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Develop your own Leadership Development Game Plan by Strength finder of your DNA ( Distinct Natural Attributes)

Leader - USA

More than 50% of Chief Executives from around the world have nominated
On completion of this workshop Leadership Development and Retention as their Number One Business
participants will be able to: Challenge over the next five years. This workshop will share techniques on
how to identify your own unique Leadership Strengths and develop your
Know and Optimise their own own Leadership Development Plan.
Leadership Strengths!
Develop an Individual Our Corporate Trainer has recently conducted research, involving
Leadership Development conducting in-depth interviews of more than 2000 organisational leaders
Game Plan! around the world and more than 2000 people who report to those leaders
Renew their current Team to determine the characteristics of effective Organisational Leaders.
Talent Development and
Retention Strategies! He also conducted local research or more than 500 people working for
Become the Leader they have organisations based in Malaysia, and Singapore, as part of this research.
always wanted to be!
Understand Modern Ron will share the results of these research projects during this interactive
Leadership Methodologies Masterclass and share with all participants the major keys to being an
and which will work best for effective Business Leader in Malaysia and Globally.
Develop Leadership skills to A universal key to Leadership Success is know your own Leadership
Prepare and Meet the Strengths and to assist in that knowledge all participants will be provided
Unexpected! with an opportunity to undergo an on-line Leadership Strengths Finder
Assessment and receive an individual report highlighting your Leadership
Strengths and understand how to best use your Leadership Strengths
when providing Leadership to others.

Attending this Master Class will provide delegates with

the skills and confidence to:

Know Your Own Leadership Strengths

Know How to Invest in Others Strengths
Know How to Build a Team with the Right Strengths needed to
Improve your Business Results
MAWA Events will provide all Understand and Meet the Needs of those who look to you for
participants with a copy of the
book Strengths Based Leadership
Leadership which comes with Understand How to Become a Better Leader
a unique code to allow the
reader to go on-line and Make you the Leader you have always wanted to Be
undergo a Leadership Develop an Individual Leadership Development Game Plan
Strengths assessment and
receive an individual Program Features
Leadership Strengths Report.
Participants will then work with Workbook - Customized to specific organizations
in partnership with our Case Studies - Based on the reality of the workplace
Facilitator to interpret their
Personal Assessment Forms - To improve personal awareness
results and develop their own
Leadership Development Personal Action Plans - Included at the end of each section to help
Game Plan. track progress against goals
The Latest in Leadership Development Methodologies

Not developing Leadership Skills in your organisation or not developing your own Leadership Skills costs
your organisation and personal brand, credibility and opportunity.

This Masterclass examines Successful Case Studies of Leadership Development from Asia Pacific and

We will also look at the latest developments and research on Leadership Development and the combination of
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, Strengths Based Leadership, 360 Leadership, Legacy Leadership, and Authentic
Leadership Principles.

Course Contents Summary

Course Contents Summary

1. Understanding the Leadership Needs of Your

1. Leadership Methodologies 2016 in Asia Pacific
and Internationally Latest Research, Case Team

Studies and Ideas 2. Redefining Leadership Principles

2. Leadership Development 2016 the Need to
3. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
Prepare for the Unexpected
3. Tests of Leadership 4. Legacy Leadership Principles

4. The Keys to Successful Leadership Strengths 5. Authentic Leaders Principles and Case Studies
5. Leadership Assessment Tools and Techniques
6. 360 Degree Leaders
6. Know Your Own Leadership Strengths
Leadership Strengths 7. Developing Your Own Leadership Development

7. Understanding the Strengths of Others Game Plan

8. Identifying the Strengths required in Your Team
8. Developing Your Own Team Strengthening
9. Conducting a Team Strengths Audit and Gap
Strategies Game Plan

10. Local Inspirational Success Stories of 9. The Value and Art of Mentoring
Organisational Leadership
10. Talent Development and Retention Strategies for


Ron Palmer
Ron has a Masters of Project Management and a Bachelor of Economics and has completed Post Graduate
Qualifications in Human Resources Management.

He has previously held Senior Management positions in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and USA and has worked
for several multinationals including Rio Tinto, IBM, ICI, Alcatel, Bechtel and ARCO.

Ron has facilitated Leadership Development Programs for many multinational companies, in Malaysia,
Indonesia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, USA and Australia and has facilitated more than 20 Public Master
Classes on Leadership Issues in Malaysia.

Ron is regularly sought by organisations to conduct Leadership Training and overall Ron has trained more
than 5000 current and emerging Leaders in Leadership Principles.

MAWA EVENTS SDN BHD Truted In Delivering Excellence

Leveraging Leadership DNA: Assessment-based Coaching Techniques to Maximize
Organizational Effectiveness

Workshop Objectives - The Four Steps

1. Each participant must recognize that they are all leaders and that this brings with it
many responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities is to ensure that they know how
to set goals for their own success and for the success of the people and the
2. Two of the main things standing in the way of effective leadership are the ability to
manage time effectively and the ability to communicate effectively. The 2nd session
examines how both can be achieved.
3. Coaching and training are two of the key skills that leaders must understand and be
comfortable with. Then, handling performance and discipline issues and attitude
problems becomes easier.
4. The last step is to recognize and deal with conflict, understand the principles of
motivation, and to build a high-performance team based on mutual understanding
and trust.

On completion of this workshop, the following objectives will have been achieved:

Organization Benefits

Improved productivity and results.

Enhanced teamwork.
Motivated people.
People accepting responsibility and accountability.
Less conflict.
Fewer performance and discipline issues.
Effective communication.
Higher levels of goal achievement.
Less crisis management.

Individual Benefits

Better use of time.

Feeling more in control.
Less stress.
More confidence.
More empathy & understanding of people.
Improved communication & coaching skills
Better overall management skills.


Current Leaders
Emerging Leaders
L&D Professionals
Supervisors and managers looking to take their management responsibilities to the
next level. Managers looking to gain more influence in their workplaces by gaining
the skills of a visionary leader.

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