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base curve measured values

Specific weight Po p
fan speed no n
impeller dia Do D
power shaft kwo kw
total pressure Pt=Ps+Pd Pto Pt
gas volume Qo Q

kw = kwo * [n/no]3 * [D/Do]3 * [p/po]

Q= Qo * [n/no] * [D/Do]3

Pt = Pto * [n/no]2 * [D/Do]2 * [p/po]

Pt is pressure drop across fan

Fan working in a given duct system following applies:

Air volume changes proportionally to the rpm.

Pressure changes proportionally to rpm in second power.
power changes proportionally to rpm in third power.

if there is no curve power consumption at shaft can be :

kw = Q*P

n=fan eff 0.80