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Crucial Conversations, Handling Conflict & Managing Negotiation Skills

The Essence of Management & Employee Confidence



Crucial Conversations, Handling conflict & Managing Negotiation Skills workshop is a This course supports the development of the following core competencies:
dynamic and engaging program that provides participant with the knowledge and
Conflict Management
confidence to ensure that issues are effectively dealt with before they turn into time
and resource-wasting crises. The program ultimately gives them the skills to lead Integrity And Trust
effective and harmonious teams that thrive on open and honest communication Interpersonal Savvy
and shared goals.
The art of successful negotiation is the careful exploration of opposing positions with
the goal of achieving a positive win-win outcome. Through a series of case studies
and self-reflection, this course will provide you with insight into your personal
negotiation style, critical thinking and necessary actions required at each phase of
the process. The ability to negotiate effectively and achieve defined objectives is
critical to business success. We have all seen unresolved conflicts derail even the
most important projects, resulting in costly delays.

This Workshop guides you through the essential principles of negotiation, offering
effective planning options and communication strategies that will maximize results.
Learn to craft an agenda that demonstrates a respect for the needs and
perspectives of others while highlighting your own priorities. Meld proven techniques
with your personal negotiation style, and practice your new skills through dynamic
role-play in a safe environment. Shape up your strengths, shore up your weaknesses,
and become a dynamic and effective player at any bargaining table.

This workshop is specifically designed to enhance the skills and confidence of

managers, supervisors & employees when they are faced with the need to handle WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES
potentially confrontational situation such as:

Performance management Identify your current negotiation style and how to adapt to suit different
Staff Appraisals contexts and situations.
Behavioral & personals Issues
Team Standards & Norms Recognise the required actions at each phase of the negotiation process.
Aggressive customers & difficult situations Use tools and techniques to enable effective planning, delivery and review of
negotiation situations.
Improve your planning during the pre-negotiation period through early
identification of potential issues and ensuring your priorities are established.
Successful people turn conflict into opportunities. It's natural to dislike having Use strategies to overcome negotiation barriers and pitfalls while improving
engaging in conflict, and yet resolving conflict is critical to your success. After our
skills training course participants: cooperation between parties.
To provide conceptual inputs on conflicts and negotiation fundamentals
Critical Conversation framework To expose the participants on different styles of conflict management and
Effective preparation for a crucial conversation negotiation styles.
Active listening and questioning To work out action plan for becoming better at negotiations.
Effective process management
Your negotiation style
Influence and negotiation
Negotiation strategies
Positional vs. Interest based negotiations
Implementing negotiation on the merits
Separating people from the problem
Phases of the negotiation process
Planning a course of action
Negotiation for buying and selling
Tactics, problems and dirty tricks

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Crucial Conversations, Handling Conflict & Managing Negotiation Skills

Course Contents

Day 1: Day 2:
Foundations The mind-set, behavioral traits and skills-set of an effective negotiator
Strategies for Conflict Management
Knowing and understanding your negotiation abilities and qualities
Cost and Benefits of Conflict
Negotiation process versus content
Conflict Styles
Preparatory tactics management:
Balancing Assertiveness and Empathy
Confrontations Timing and Setting
Crucial Confrontations Diagnose explicit and hidden needs versus wants:
Delivering Negative Feedback at organizational and individual level
Managing Unacceptable Behavior Control the Time, Place, and Person negotiation climate
Emotion and Relationships Questions and statements to reinforce common ground, needs and interest
Getting to the Roots of Emotions How to Communicate in Negotiation
Managing Hostility and Aggression
Body language During Negotiation for Greater Advantage
Downward and Upward Relationship Spirals
Listening Skills to Improve on Negotiated Results
Dealing with Difficult People
Managing Critical Questioning and answering techniques
Managing Disputes
Three Approaches to Conflict Internal team control signals for team negotiation
Good and Bad Threats Understanding What is BATNA
Managing Disputes How to apply opening tactics in a negotiation?
Difficult Conversations How to choose from the general tactics to move your negotiation toward a
Conflicts as a Manager desired direction
Task Relationship Paradigm How to apply counter tactics in different settings
Conflict Management Model
Steps for concession-making & gaining
Managerial Interventions
Positive signals to close the negotiation
How to Handle Difficult Negotiators
Conversation Management
Mediation Demonstration Introduction Case Studies / Group Exercise
Best Practices Q/A
Getting Past Yes
Assumptions and Behaviors

employ powerful and dynamic presentations techniques that will increase knowledge, enhance learning, heighten motivation and awareness
include role play sessions and other experiential activities to make learning more effective and real
include interactive tools to probe the comfort zone
include group discussions and feedback to maximize the participants learning abilities

All corporate professionals and individuals who need to negotiate with business associates, vendors, customers and colleagues in any setting.
Managers associated with operations / services and dealing with clients and negotiations
Any middle or senior level person interested to know and learn about conflict management and negotiating effectively.


Ron Palmer is a Managing Director and prior to consulting held several Executive General Management, Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations and Project
Management roles across several different industry sectors. His 25 years of Management experience includes working in senior HR positions for Multinational Icons such as ICI,
ARCO and Rio Tinto. He has worked and lived in Australia, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia. Ron has spoken at Conferences in USA, Aus tralia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia,
Singapore, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Korea on Talent Management and Performance Management practices and has written several thought provoking publications on HR

A Certified Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and has won an AHRI Excellence Award. He also co-authored a book, Developing Motivational
Performance Reviews in 2000, with Ken Gray. Known as one of Asia Pacific's leading Human Resources Analysts, Ron can be reli ed upon to develop Human Resources
Management Strategies that will challenge traditions and optimize business outcomes. Ron has assisted more than 50 organizations to develop new Performance Review
Systems. He has assisted more than 100 organizations review and improved their L&D Systems. He also assists Coal Mining Industry Service Providers, and other small to
medium sized businesses, become more successful by assisting them with their growth and business strategies.

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