in the back. This Rahu denotes destruction of the adversary. premature retirement due to sickness and economic hardships in old age. fond of merit. Also. Wealth. success in temporal endeavors is assured. hardly any achievement worth a name. You tend to be infirm and friendly. You are known all over. You have few relatives and brethren and annihilate your enemies. You may not have much idealism in life and may even keep undesirable company. Every physical impediment is mysteriously removed. success in cheating others. gradually through life. Fortune through a noble partner. but wealth through foreign leader type. disrespectful or forbidden activities. though you survive your spouse. A strong Rahu indicates vehicular wealth. and might get some trouble through maternal uncles. influential. and . tolerant and prosperous and have no enemies. wisdom. You might gain through quadrupeds. radical. You are strong and brave. Honor and recognition from the government and learned people. rich and happy. circulatory problems. Loss or trouble through attendants. much strife and struggle for living. There will be no help or support from any quarter and much criticism and little gain after much labor and effort are indicated. wealth and fortune. You are blessed with some income or employment. You may be a hero. noble. It denotes danger from service in army or navy. prosperous but not without some trouble. You will have plenty of attendants and followers. Excited when challenged. You are brave and intelligent. Rahu in the sixth house promotes health and strength and blesses with trusted employees. a strong controversialist and combatant. You have to pass through many ailments beyond your control due to privation and want or neglect leading to sorrows and disappointments. Diabetes and urinary troubles. stone. There will be no gain through uncles. intelligent. If well-aspected. learned. animal. fortunate. Your strength. vain. valor and conscience are stable. all the evils fade away. patient. Therefore. You are not scared of thieves. You might have only daughters. This comes gradually as you get older. acquisitive. be prosperous and of noble birth. Long life will be conferred. as well as trouble for maternal uncles and aunts. are sensual and can face heavy odds. Fair and just. Better health after marriage. menials and animals. strong and healthy and recognized by the enemies. Revengeful. Ketu In your mind you think of spiritual life as real and true and so you know that material life is not the aim of life. Touches extremes. accidents and operations. protective. Hidden motives and energies seldom find an expression. greedy. resulting in misfortunes. jewelry and conveyances.

who would rather have associates than wealth "at any price". This placement can be taken in a general way to indicate that the person is so oriented towards "brothers and sisters" that they cannot be really good exploiters or entrepreneurs. friends. It is said that it ruins "Raja Yogas" or combinations for becoming "rich like Kings". Religion You will be fortunate in general. You will have fortune in real estate and earn a nice living. You may find yourself far from home and may have to struggle to survive. Areas to try to prevent disease and troubles would include the feet. lands. you should do well because of your sincere approach to life. Career/Work This placement is not good for fulfillment of career objectives. eyes and private parts. You will acquire wealth through mother. Children . out for themselves. Basically. Yogas-Special Combinations Satkalatra Yoga Satkalatra Yoga First Family Your father may be of weak constitution. whereas this will not be the case in the periods of Jupiter. sometimes try to spend for pleasure. You may be a very rich person or you will have a large number of children. either caused from past good Karma and righteous dealings. You may have difficulty acquiring wealth. conveyance and vehicles. The ability to rear many children may also be notable. Look to the Lord of the 10th for these things. Talent in arts and strong determination are manifest as well. This is good for gain due to righteousness. only to feel increased frustration. Wealth Wealth will improve in the periods of Venus. You may lose some real estate but keep a moderate amount for living. good learning and a desire to uplift the poor manifest in this situation. Overall. They are more of the friendly working type. Famous brothers. education. agriculture. or as an indicator that in this life you will gain when you act righteously. the all important 10th Lord should go to another wealth-giving or strong house for the commonly desired material well-being to be insured.

his sons will be very unfortunate. such as sexuality and self-indulgence. cheerful and artistic. wealthy. this also indicates mystical or intuitive abilities where sensitivity to secret or non-obvious information is required. success in import/export are also possible. calm. Inventor or discoverer. You will be endowed with wealth. physically strong. Caused by the Lord of the 5th. tactful. Wealthy. interest in politics. You may have very few children. good speaking and singing abilities and other good qualities in general. The person will not be religious and his children will be very poor. If the Lord of the 5th house is in the 8th house. charming. skillful in rendering training in use of weapons. be helpful to relatives and be energetic. rich. . Chance to visit foreign lands also arises. Fortunate. Their Guru or employer will lose their fortune. This placement can create attraction to things such as "Kundalini Yoga". sharp. Death You may suffer from a very serious illness. honorable. This person will have debts. a warrior. respiratory complaints and should be satisfied with few children. learned and be skilled with mechanical items used in competitive areas. Other General Readings Enlightened. always peaceful. do well and will be a friend of highly paced people. helpful and respectful towards religious leaders and clansmen. will possess a broad and beautiful physique. You will be very powerful. Wealth. and somewhat weakens the physical health. famous and afraid of sinful deeds. strong. Talent in medicine. You are intelligent and educated. dear to powerful persons. Having a fortunate uncle and getting the opportunity to do service to others or service in temples. intuitive and mystical. and may have felt separated or strained by the ways of your father. You did not have an easy childhood. Your children may become very wealthy and fortunate. You will be learned. devoted. interest in philosophical literature. You are attracted to things that others try to hide. However. invincible. You have some ability to give good advice to others regarding psychology. happy. and will have many people who listen to your advice. They have an angry temperament and lose faith easily. skill with crafts. Fame Fame and power will be conferred in this period.