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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Todays Business Leaders

Coaching Master Class

Learn from the leaders in the field hw to raise emotional intelligence in yourself and others. Develop an in-depth understanding of
emotional intelligence as you gain new tools to apply immediately to fuel positive change at work, at home, and at school -- starting
with yourself.


Why Successful Leaders
Need This Critical Skill

Course Description:

Professor Daniel Goleman published his 'Emotional Intelligence' book in 1995, and since
then the concept has become an integral part of Leadership Development Programs.

Many organizations now consider EQ one of the core competencies required for leaders
and potential leaders, of the organization.

By attending this Master Class, you will learn how to use a number of Self Assessment,
Peer Assessment and 360 Assessment Tools to gauge your own EQ and you will be
equipped with a number of EQ Improvement Tools relating to improving your
effectiveness in the four EQ Competencies:

Self Control
Relationship Management
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Todays Business Leaders
Coaching Master Class
A Model for Differences in the Workplace

1. You will learn how to

develop EQ Metrics,
and EQ Strategies, and After you have determined your current competency levels we will share with you a number of EQ
how to motivate your Leadership Strengthening Models.
organization to take a
real interest in them. There is no doubt that emotions can influence the way we act and react in the workplace and seriously
influences Leadership Styles and Leadership Results.
2. This Master Class is a
unique learning EQ is the ability to recognise our behaviors, moods, and impulses, and manage them in a positive way so
experience in an
that we can provide inspirational leadership, communicate more effectively, empathize with others,
emerging area of
Leadership Focus for manage stress, overcome challenging situations and defuse conflict.
all organizations
worldwide. This Dynamic and Interactive Master Class will provide you with the skills to:
3. Our facilitators will
Self Assess your own EQ
demonstrate number
of practical examples Build Stronger Internal and External Business Relationships
of how to work on EQ Lift your Success Rates
Strategy Master and Strengthen current Leadership and EQ Skills
Implementation and Review and Improve your existing Leadership Style
understand the Develop your own EQ Improvement Strategy
multi-dimensional view
Develop an EQ Development Plan for your Team
of EQ Leadership
Strategy and Business Develop an EQ Development Plan for your Organization
Strategy alignment.
By attending this Master Class you will get the chance to gain an intimate understanding of how to
4. Our Facilitator will also undertake and plan a Strategic EQ Transformation.
share recent research
on the important of The seminar provides the techniques to Know Yourself better, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself
aligning Leadership
Development and EQ
model for learning to develop and apply emotional intelligence. Participants experience an EQ
Development learning environment and a range of effective tools and processes that strengthen emotional
Activities and how EQ intelligence.
Development can be
valued more by Senior

5. This Master Class will

Who Should Seminar Contents:

Attend Day 1:
People in Leadership
What is EQ Team purpose
Roles EQ a Chronological History Building team trust

Potential Leaders The Critical Linkage between EQ and Elements of team trust
Leadership Constructive disagreement
HR Professionals
Overview and Discussion of Daniel Golmans Effective EQ communication in teams

Testimonials book Emotional Intelligence Main characteristics of team communication

Undertaking an EQ Assessment The parable of the blind men and the elephant
Overview of Strengths Based Leadership Undiscussables and hidden agenda
Development Get Real communication in the team
A best-in-class process
Overview and Discussion on Gallups Leadership Emotional labor in your team
to bring EQ concepts to Strengths Assessment Tool
Are you faking harmony?
life ... - Cynthia Ng, SVP Learning Undertaking a Leadership Strengths Assessment
Managing agreement
What is Social Intelligence
and Development HSBC Groupthink and team think
Social Intelligence and Leadership - Concepts
Mutual feedback
EQ and Leadership - Case Studies and
"A transformational Going through the emotions not the motions
Team atmosphere
program for yourself, your Success Stories of Successful EQ Strategies
Empathetic solidarity
organization, and for the Designing and Implementing an Indiv idual
Collective creativity
EQ Dev elopment Plan
world. You have inspired me Understanding disagreement
Designing and Implementing an
for the next 100 years Team happiness
Organisational EQ Dev elopment Plan
The awakened team
thank you." -
Case studies & Q/A
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d is p e ns e w i t h i n t o ug h t i me s . I ts a b a s i c t o o l
t ha t, d e p l o y e d w i t h f i ne s s e , is ke y to p ro fe s s io na l
s uc c e s s .


All Attendees will receive a copy of Gallups

Strengths Based Leadership book written by Tom
Rath and Barry Conchie which will be referred to
throughout the Master Class

The Keys to Driving ROI and Organizational Performance

1. We offer the emotional intelligence and leadership tools for higher performance in your business.

2. To achieve this cultural mindset where all members of the workforce feel valued requires effort, strategy and commitment. We
work with companies to provide both strategic and tactical methods including coaching , mentoring , and leadership
development that deliver high performance.
Speakers Profiles

Professor David Baker is an international US based consultant who has conducted 22 seminars, workshops and keynote addresses to
over 1000 people on Leadership, Social Intelligence, and EQ Competencies. David is also an executive coach and master trainer on
Emotional and Social Intelligence.

David will present the training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ron Palmer alternates his times between offices in Sydney Australia and Dallas Texas USA. Prior to his role as a Leadership Educator and
Coach, Ron held Senior Leadership roles with several Multi-Nationals and has recently contributed to the global research on
strengthening Leadership Capability through a focus on developing a Leaders Emotional Intelligence.

Ron has recently been awarded Fellow Membership Status of both the Australian Human Resources Management and the Society of
American Human Resources Management.

Ron will facilitate the Master Class in USA

For Further Information / Registration:

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