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Accelerated Leadership Development Masterclass

Accelerating the careers of high potentials

Course Description: Leadership and Management Development

Courses Key Take Away

With more and more people entering Leadership roles

without any formal Leadership Training, it is now Distinguish yourself as an exceptional leader
becoming more common to fast-track Leadership in your business. With Leadership and
Development Programs for Emerging, Potential and New Management Development programs you
Leaders. will:
1. Develop an effective set of leadership skills
Attending this Masterclass will enable participants to necessary to influence others.
understand their inner Leadership Strengths and
Emotional Intelligence and personally plan their own 2. Join a network of professionals with the
Personal Leadership Development. common goal of improving their leadership
This Masterclass will identify the core competencies
required for Business Leaders of the organisation.
3. Learn from top professionals through
interactive presentations, case studies,
By attending this Master Class, you will learn how to
evaluations and group mentoring.
identify your Personal Leadership Style and you will be
equipped with a number of Personal Leadership
Strengthening Tools relating to improving your Leadership 4. Make assessments about your personal
Effectiveness in the core Leadership Competencies of: leadership style.

5. Contribute to your organizations competitive
capabilities with adept skills at crafting
effective policies and practices to streamline
Throughout these challenging and rewarding
After you have determined your current Leadership
course, you will learn specific techniques
Strengths we will share with you a number of
unique to your own industry and professional
Leadership Strengthening Models.

For Registration Kindly contact: Tel: +60 3 2027 4751 Fax: +60 3 7865 1533 Email:
This Dynamic and Interactive Master Class Seminar Facilitators:
will provide you with the skills to:
Mr. Ron Palmer
Self Assess your own Leadership Strengths
Prepare for Leadership Challenges
Master and Strengthen Current Leadership Skills
Review and Improve your existing Leadership
Develop your own Leadership Development
Develop a Personal Leadership Development

1. By attending this Master Class you will get the

Ron Palmer is an Managing Director and prior to
chance to gain an intimate understanding of how
consulting held several Executive General
to undertake and plan a Strategic Leadership Management, Human Resources Management,
Transformation. Industrial Relations and Project Management
roles across several different industry sectors.
2. You will learn how to develop Personal Leadership
Measures and how to motivate your organisation His 25 years of Management experience
to take a real interest in them. includes working in senior HR positions for
Multinational Icons such as ICI, ARCO and Rio
3. This Master Class is a unique learning experience in Tinto. He has worked and lived in Australia, USA,
an emerging area of Leadership Focus for all UK and Saudi Arabia.
organizations worldwide.
Ron has spoken at Conferences in USA, Australia,
4. Our Facilitator will also share recent research on Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri
the important of aligning Leadership Lanka, Pakistan and Korea on Talent
Development and Business Strategy and how you Management and Performance Management
can fast track your personal Leadership practices and has written several thought
Development. provoking publications on HR subjects. A
Certified Member of the Australian Human
5. This Master Class will be interactive, entertaining Resources Institute (AHRI) and has won an AHRI
Excellence Award. He also co-authored a book,
and informative and has now been attended by
Developing Motivational Performance Reviews
more than 5000 people worldwide.
in 2000, with Ken Gray.

Key Strategies To Discuss Known as one of Asia Pacific's leading Human

Resources Analysts, Ron can be relied upon to
develop Human Resources Management
What is Leadership & its role in Organisation Strategies that will challenge traditions and
The Critical Linkage between Leadership and optimize business outcomes.
Business Strategy
Overview and Discussion of Daniel Golmans book Ron has assisted more than 50 organisations to
Emotional Intelligence develop new Performance Review Systems. He
Overview of Strengths Based Leadership Development has assisted more than 100 organisations review
Overview and Discussion on Gallups Leadership
and improved their L&D Systems.
Strengths Assessment Tool
Undertaking a Leadership Strengths Assessment
He also assists Coal Mining Industry Service
Social Intelligence and Leadership - Concepts
Social Intelligence and Leadership - Case Studies Providers, and other small to medium sized
and Discussions businesses, become more successful by assisting
Designing and Implementing an Individual them with their growth and business strategies.
Leadership Development Plan

For Registration Kindly contact: Tel: +60 3 2027 4751 Fax: +60 3 7865 1533 Email:
Learning Methadology:

Strategic Planning

This workshop assist to learn / experience to uses business analysis techniques and methodologies to help
senior leaders and managers learn how to prepare strategic plans to guide the organization over a three to
five year period.

Aligning Strategy with Operations

This workshop focuses on senior managers to explore how to translate a strategic plan into operational
imperatives, business plans, and scorecards. This workshop includes strategies for engaging team members
in business planning, executing plans, and reporting outcomes with metrics.

Managing Organizational Change

This workshop Use proven change management methods and communication strategies, this workshop
helps senior leaders and managers become more competent in guiding organizational changes, infusing
innovation, and producing outcomes.

Building Leadership Pipelines

This workshop focuses on providing senior leaders a way to manage their own career aspirations while
leading the way for aspiring future managers. Participants learn how to establish a strong leadership
pipeline by developing and retaining high-potential employees.

Who Should Attend

New Leaders

Potential Leaders

Emerging Leaders

HR Professionals

For Registration Kindly contact: Tel: +60 3 2027 4751 Fax: +60 3 7865 1533 Email: